Automagically refresh your articles as you change locations with Instapaper update

Instapaper recently released an update to their popular read later app for iPhone and iPad app that gives users that ability to specify locations that gives Instapaper permission to refresh content in the background when you're at those locations.

iOS doesn’t yet permit apps like Instapaper to automatically download new content in the background on a regular schedule, but Background Update Locations can get most of the way there for a lot of people. Simply add up to 10 locations that you enter and leave often, and Instapaper will frequently update without manually launching it.

A Wi-Fi connection is not required at the locations you indicate, so in addition to places like home and work, you can add other places, like a bus or train station, that you frequently visit. With the ability to add up to 10 locations, hopefully you never have to manually refresh content on Instapaper ever again!

I'll admit that before this update, I was using Pocket to meet my read later needs, but now I'm back to using Instapaper. I love how Instapaper, Pocket, and Readability keep pushing boundaries and raising the bar with their updates. Today, Instapaper wins my vote, but what will the next app bring, tomorrow?

What about you? Are you using a different read later service? Does this new feature of Instapaper tempt you to jump ship? Why or why not?

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Leanna Lofte

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Reader comments

Automagically refresh your articles as you change locations with Instapaper update


I tried Instapaper for a while, but I ended up using Pocket more as I mostly save tutorials and reviews which contain a lot of photos and Pocket seems to handle those types of articles better. I often find that Instapaper strips out the photos and/or attaches them in a bunch at the bottom of the article while Pocket manages to preserve most of the formatting. Thanks to this, I can use Pocket as web clipper for Evernote (which I use a lot) on my iPhone and iPad. I just pull up the saved articles, "share" them to Evernote and they usually arrive in good condition.

I use Pocket and still prefer it, It handles different media types better and is far more cross platform. it had a native Android app long before Instapaper and there is even a third party app for the Blackberry Playbook, and there are no subscription fees.