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Intel's newly announced Core M processors will pave the way for thinner MacBooks

MacBook Air, the current generation

Intel today announced a new family of Core M "Broadwell" processors that will help make hardware even thinner. The MacBook Air is already pretty darn thin — the thinnest Mac available, in fact — but the design hasn't seen a substantial update since 2010. That's a long time, long enough for Apple's Windows-based competitors to develop so-called ultrabooks that are able to compete handily on specs, portability, and battery life. The MacBook Air has improved a lot since the 2010 redesign, yes, but we've been looking forward to the release of Broadwell, which has promised to cut down on unnecessary space taken up by cooling solutions without compromising on power and the next-gen Core M chips will further help manufacturers.

Presenting the new chips at Computex, Intel president Renee James showed off a 2-in-1 PC powered by the company's new 14nm Intel Core M chip, making way into the fifth generation (Broadwell) of Intel processors. The new processors utilize less energy and improve battery life, while providing enough power for consumers to enjoy a smooth experience on supported devices. The 2-in-1 PC shown off at Computex was just 7.2mm thick (see below photo) with no fans to hear or external exhausts to see. Those kind of features would be incredibly nice to see on a MacBook Air.

Intel Core M Computex

According to data supplied by Intel during the presentation, the new Core M processors will feature the following:

  • Runs up to 60 percent cooler
  • Will offer an increase of performance between 20 and 40 percent
  • Between 10 and 45 percent lower power draw
  • Takes up 50 percent less space in devices

This all sounds solid for consumers who are after yet more power in their hands, without having to deal with issues generated with more powerful processors (heat generation, etc). It'll also be interesting to see what Apple has in store for a next-generation MacBook Air — what do you want to see?

Source: Engadget

Rich Edmonds

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Iwagsz says:

I've been waiting on this and hope it lives up to the hype.

Connor Mason says:

any thinner and i'll cut myself on my MBA

richard451 says:

Intel is getting closer to ARM...

Nathan Bael says:

While this is good news, I'm more interested in the graphics capability of the broadwell chips for the 13 pro retina. To me this is only important in the MBA, if it allows them to put in a larger battery. Honestly, the 11 inch MBA is about perfect to me.

crazygonzo says:

Talk about messing with Microsoft and their Surface 3. Do I smell Surface 4 in March 2015 ?