Iomega SuperHero, an alternative backup solution for iPhone and iPod Touch

Iomega has announced an alternative backup solution for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The device known as the Iomega SuperHero, takes the form of a normal charging dock. The major difference is the dock has an SD Card slot complete with a 4GB card. This on-board storage allows you to backup important data from your device.

When placed in the dock, your iPhone or iPod Touch will be charged, but also automatically backed up. The backup is for photographs and contacts only. Unfortunately you cannot backup any applications, music, video, SMS, Email etc. To enable the backup process, you also need an app from the App Store called SuperHero which is free. The app launches automatically when you place your device in the dock. The dock is connected directly to a power outlet and has no facility to connect to a Mac or PC should you want to sync to iTunes.

The included 4GB SD card can be replaced with a larger capacity card should you need more storage for your photos and contacts; also more than one device can be backed up to the same SD card.

The Iomega SuperHero should be available worldwide later this month for around $70 and is compatible with iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 as well the 2nd generation iPod Touch and above.

Can you see yourself using a dock like this? Is it too limited as a backup solution? Let us know in the comments!


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Reader comments

Iomega SuperHero, an alternative backup solution for iPhone and iPod Touch


Nope. But thanks for pointing out alll the fails with this device Stupid to pay so much for a device I can't even sync with, and doesn't back up my phone's full current state. Maybe version 2: please keep us informed. And let us know if it will work with the Bumper installed. Thanks!

Pointless. Just plug the thing into iTunes. This process didn't need to be poorly reinvented.
Digging the stainless steel look though!

Way too many limitations. A device like this should be able to perform a real backup like iTunes does (including all App settings, SMS etc.) to be interesting to me. But the basic idea is OK for people who don't usually connect the iPhone to a computer.

I'm with Flskydiver and Jason D. This device seems pointless if it'll only backup photos and contacts. I'm sure there will be many people who don't read all about this device, think'll it'll back everything up, and then when they need to restore, they'll be SOL.

Can't quite see the point of this, especially at a $70.00 price tag. Even free I probably wouldn't go for it. Too limited.

This is a solution created for a problem that doesn't exist. I back up my ORIGINAL photos from computer to USB drive. Backing up just the images optimized for iphone view is a waste. These can be recreated by iTunes at any time if I have the originals but not the other way around. My contacts are synced with Google so why back those up? Nice looking dock but otherwise I label this FAIL.

I could have used this to get a backup of a video my baby girl deleted. Using window iTunes I can't find photos or videos taken by iPhone. I know they're there but can't find where in iTunes they are. I could have then used this backup before syncing to find my deleted video. The backup is not in any easy to find folder of iTunes. Anybody know where?

I know my iPhone 4 usually shows up in the "my computer" portion of Windows Vista. It usually shows up. You can then ramble your way through the files within that folder.

Yeah I knew that, but I need to recover a file my baby deleted on the iPhone. An old backup would have that old video I was trying to recover. Looking on the iPhone after deletion on the iPhone wouldn't work.

If it actually backed up the entire phone I would buy it right now. iTunes is a real nightmare and WAY TOO SLOW. I am tired of Apple wanting to control my data. It is more than just song licenses these days. Apple needs to recognoize this if they really want to be a player in the business world with their devices. As for SuperHero, beter luck in v.2

I'm agreeing with a lot of the previous posters. This is a good idea as an additional back-up solution, but it is too limited in terms of only contacts and photos. If it did a full back-up (I could see a potential issue when it came to apps, and copyrights/licenses, etc), then it would definitely be a tool I would look into.

I need it to back up EVERYTHING!
I'm getting a MacBook Air and I don't have enough storage to backup/sync my iPhone, I need a way to back it up so if it crashes while out of town (out of the country) I can restore it.
I'd pay more if it did everything :)

If it backed up everything like iTunes, I'd get it immediatly and stick it in the work vehicle, and have a full backup anywhere I go, anytime. Redundant backup is a life-saver. In mt Palm pilot years my skin was saved more than once with the excellent backup-to-SD card programs it had.

let me add that I use an iPod touch, where online backups, dropboxes, or Mobile Me aren't practical options

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