Instagram update allows you to tag people in photos

Instagram update allows you to tag people in photos

Instagram has been updated to version 3.5, adding the ability to tag people in photos, along with a couple of changes to bug reporting and privacy settings.

Tagging people in photos is quite simple. After editing an picture, users will now find a new section called Add People, where they will be able to tap people in their photos to bring up a search bar, where they can search either by username or real name. To see photos that you are tagged in, go to your profile and tap the new Photos of You section, and they can be added either automatically or manually. You can remove your name from someone else’s photo by tapping the photo, then your name, selecting More Options, then Remove Me from Photo.

This update also has a couple of smaller improvements. A new Report a Problem feature allows users to give Instagram feedback about issues and bugs. Privacy settings have been moved, and can now be found at the bottom of the Edit Profile section.

The update is available right now on the App Store so go grab it and tell us what you think.

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Reader comments

Instagram update allows you to tag people in photos


I'd like Instagram to add "Sharing" so if I see a fantastic photo from a friend, I can recommend it to my other friends. Part of the network power of Twitter is re-tweet, and Google+ is Share. That's what lets us discover new people to follow.

I'm not sure if Instargam feels it's not a good fit for their community, but I'd love it.

It is strange that you can only share your own photos. Of course third party Instagram viewing apps offer this feature.