Incipio NGP Matte Case for iPad - accessory review

The Incipio NGP Matte Case is made from semi-rigid next generation polymer (NGP) that is tear and elongation resistant. Even though the case is rather thin, there's no denying its durability. It also provides necessary friction to keep the iPad from sliding from your lap while still feeling soft to the touch. Although the Incipio NGP Matte Case is tear resistant, it is not scratch resistant. I have only used this case while at home, yet the back has obtained some prominent scratch marks.

This skin allows easy access to all ports and buttons. To provide some additional protection, the case covers the volume and power buttons, however,the material is molded to fit over the buttons perfectly, so it is still very easy to use them.

The Incipio NGP Matte Case is available in five stylish colors: black, confetti, sage, gunmetal, and cerulean and is available in the TiPb iPad Accessory Store. If you're looking for a good durable skin case, be sure to check this one out!


  • Tear and elongation resistant
  • Thin, yet durable
  • Covers volume and power buttons for extra protection
  • Includes screen protector and cleaning cloth
  • Available in 5 colors


  • Scratches easily

TiPb iPad 4.5-star rated

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Incipio NGP Matte Case for iPad - accessory review


Looks like a nice case (kind of like an Apple case with the cover sliced off) but it wouldn't work on my iPad -- the iPad shown in the video is the "left-handed model" with all the controls on the opposite side and I have a "right-handed" iPad! ;-)

Haha. It's because I used my Macbook's iSight camera so everything is flipped! No worries, it'll fit your iPad :)
@Ghostface147 - First of all, yes, my house is heated, but the outside isn't. So I wear the beanie for the outside. But once the beanie is on, it doesn't come off because then I have horrible hat hair. 2nd of all, my hair is in a really awkward stage and often looks dumb, so beanies and hats save me the humiliation of ugly hair. 3rd, I've decided that I'll be wearing a hat or beaning in every review from now on, so the cold and bad hair is sort of a moot point now. However, I recorded this review before I made that decision.

as far as scratches go, I've got the NGP for my iPhone 4 and found it scratches easily but these actually run off, they have a new style for the iPhone which has a smoother (yet still matte) surface which does not scratch quite as easily

Leanna, I doubt your hair is ugly like you say. Women often see things on themselves that others rarely notice.

Josh, you'll also notice that her wedding ring appears to be on her right hand as well. Not that I was... um... looking for a.... wedding ring.... or anything. ahem