Investors want Nintendo to put Super Mario on iPhone, iPad

Epic already imagining iPhone 8 gaming

Bloomberg reports that Nintendo investors are beginning to pressure the console and handheld gaming giant to start offering their iconic titles, such as Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Zelda, etc. on Apple's iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad platform.

On July 6, Nintendo shares jumped the most in almost four months after Pokemon Co., a former unit, said it’s developing a game for the iPhone and handsets running on Mountain View, California-based Google Inc.’s Android software. JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) sent a note to clients saying the move indicated Nintendo may begin making titles for products outside its proprietary hardware.

Hours later, Nintendo denied any change in strategy, and the shares surrendered gains.

Instead, Nintendo is cutting the price of their thus far disappointed 3DS handheld, and betting on their new Wii U console.

Sega and Atari, who exited the console space years ago, offer a variety of titles on iOS, while Playstation maker Sony has brought PSP-like services to Android devices and Microsoft is building XBox Live into Windows Phone.

Nintendo could likewise try to create their own smartphone or tablet, partner with an existing company (RIM BlackBerry or HP webOS?) or simply start offering titles for existing platforms, like iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

They could even test the waters by releasing only their classic arcade or SNES titles, like the aforementioned Sega and Atari have done. (And what bootleg emulators already offer.)

But it doesn't sound like current management has any plans to do that, any time soon.


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Reader comments

Investors want Nintendo to put Super Mario on iPhone, iPad


They won't release any of their 1st party games cause that's the only thing they have to build their consoles around cause everything else that is on nintendo systems is complete shovelware

Who needs Mario etc on the iPhone officially, that's what the SNES emulator is for, many of the old Nintendo classics look and play far better on the iPhone than a lot of the tripe that's peddled for the phone do but i'm sure a vast amount will not agree with me, the 1's who think the iPhone is the future gaming device lol .. Personally I want my phone to do what a phone is meant for and playing some basic games is a bonus, for serious games i'll stick to my console and pc.

No surprise. Nintendo is going to become like SEGA, who gave up making hardware and focused on making games for all platforms. SEGA hardware business was brought down by SONY PS2 at the time (their last gaming console was the Dreamcast).
Nintendo hardware business is all about handheld devices and iDevices have just taken its place. As a parent, how can you even consider buying a 3DS (a single purpose device) at the same price of an iPod Touch and close to an iPad.
They're done.

It's not at the same price as an iPod touch and especially no where near the price of an ipad.
Touch 199.99, cheapest iPad 499 and the 3Ds after the price drop us 170

I think you need the reality check. Nintendo has been around a lot longer than Apple, Sony, Microsoft and Nokia, combined.
They know their market and lets face it, no matter how great Apple and App Store is, teh PHYSICAL CONTROLLER GAMING is never gonna die.
While I enjoy games like CutTheRope and AngryBirds, when it comes to TRUE GAMING, I still stick to my consoles and 3DS. You just cant replace the controller with touch screen for the true gaming experience.

I agree. For games that aren't simply time wasters which involve a simple click and require constant control, a touchscreen as of yet cant replace a physical controller.

Nintendo has not the exclusivity of the physical control. And "being around for a long time" is your argument why Nintendo is invincible? You should better look at their depressing losses last quarter. They're losing money like crazy. When they ran out, it's over. That simple.
Nintendo lost 50% of their value on the market... in 6 months.

People fail to -- or refuse to accept -- that they're replaceable and WILL BE by a younger generation. My generation grew up on the NES button mashing, the generation before me on big joysticks on arcades, and the generations after me on analogue sticks, accelerometer wiimotes, and movement recognition. The current generation is growing up on touch games. They dont have the affinity for controllers that you and I have. Developers will make games for the most popular devices in consumers hands and right now millions upon millions of kids have iPods, iPhones, iPads and Android phones. All touch devices.
History has shown that the future generations don't care about catering to the ones before them and analogue controllers will become but a nostalgic niche market. It's the brutal truth and Nintendo does realize it although I'm not certain the Wii U is the best way to lead them into the future.
Nintendo's depleting $10B in the bank wont last forever and as a public company, if they don't inspire confidence in investors, the CEO who refuses to make games for iOS will be replaced by one who's enthusiastic about it. Nintendo either has to keep up by competing with Apple head to head and innovate like they did with the original Wii or Apple will be taking their lunch money and giving them knuckle sandwiches week in and week out until the Big N runs out of steam.

Check your facts again. Nintendos sale may be down compared to last year, but overall, theyre still making profit and as long as theyre making profit, they will be around.
Pay close attention to their sales this xmas ;)

He's just skewing bloomberg bullshit to make it seem like Nintendo is doing bad.
He is obviously not a gamer aside from your occasional bout with Angry Birds or Cut the Rope and hasn't a clue about why the 3DS, or any of the past DS's for that matter, are the way they are because physical controls are necessary for modern complex games.

I own iDevices and Nintendo handhelds, how could I have considered that? How about the dual screens, the touch screen PLUS physical controls, the stereo speakers, the battery life, the ergonamics, the price, and of course the exclusive games I have loved for years that I cannot buy on iOS, and could never be fully reproduced on a touch screen only iDevice. Nintendo become another Sega? With Nintendo's massive software library and fan base, even if they did change their strategy (which I hope they don't for their own good) it's like comparing oranges to apples (no pun intended :)).
So they have a bad quarter every so often. Every company does. I'll bet Apple had the odd bad one before the iPod. Virtual boy was a flop too, but somehow poor Nintendo managed to scrape by. 3DS was too pricey at launch, and that has been corrected in time for the Christmas rush. I don't think they need any luck this Christmas - they do need to make sure they have a winner in Wii U next year though IMO.

Yeah. That doesn't sound elitist at all. Fact of the matter is the DS series of consoles is the top selling mobile gaming device out there.
Don't hold your breath, you may see titles released for Android iOS and others.. but Nintendo is not going the way of Atari and Sega. I assure you of this.

As a parent obviously not realizing the necessary requirements for some modern games, no way in hello do full-on touch devices will never replace dedicated gaming consoles like the 3DS or the Wii for that matter. Out of the last generation of consoles, PS3 360 and Wii, the Wii was the top-seller among them, and still is. You're completely kidding yourself here, and obviously aren't experienced with each of these things you've mentioned hands on about. The Dreamcast for instance, was a much better console than the PS2, but because of Sega's bad business decisions and the fact that people favored Sony due to the success of the PS1, it lost the battle. It was a dedicated gaming console well ahead of its time, the Dreamcast. Mine still works perfectly today, not a hiccup or anything, much more than I can say for my PS2.

Nintendo should do as Square Enix did, port games from the PSP and DS versions to iOS. Final Fantasy I & II and Final Fantasy Tactics WoL from the PSP versions and Final Fantasy III from the DS. It would be cool to have a games from the SNES, GBA and DS on the condition that the games they bring over will work good for the touch interface. Not everyone wants or has a PSP or 3DS, but damn near everyone has a smart phone or is getting a smart phone.

That dual screen foldable handheld you say, is the best selling game system as we speak. While Apple is great at what theyre doin, you can not count big N out. They will sell tons of hardware and software this Xmas season. ;)

I hate playing games on the iPhone with touchscreen controls, Apple needs to add physical buttons somehow

I would pay at least $10 for the original super Mario bros. On my phone. Especially if it was super Mario 3.

Um Nintendo has been around for over 100 years. They were way above Sega hence why they survived and still around.
I doubt it if we ever see the day where N only makes software and no hardware.

You can understand why with Capcom cleaning up with Street Fighter and Sega smashing it with Sonic games on the iPod. I'd give a kidney to see Super Mario 3DS on the iPhone or iPad after a couple of years. They could easily put games like Super Mario World out already.