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Infinity Blade 3 teased on iPhone 5S

Infinity Blade 3

At Apple's event today, Chair Entertainment (now owned by Epic games) showed off Infinity Blade 3. It has the same one-on-one dueling action with a significant upgrade in graphics. You've got depth of field, motion blur, vignettes, lens flares, distortion, and generally impressive graphics. These are all supported by Apple's new A7 64-bit processor. There are dragons to kill too, so yay for that. It will be available on launch date alongside the iPhone 5s. As promising as this looks, I'm still bummed about Dungeons getting axed.

Keep up to date at Infinity Blade's website, and check out the sweet trailer below. Expect Infinity Blade 3 in the App Store September 18.

See what else happened at today's iPhone event!

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Chris Summers2 says:

Ok, apple did some pretty cool stuff with this new phone. People are doing exactly what they did last year Bitch! Then once it's finally in their hand they buy. The finger print sensor technology has the potential to really fundamentally change security from simple password to a credit card security system that is truly secure not just some stupid three diver number. As for IB game AWSOME!!!! Best games in the App Store. Can't wait to play

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ZkiZZoiD says:

EPIC games damn you! Where is Dungeons????