How to integrate Ping and Twitter to better share your musical tastes

Ping Twitter Integration

Wondering how to connect with more friends on Apple's new iTunes Ping social music network? Well Apple's iTunes News has put up a short post telling you how their new Twitter integration works. Check it out after the break!

[iTunes News]

You can now automatically tweet your Ping activity to your Twitter followers, and easily discover which of them has also connected their Ping accounts to Twitter. If you're new to Ping, use the Connect to Twitter link that will appear when you create your Ping account. If you're already part of Ping, use the Twitter link in the Find People area on the right side of the main Ping page. In either case you'll have the opportunity to sign in with your Twitter account and begin automatically tweeting your Ping posts and activity to your followers for as long as you choose to keep the connection active.

Just be aware that once you turn Twitter on, everything you "like" in Ping will automatically be tweeted from your account. That's a huge downside for people who would rather selectively tweet their music rather than flood their feed with every little song. If you do get tired of it, you can turn the whole thing off again inside iTunes.

If you try it out, let us know how it works for you!

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How to integrate Ping and Twitter to better share your musical tastes


I connected my Twitter and Ping accounts days ago, yet nothing I've liked or purchased since then has posted to my Twitter account. I know that the account linking worked, because I was able to follow my Twitter friends on Ping. But Ping isn't sending anything to Twitter like it's supposed to. I even double-checked in my account, and "Tweet my Ping activity" is checked. Anyone have any other suggestions?