Intel's next-generation Broadwell processors due by the holidays — faster and longer lasting Macs are coming

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Intel CEO Brian Krzanich is promising that their next generation Broadwell CPUs will be in computers in time for this year's holiday season. The processors, which were pushed back late last year, promise to bring increased efficiency and power over the already impressive efficiency of the Haswell chips in modern Macs.

Krzanich told Reuters:

"I can guarantee for holiday, and not at the last second of holiday. Back to school - that's a tight one. Back to school you have to really have it on-shelf in July, August. That's going to be tough."

So, by the end of the year, we might be looking at the first substantial overhaul of the Mac line-up in over a year. Apple has for the past several years worked closely with Intel and has been among the first (if not the first) to sell computers new Intel processors to the public.

Broadwell doesn't promise massive performance improvements, but it does aim to increase processor efficiency by up to 30%. While that doesn't mean you'll get 30% better battery life out of a Broadwell-equipped MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, it does mean that we should expect a non-incosequential bump to longevity — especially on the lower-power MacBook Air line-up.

With Intel aiming to get Broadwell out by the holidays, who is looking forward to getting a shiny new Mac to close out the year?

Source: Reuters

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Intel's next-generation Broadwell processors due by the holidays — faster and longer lasting Macs are coming


MBs keep getting better each year. I still have my 2012 MBA :( it works so well though I have no reason to change it. I don´t get the all day battery life.

My mid 2012 MacBook Pro is still fast as ever. Running Mavericks, and no problems. I really have not had issues wit it. Will have to see what is offered at the end of 2014 to see if an upgrade would better suit my needs.

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The truth is, my mid-2012 MBP 15 works very well for my needs however if it is an interesting upgrade, I may seriously consider finally switching to Retina display early next year.

The vast majority of users won't need, or recognize, the speed increases, tho good for the power users. Increased battery life is always a benefit for every MacBook user. Especially the MBPs.

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Meh, not worth the wait or attention this time. Even though it's Windows it's Surface Pro 3 where I'm going if my Mac dies, after getting burn with those first convertibles few years ago I've waited long enough and unfortunately Apple doesn't offer a compelling alternative. Hell I would buy RT version in an instant if it was lighter (600-700g) and cheaper (128GB for $799).

I'm still like many of you.,.using 2012 hardware mainly. We've got one 15" rMBP from 2013, the rest are IvyBridge ('12) releases. We run a mobile audio/video production company and rely heavily on the 'laptops'. We've also got a MacPro, but I consider it to be 'this year's' MP as it took til the end of February to receive our CTO rig. That said, the swing to the PCIe SSDa has been unreal. The 2012 Airs and MBPs are incredible. The newer '13 models/twice as fast for reading and writing. That's EXACTLY where we've noticed the differences. Whether updating the MS or Adobe transferring motion footage or batch manipulation of high Rez RAW pics, the 'storage' speed is absolutely night and day in comparison to the spinning HDDs of yesteryear ...& really the JUMP from 5400rpm high density 'spinners' on 2.5" drives directly to SSD and Apple's quick transition to the PCIe SSDs was welcome and is mind melting for those 'new' to solid state storage. Indeed, the Sandy Brige, Ivy, Haz to Broad's performance characteristics are computationally similar at clock speeds in parity...BUT the GPUs and Intel's dedication to figuring out the iGPU while continuously eeking out every ounce of energy is awesome. When you're in the field and rely on your laptops...we've ALWAYS had to throw a pair of EU 1000s or a 2000 gennie to get the job done. Last year's MBA changed that. As did the 2012 rMBPs. Also, the display. That damned display. I love the iPads. They're incredible and have transformed our near three decade old company. When the high resolution '3' dropped, I was stunned. Just like the iPhone 4 before it...and the iPad 4/Air, refinement of the iPhone 5/5s, with the latest pixel doubling 'magic' OSx is using to achieve is legibility and 'crisp' text and shots so truly amazing. Doing what we do, seeing the 'pixels' individually on the canvas while UI elements are perfectly legible, clickable and utiliIng the four pixel grouping as in outside the software. IE, reading or surfing. To me, it's magic. Real, true I refused til the last minute to leave my 17" machines behind, I've found the 15'ers ability to maintain the real estate I'd be losing, shedding those two pounds and moving to a stock SSD rig...which aside from the GPU and CPU power and benchmarking it's the 'speed' of everything you'll notice first. And not the speed of folding DNA sequences, crunching forecasting past and futures, or computational intensive transcoding video to ProRes IS Quicker no doubt...the subtleties of all around 'speed' os MOST evident. From a 350mb MS suite update to a 2GB download're still 'restrained' by your ISP sped BUT when it's time to 'write to disk' after the the download, you'll be positively BLOWN away! Even an iTunes song nowadays, via LTE tethering, it's no longer a 'countdown'...3. 2, 1... Processing. Nope. Just. Processing...and damn quick! Sorry for the length but it's definetly welcome to see Intel's energy savings on their latest silicon but IMHO well as their phenomenal new iGPUs ala the 5200, laptop computing has NEVER been as enjoyable as it is today on the rMBP. Even running Win7. It. Just. Flies!