Incipio underGround Case for iPad - accessory review

If you're looking for a sleeve case for your iPad, the Incipio underGround Case may be for you. It's envelope design gives it an urban feel while offering protection for your precious iPad.

The outside is made from a wool/felt textured material and feels great in your hands. The micro-suede inside gives your iPad a scratch-free environment. The sleeve provides a snug fit, so pairing it with another case is likely impossible.

There isn't much else to say about Incipio underGround case because of it's simple design - which in this case (no pun intended), is a good thing. If you're an iPad user who prefers to use the device in it's naked state, I recommend heading over the TiPb iPad accessory store and checking the Incipio underGround Case out.


  • Nice outer material with good stitching
  • Soft, suede inner
  • Stylish, urban design


  • Cannot be used with another case

TiPb iPad 5-star rated

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Incipio underGround Case for iPad - accessory review


FWIW, I think the hat looks cute. Definitely a wonderful case for keeping an iPad protected while also keeping it stylish. Worthy of the 5 stars.

I like the hat. It fits with the "urban envelope" review. I'll look into the case if my wife decides she wants an iPad for Christmas. I think it would be a good fit for her usage style.

@iTroldahl - With a 3 month old and no time to sort laundry, every day is "not match day" in the Lofte household! :)
You all have inspired me. I'm now on the hunt for a collection of silly hats. I will be wearing a hat or beanie in every review from this day forward.