Indiana Hospital gets iPhone communication system

Indiana Hospital gets iPhone communication system

Voalte, a company that provides a unique communications system built on top of the Apple iPhone via WiFi, has added an additional hospital to their client list. Parkview General Hospital will now be utilizing the iPhone as a primary communications tool throughout their entire building.

Voalte (pronounced volt) is adding clients to their books at a fast pace, all medical-related, and they seem to be expanding their reach very quickly.  The Herald Tribune reports:

Parkview General in Fort Wayne is the fifth hospital client for Voalte, which uses the iPhone's Wi-Fi platform to pull together medical alarms, text and voice messages into one device a nurse can use from anywhere in the building.

What does this mean for Apple?  Ultimately, this adds to the headway Apple is making in the mobile enterprise space, and signals a furtherance in adoption among sensitive technological needs from respected organizations like hospitals and other primary care facilities.

I know that stepping into a hospital and seeing all of this new tech would personally make things a little less worrisome for me, but then again I'm not your average iPhone non-enthusiast. What about you, would you trust a hospital staff that stays connected to the network via their iPhone, or do you prefer the old-fashioned way? "Paging all readers, code blue, let us know in the comments stat!"

[Mac Daily News via Herald Tribune]

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Reader comments

Indiana Hospital gets iPhone communication system


Hey that's my hospital!!!! It's pretty cool the kind of tech that they are implementing in the hospital these days! Hopefully they won't send a SMS to the wrong person!

Id hate to see the disaster this causes, when "Unable to join WiFi" pops out, much like it did to Jobs at the iPhone 4 confrence ;) :lol:

iphonefan, aren't you taking it a little too personal? Just because you're a fan, doesn't mean iphone is the best at everything in the whole wide world and nothing ever goes wrong and everyone should love it, as much as you do, and hate everything else, as much as you do... I'm just sayin...

At my local hospital everyone walks around with netbook/tablet devices and cordless phones that work throughout the building. Guess this would combine the two.

I have an iPhone 4 and love it. I made a joke and even explained it ( Jobs embarrassing moment last June ) , yet YOU didn't get it.
That & your spelling , truly shows who the moron is , moron :twisted:
Alex ,
Right on brother. :)

I'm curious to see if the new Parkview Regional Medical Center is going to incorporate the same system...

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