iOS 4.1 Jailbreak on the way?

Several tweets this morning are indicating that a jailbreak for iOS 4.1 could come sooner rather than later.  Could there be any better news you ask? Why yes! Jailbreaker @pod2g as well as other sources are indicating that this "particular" exploit would require Apple to flash to a whole new bootrom in order to fix it.

What does this mean for jailbreakers?  It means they run less of a risk of accidental updates and what-not being so catastrophic.  Apple can't fix this exploit by simply issuing a software update.  It would require a flashed version of the bootrom out of the factory.  We may eventually see new iPhone 4s shipped with newer bootroms but any older ones would remain jailbreakable, regardless of any software update Apple may issue.

So if you're like me and lost your jailbreak for 4.1 (darn prox sensor!), you'll soon be able to have jailbreak goodness back again.  How many of you still plan on jailbreaking and how many of you think iOS 4.x gave you what you needed?  For me, notification systems are still a valid reason to jailbreak.  What about you?

An update from someone BGR was in contact with has now stated that a flashed bootrom would not be sufficient.  A whole new processor revision would be necessary.

[via BGR]

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Reader comments

iOS 4.1 Jailbreak on the way?


Excellent news!! I hope it comes out by this weekend at least, I love updates, and not updating my iPhone is killin me D:

Notifications and lockscreen SMS composing are what keep me from updating to 4.1 until a JB is released. Glad one is coming as I want to use the iMovie update, which is only for 4.1.

Update in the article:
UPDATE: We’re being told by someone who has knowledge about this exploit that in order to patch this particular bootrom hack Apple would need “a whole new processor rev.” A re-flashed or patched bootrom for the current hardware would not be sufficient.

Can't wait for this! JB is a must for me for notifications and the lock screen calendar.. and now that applications are starting to require newer updates, this can't come soon enough!

From what I've read it will work for ipads and the new iPod as well....which will make me very happy since I just got an iPad and am ready to jailbreak it!!!!

As long as this "watermark" thing doesn't exist, I'm all for JB. SBSettings, BiteSMS, and multitasking (since I'm stuck on an iP3G)

Beat news all day! However, if the JB is not "userland" and is done by a bootrom exploit - what happens if you need to do an equipment exchange? Is it possible to un-jailbreak a device that was on the hardware/bootrom level, not software/code?

I miss SB settings, Insomnia and just having a battery % in my title bar. Bring it on.

@Vinnie the JB is not to crack the bootrom, the JB exploits a "hole" in the bootrom/cpu that can not be patched with software. That means that you can always restore it to a non-jailbroken state when you want.
But also that you always can jailbreak it again (probably with the same JB software) directly after each new iOS release done by Apple.

Absolutely JB. The iPhone is so much more enjoyable and useable when jailbroken. Notices are just one of many cool improvements (using LockInfo and Notified). One cool hack I love is SBSchedule. It automatically changes settings for bedtime, car, home etc. It even changes brightness and volume to desired levels.No biggie, but really sweet.

What do you guys use for notifications? I want Notified to work but it's still a little buggy, and GRiP doesnt work on iOS 4.

It's time for Apple to allow jailbreaking. You guys think it's great but their go the hopes if being allowed to use iPhone at work.
These jailbreak exploits convince corporate IT that the iPhone is insecure and are the reason we are forced to use a Lackberry.

you said that notifications were still a reason to jailbreak...what jailbreak apps do you use for notifications?

If u use mywi will Att charge you for tethering if it's not on yourvplsn? I have the unlimited data but I don't want to be surprised at the end of the month

@ sterbuck
I wouldn't worry about it. There are legitimate programs that use heavy bandwidth. I've used as much as 20 gigs streaming off of netflix on my xbox and AT&T hasn't said anything. I have been Using mywi for nearly a year...

I have yet to upgrade me iPhone 4 with the new iOS 4,1. I am taking a wait and see atitude. My iPhone does everything I want it to do with the current JB. I don't see any must have improvement that makes me want to rush out and upgrade.

Just got my new IP4 with 4.0.2 and for the first time in 2 years, I am tied to Apple without a jb....ugggh. I still randomly swipe my finger across the screen and wait for sbsettings to pop up! Please jb 4.1 soon!

i guess unlimited means unlimited, no matter how we use. I think US is the only country where tethering must pay :P . In my place, no need to pay. they even advice u to use it to tether, rather than not using.

Not going to do it again...
Look, I like having things like Intelliscreen but I found the last jailbreak to be very laggy on my 4 so I decided to un-jailbreak it. I was also having to reset it 2-3 times a day. This unjkailbreaking process took me 3 hours that I am not going to repeat. Just updated to 4.1 which seems snappier than 4.0.2.
Sorry jailbreaking days are over unless they can make it do things thaat 4.1 cant do without making it seem like Im running a 3G.

@Cuseguy, i have found myself doing that on numerous occasions, i bought my IP4 with 4.0.2 already on so i have no option but to wait for the JB to come out, i didn't realise just how much i have customised the 3g i had before, i am still happy with the standard IP4 but i would be overjoyed with the JB