Instagram adds videos, including stabilization and... filters!

Instagram video

Today at Facebook HQ, Instagram announced a new video service. The focus is on simplicity, beauty and community. You get 15 seconds of video to work with, though you can stitch together multiple clips. There are 13 different video-exclusive filters to apply, and you can pick which frame is the thumbnail. Sounds like a serious Vine competitor, though it doesn't loop in the same obnoxious way; just tap and hold to play videos. They're also going to be including some really great stabilization software called Cinema.

You can get downloading the update now at the link below. Any Instagrammers pumped about this? Will they be able to do for video what they've done for photos, or is this just a Vine lookalike?

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Instagram adds videos, including stabilization and... filters!


Wonder when they will incorporate being able to select a video from the Camera Roll ... like we able to do with pictures?

I hate how everything is tied to FB.... I don't have it and don't want it and everything is asking to sign into FB. When did this become the norm to sign into a service using a social network?

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Facebook:Only doing the bare minimum to stay alive. It's not about innovation for the individual, it's about surviving to milk the shareholders.

Seems like Facebook just stole Vine's original UI and added filters to appear different. Although i don't use Vine much, I think their app functions better. If Vine offered an option to turn off the annoying looping feature and offered a way to edit certain scenes (like Instagram) it would surpass Instagram's rendition IMO.

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While I liked Vine, I got kicked out of my account one day and could never get a response from their support team to reset my info. So I had to abandon it. This Instagram Video app looks nice, and works great!