Intel Blows Hot Air: Says iPhone is Slow and Doesn't Deliver on Full Internet

Some Intel Execs must be still quite jealous that Apple went with the ARM architecture for the iPhone and left Intel waiting at the altar. At a Intel Developer Forum in Taipei, Taiwan, two Intel Execs claimed that the iPhone struggles with "any sort of application that requires any horse power" and that Apple fell short in delivering a full internet browsing experience.

Huh. Color us confused. We've been using the iPhone as our daily driver since it came out and we thought that this was the most--or at least one of the more-- powerful phones on the market. We've been using apps and playing games that show off the pure power of the iPhone that no other phone can run. And that Internet we browse on Mobile Safari? I guess that's not best-in-class either. Though we still can't seem to find a comparable experience, well, anywhere.

The ARM architecture may have its faults but to say the iPhone is slow, underpowered, and fails to deliver the Internet? Did these guys even use the thing? I think good 'ol Intel should give the TiPb headquarters a visit and we'll show them how the iPhone, of this world, works.

What do you guys think? Does the iPhone really suck that much? Or has Intel gone crazy?

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Intel Blows Hot Air: Says iPhone is Slow and Doesn't Deliver on Full Internet


bullshit! This is an incredible device which has improved immensely and can't be beat for ease of use, speed, and variety of available apps!

I dunno, it seems a LOT slower than my Macbook Pro or the 2ghz FreeBSD server in my basement. I'm pretty disappointed. It can't even transcode 4K video or do RAW conversion on the files from a Canon 1DS MK III.
There are some things that could be faster. Opening and rendering large pdfs and word docs is slower than I'd expect from a >400mhz, 128mb RAM computer running a stripped down OS and awesome graphics. I don't think it's processor limited, though. I suspect most of it comes down to slow memory and an OS that still has some kinks.
It's still probably faster than the iBook I bought 7 years ago, which is frickin' AMAZING when you think about it. 10 years from now, my phone probably will have the horsepower to do what my Macbook Pro does today.

As much as I like my iPhone, compared to previous devices that I've had, it is DEFINITELY underpowered and slow. It's probably intentional that Apple did not allow apps to be developed to use background processes -- imagine how slow it would be then.
And internet capability. :( I think it really fails there. I only use the many apps on my iPhone -- using the internet on the iPhone is a joke...
Some people may beg to differ with what I posted but that's the way I feel :)

Two words - Spin Doctors!
It is an old ploy that is used in sales to create FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt)! Have an executive make a bold (even if it is untrue) statement in a public forum. The effect is that every time there is a normal hick-up on the iPhone you will lend credence to their statement ... and ... over time ... you start to think they are right.
Plus, look at all the "free press" they got in the last 24 hours for Intel and their chip sets!
"They done good!"

everything i do on the iPhone is fast.. and surfing the web is NOT a joke.. name a mobile device out there right now that has better web surfing speeds or capabilities... not to mention all of the good well known websites that have made iPhone Formatted web pages.. which is a +.
My iPhone is jailbroken right now.. and i know some people still may not want to jailbreak but i'm going to use an EXAMPLE just for arguements sake here on the "Speed" of the iphone.
Has Anyone who has Jailbroken seen the Picture app called Snapture? it's nothing short of amazing. The fact that you get a GUI menu on screen while snapping pictures and being able to do different things while still in camera mode is amazing. and guess what? it's FAST not only that but if you pay for it.. you get to see these little preview pics on the lower hand of the screen.. i would venture to say that this is a taxing application.. and the iPhone handles it well it's never slow.

Judd how can you say the internet on the iPhone is a joke when it is better than any other phones browser? Saying Mobile Safari is a joke, is a joke within itself. Even the new BlackBerry Storm Browser has been labeled by reviewers to be the "closest thing to mobile safari".

Could the iPhone be faster - yes. But you would have to give up battery life. And for a phone that does not allow you to swap out your battery that's a non-starter. Even as Apple improves their batteries they're going to still going to favor CPU's that consume less power (PA Semi, anyone) because they want to extend the usage between charges on their devices. They have a history of doing just that with the iPod and we should expect that to continue as the iPhone evolves.
What may end up happening over time is the same arguments that happened between PC's and MAC's when Apple was using Motorola, then PowerPC chips. Their clock speeds were slower, but because Windows was more massive the performance between the two was non-existent. Think of a heavy car with a big block v8 versus a light car with a small turbo. Both can be fast even though the HP rating of the V8 is going to be higher. So numerical speed is going to mean less than what the user will experience. Since Apple has a track record of building devices that meet or exceed the user's expectation I'm not going to lose any sleep over these arguments that only mean something to those who live in Silicon Valley.

Well - as much as I rely on my iphone - and as much as it IS better than virtually everything else available - I can still see some truth to these claims by Intel!
I've found my iPhone to be frustratingly slow on many occasions and crash prone at times. The honeymoon is certainly over and even better performance, reliability, and features are necessary for Apple to keep their lead. Even as an evangelist since the 80's I would drop my iPhone for a superior device in a second.

Those Intel guys are just big jerks. Sore losers. There will always be something better out there.