Incipio Feather Case for iPhone 5s review

The Incipio Feather Case for iPhone 5s is exactly what the name implies — an iPhone 5s case that's as light and easy as a feather. It has a snug fit and no bezel on the size, but it's quick to put on and take off. It's even got a cute little kickstand, and comes in a multitude of colors! Check out the video above for my hands-on and then let me know what you think!

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Incipio Feather Case for iPhone 5s review


I feel like I've seen this video before. Specifically the line at the end about more watching videos of Georgia break stuff triggered some deja vu.

I recently bought the clear feather from Amazon and it does look good but I felt it offered very little protection for the phone. I checked out the Apple store app and found the Tech21 Mesh case. Went down to my local Apple store to decide between the clear and blue colors. Ended up going with blue and imo this is the best iPhone case on the market. Looking great Georgia!