Which iOS 4 feature are you most looking forward to?

TiPb’s done a HUGE iOS 4 feature walkthrough (seriously, every change we could find) but I’m still curious — which iOS 4 feature are you most looking forward to? Is it all about the multitasking? Were you desperate for folders? Game Center got you drooling? Bluetooth keyboard standing by?

With iOS 4 set to be released on Monday, June 21, there are only a few short days of anticipation left!

NOTE: We didn’t include FaceTime since that seemed bound to iPhone 4 and we had a separate iPhone 4 feature poll up including that yesterday.

Check your answer in the poll above, then tell us why in the comments.

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Which iOS 4 feature are you most looking forward to?


Folders, because it's the best new feature my iPhone 3G supports. Can't wait to upgrade to the iPhone 4 eventually.

I'd love to multitask as much as anyone, and I want a wallpaper real bad... But I love my apps neat and organized so my main feature is app folders!

The headphone jack in my iPhone 3G is broken and only plays in my right ear, so I'd have to say left channel audio

The desired feature really depends on the hardware platform.
I won't be upgrading until the fall so I have stick with my slow iPhone 3g. To me updated mail features are a nice addition. Unified inbox and multiple exchange accounts will be great.

I prefer that Apple improve about Telephone appLication, iImean more Phone tools and operator application, like GSM Cell Id, or Cell Information, Calls Filter, Access list Number filter using Digit by Digit. , and diferent GSM Code Apllication. Thanks,
Julio Escalante From Caracas, Venezuela.

Anything that makes the iPhone more ready for the enterprise. They need to focus on this at some point to lure more companies into approving this device. As of right now they are not enterprise class.

Strong suggestion: implement "profile settings" depending on time and location. By example. If I'm home, turn off 3G and activate call transfer. Or, simple click to toggle Blue thoot.

for me on my 3g as it stands, the best features of ios4 (got it installed) are unified inbox and better calendar display, speeds up my working flow massivly.

Luc has great suggestion. Older Sony Ericsson phones have profiles. You can control ringtone, volume, forward call status, etc just by picking a status: home, meeting, work, or user created.
But if you could auto set profile based on location or time would be amazing feature.

I'm bored with Multitasking and Folders, and I hate wallpapers. So, the spell check seems to be the biggest change for me, personally.
Yeah... I know, pretty dull, huh? ;)

Multitasking! The feature I've expected for a long time now... Though I'm "forced" to upgrade to iPhone 4 because it won't work with my 3G

ATT's system working?? Actually being able to GET an iPhone 4?? I think we need to start there.

I just can't wait for iAds. I think that they'll really contribute to my experience on the iPhone. Yeah, not. :) Chalk me up for multitasking. I want to be able to watch a livecast (say for Justin.tv) and be able to switch to the browser to pull up a site and still listen to audio, then switch back again to get the video... Of course, it'll take some programming on their side.

Folders and the Recent Apps thing. Multitasking is great, of course, but having played with iOS 4 on a 3rd gen iPod, I use folders and the recent apps switcher constantly.
Wallpaper will be nice, too.

I'm looking forward to jailbreaking iOS 4 so I can use my jailbroken apps that really make my iPhone work the way it should i.e. iReal SMS, iFile and backgrounder (true multitasking).

You are assuming that those will work from the get go Louie. I suspect that even with jailbreaking, some of those apps need to be updated for iOS4.

My phone is running the iOS 4 GM. That I installed using windows iTunes 9.2 the new features are suddle but nice. I can't find a hundred new features. By the way if you install on windows don't try and downgrade because you come close to bricking your phone.

@James I'm pretty sure that these apps will be ready to work with iOS 4. The jailbreak developers do have access to the iOS and I won't update my iPhone right away.

Not to get off the current topic, I checked my iPhone 4 preorder and it still says in progress is this normal?

I'm torn between multitasking and the new mail features. I would say multitasking, except for the fact that it isn't open multitasking it's just more-than-before-tasking. It will still be useful, but it won't do all the things I was excited about getting in v.4.

The biggest features I need are not in ios4... Here's hoping for ios5.
1) ability to change appointment alarm sounds to something audible.
2) pim/crm functionality that integrates email, SMS, calender. With groups.

Well, seems like 57+% are going to be disappointed because its not real multitasking....hello android, here I come.

I love Apples attention to detail they do the little things right like the sounds the phone makes and in their commercials the song choice is amazing it just makes me want more Apple products so glad I'm getting the iPhone 4

I guess it's only me and comment #19, lol. I'm definitely looking forward to the spell checker and having access to the dictionary, probably one of my most frustrating things while typing on the iPhone. There are many words that don't get auto corrected.

take out all periods cept where they belong
iphone 4.0 on 3gs….ur welcolme!!!

Dude, calendering with Exchange appears to be improved. Doesn't show free/busy when setting up a meeting, but it does now show if users accepted a meeting or not. Wonder how many other small improvements are in there that nobody talks about because they are too worried about games and other stupid stuff. Enterprise functionality is something Apple needs to work on and needs blogs like this to pay more attention too.

@GP, have fun resetting your phone all the time. There is multitasking, and multitasking done right. After living with a windows phone for years having to reboot the thing because of apps gone wrong I will never go back, nor will I torture myself like my friends who have Androids that run out of battery or have to be reset because of bad apps. Enjoy that android, I'll stick with something solid.

Revised: Bluetooth keyboard support is brilliant. That was long overdue. I'm loving this little Think Outside Stowaway in ways I haven't in, what? 4 years?