In ur SDK: Sun Still Brewing Java... Sorta...


Daring Fireball, via Digital Arts, brings word that Sun hasn't stopped trying to bring a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to the iPhone even though:

Apple has not been publicly receptive to having Java on its popular new device. There have been questions about whether Apple's iPhone SDK agreement would permit this. The JVM potentially could sidestep Apple's App Store program for dispensing iPhone applications.

And while Sun's efforts continue, they're also hedging their bets with Innaworks, who produces alcheMo, which may let Java programs compile as native iPhone apps, ready for App Store:

[I]nitially targeted at games publishers. Now in a beta release, alcheMo for iPhone can be used to port Java ME mobile games to iPhone and iPod touch without the need for further manual adjustments. The product features an optimizing translator to convert Java ME application source code to equivalent source code for iPhone, according to the Innaworks press statement on the product.

While Apple's Cocao Touch development sounds like a more chocolaty, and much sweeter beverage than Java, Sun sure does seem determined. Of course, determination has a tendency to crash and explode in Matrix-like bullet time when it strikes up against the Zen-like immovability of one Steven P. Jobs.

I don't think we'll be seeing the steaming coffee mug on the iPhone any time soon. You?

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In ur SDK: Sun Still Brewing Java... Sorta...


Fun java stories:
I remember when I worked at Sun, on the Ultrasparc V team. We all used sun workstations, running solaris, to get our various work done.
One day they decide we all need to start using "javastations." They also decided to start rewriting some of the software we used to design chips in java. Both were nightmarish decisions.
McNealy kept sending out notes about how great it all was ("the email client now shows numbers next to the messages in the message list! ain't that great!")
Meanwhile they asked me to talk to the head of the "javachip" program to maybe work on that team. I told him i wasn't interested. He asked why, and I told him java was worthless, no one was going to buy his chips, no one wanted run their software on java workstations, and could I please leave?
he looked like i killed his dog.
good times.

Probably. The one place java has held its own is on server apps. But I'm still waiting for someone to show me the market for "java chips." Ridiculous.
They even started printing the java logo on the coffee cups in the breakrooms. Ain't they clever?
After two months at sun I started interviewing for my next job :-)

A good training buddy of mine is a Sun engineer, replete with Java jacket and cap :)
It's also their stock symbol now...