INMOTION SCV at #CESlive: Don't call it a Segway!

We're at #CESlive and while we can't call the INMOTION SCV a Segway, we can call it awesome. It may not be the most fun you can have in Vegas without getting arrested, but you can certainly do more than your fair share of free-wheeling mayhem.

It doesn't have anything to do with Apple, but getting Georgia to ride it, and ride people over with it — she took out a news camera that was entranced with capturing her demo! — was simply too terrific an opportunity to pass up.

Just... watch.


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Rene Ritchie

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INMOTION SCV at #CESlive: Don't call it a Segway!


( SCV?! SCV?!!
NOTHING even remotely resembling a SCII SCV. I'm disappointed. )

This device looks like the center of balance is somewhere around just above the ankles - tough to balance.
Half the size & price of a Segway... Idk

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InMotion SCV (Sensor Controlled Vehicle).

It's such an amazing machine!

Look how easy it is to learn, a few shakes here and there but a couple of minutes and look at Georgia go.

Great tech here, it has a setting that allows self running, so you don't need to carry it, you can gently pull it along and the wheels turn slowly. Or you could remote control it of course with the app WiFi control.

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