Instacast podcast app for Mac now available from the Mac App Store

Popular Podcast client Instacast has finally made its Mac version available for purchase from the Mac App Store. The app itself has been available to purchase since May from the Instacast website, but putting it in the Mac App Store opens it up to a wider audience. Better still, purchasing through the Mac App Store cuts out some of the steps required in activating:

Customers who purchase the Mac App Store version don't need to go through the normal purchase and license process, and they are able to download Instacast with one click from the Mac App Store. This makes the purchase process easier for customers and brings Instacast to people in countries that couldn't be served before.

Instacast for Mac requires you to be running OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or 10.9 Mavericks and costs a pretty hefty $19.99. But, it's without question one of the premiere podcast apps on iOS and OS X, and the two sync together to keep your podcast listening in perfect harmony across devices.

If you're not sure about dropping that kind of money, head on over to the Instacast website at the source link below where you'll find a free demo version that you can try out. Anyone already a fan of this with some experience to share?

Source: Instacast

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Got the Shakes says:

I've had the Instacast Mac App since it was in beta, and it is in my opinion the best way to listen to podcasts on a Mac, especially if you are also listening to them on an iPhone/iPad with the Instacast iOS app. I've also used Downcast for Mac and iOS, and it is good, but I prefer Instacast due to the fact that its syncing solution seems to work more consistently than Downcast's does.

JNGold says:

I have not tried the desktop client and I don't think I plan to. Each and every time I have used Instacast for iOS the sync always, in one way or another, manages to get screwed up the point of it being unusable between the iPhone and iPad. Every time.

pelu2104 says:

Best App to listen to podcasts!! Definitely worth the money!

Feck says:

I am a happy user of Downcast's iOS app, but I am a very, VERY frustrated owner of the Mac Downcast app, which is very buggy and freezes on a regular basis. But I've already spent $13 on this iOS/OSX combo, and I don't want to spend another $25 for the same functionality via Instacast. They're just charging too much money, especially since they *could* be snagging disaffected users of competitive products.

I may just end up switching to the iOS-only Pocket Casts app because the devs handle the feeds like a podcast version of Google Reader. This way refreshes and syncing take a tiny fraction of the time that Downcast/Instacast take. (I have around 130 feeds and it takes around 4 minutes every time I refresh in Downcast, and I doubt it would be any faster with Instacast).