Incipio shows off their 2012 iPhone case lineup including their first Eco Case

Live at CES 2012, accessory maker Incipio showed us their new lineup of iPhone cases, including their first cases made of recycled materials.

  • Code is a three part case that includes interchangeable, shock absorbing, translucent hexagram inserts for extra shock-absorbing power.
  • Le Deux has a padded aluminum backplate that provides a subtle, simple design with interter-changable parts for a customized look.
  • Kross incorporates a mechanical shock-absorbing design and a Santoprene center to provide extra protection against drops and impact.
  • Specialist is also shock absorbing and ready for rugged use, but is slimmer and sleeker for those who want easier portability.
  • Eco Case is the traditional Silicrylic design with a new, environmentally friendly bio-plastics and recycled plastics materials.
  • Hive Response brings the honeycomb look and extra-grip feel of Incipio's iPad and iPod line to the iPhone in a variety of fun colors.

Again, we're seeing case makers trying to figure out what they can do now that protection is covered and differentiation is the key.

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Incipio shows off their 2012 iPhone case lineup including their first Eco Case


Holy crap... Was the person filming this not aware of focus lock????
It is a sad state of affairs that apple has not seen fit to fix the severe focus hunting, which was introduced in iOS 5.0.

U know their not comment back about video issues. Lol they never do. Also, I don't blame them for the auto focus...if they lock it, they'd have to unlock it when getting close up to the cases in the glass...

Actually, that was one of the few videos NOT shot on the 4S. That was shot with a micro 4/3s camera. So... iPhone 4S > micro 4/3? :)