Instagram adds bunch of new editing tools

Instagram 6.0 has hit the App Store today, bringing with it some new photo editing features. The features include the ability to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and warmth. In addition, you can now selectively add filters to your photos, controlling the intensity of the change. The new features can be found when adding a filter by selecting the new wrench icon.

It's clear that Instagram is trying to keep you within the app more and more. Previously, it was not uncommon for seasoned photo buffs to edit their photos in other third-party apps before uploading them to their Instagram channel. But with Instagram 6.0, the company is looking to streamline things by making it more of an 'all in one' experience.

Want to experience the new Instagram 6.0? Download from the App Store below.

Source: Instagram Blog

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Daniel Rubino

Editor-in-chief, Windows Phone Central

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Instagram adds bunch of new editing tools


Glad to see I'm not alone. Not glad that this is happening. Looks pretty intriguing.

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No update for me as well on iPhone... I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that when I go to Settings, iTunes & App Store, Apple ID, View Apple ID, Payment Info, my credit card's security code needed to be reentered. Unfortunately, that credit card is home so I have to wait 'til I get off of work to see if this is the fix. :/

Photoshop Express/Snapseed combo will remain my go-to for mobile photo editing but this is a nice addition to the app.

Posted from my TARDIS!

I see Instagram 6.0 in the App Store, but my device won't update despite my Instagram version being 5.0.13.

I deleted my installed Instagram 5.0.13 & data, and downloaded Instagram from the App Store; however version 5.0.13 was installed, despite Instagram reading version 6.0 in the App Store.

DELETE your installed Instagram app, then SIGN OUT of the App Store. Go to the App Store, find Instagram and DOWNLOAD it. You'll be prompted to sign back into the App Store, but thereafter you will find you now have Instagram 6.0 installed!!!

What's your device version? I am in Brazil with an iPhone 5S and have the same problem. On my iPad 4, 6.0 installed as expected.

This worked for me! And even though in the update section of the App Store still says the Version 5.0.13, signing into my Instagram account says it's Version 6 and I can see the additional editing tools. Thanks!

You're welcome. This certainly is an odd circumstance with updates that I haven't seen before.

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Yeah; my iPhone actually had a weird quirk today, and adding Instagram 6.0 last night was the last change I made to it.

Today I noticed a definite aggressive power drain, with some process appearing to be running awry (the spinner at the top status bar); also, my TouchID stored fingerprints disappeared after I rebooted my phone (I had to put them in again).

I'm very diligent and knowledgeable about what I do to my iPhone and how it typically reacts. Which leads me to believe that this hard-to-get Instagram 6.0 is only half-baked. I'd recommend having patience and wait until the App Store updates offer it to you.

I'm not getting the update here in Vancouver either. Still stuck on 5.0. Won't auto update in App Store

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