iOS 4.2 bugs: Having problems with MobileMe password?

iOS 4.2 bugs: Having problems with MobileMe password?

Having problems with your MobileMe password lately? We're hearing from users (and our own Rene!) that MobileMe both on the web at and on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad complains your password is wrong when it's the same password you've always used. We'll take a look at the symptoms and possible solutions after the break!

So MobileMe suddenly starts rejecting your password and you're sure you're typing it in correctly? Here are some things to try:

On, simply entering the password a second time seems to work for some while on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, even though there's a warning, email, calendars, etc. seem to keep syncing without a problem. In other words it is annoying but you can muscle through.

For others, stops working entirely but switching back to the old version ( instead of works fine. Them when Apple fixes it on their end you can switch back.

While this is not technically an iOS 4.2 bug it did seem to start happening right around the time Apple released iOS 4.2. Perhaps the transition from pure service to also supporting Apple ID's for the now free Find my iPhone feature caused some server side hiccups?

Meanwhile you can also always try the old stand by of deleting the account from your device and then adding it back again. It's a pain but maybe less so than the repeated error popups.

If you're experiencing the MobileMe password bug and if these fixes or any others helped you out, let us know in the comments!

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iOS 4.2 bugs: Having problems with MobileMe password?


I'm having problems with verifying my email; no emails come through to do so and the button to verify says my email is set up to another apple ID...WTF?

There are tons of bugs, itunes is not syncing apps back after restoring a iphone 4 with 4.2.1. Then when I try to do it manually it will allow about 5 apps to be synced before it freezes and I have to restart it. The betas seemed to work better.

I've had this for over a week! MobileMe accepts the password on the web at the login screen, but trying to get into the account settings page it doesn't accept the password! Driving me crazy

About a week ago wouldn't login with 1Password but would if I typed in the exact same password manually. After installing iOS 4.2.1 both my iPhone and iPad kept popping up errors saying my login was incorrect and prompting me to go to settings, but my email and everything else kept working anyway.
Everything seems to be back to normal now so hopefully it was just an Apple ID integration hiccup.

At first it said the terms and conditions had changed when I tried to add a MobileMe account in the mail settins on my iPhone. Then it said I could not use that apple account. Now it tells me the username or password is incorrect. I will probably just be patient and wait a few days and then re-check here.

I am so glad I'm not the only one having email verification issues w the free Find My iPhone setup!! My problem is that when I set up the account it asks for the verification. When I hit the link on the email it will pop up and say that the account is already verified but it doesn't reflect in Settings, so I can't actually turn on the Find My Phone feature because the switch is grey-ed out. I've tried deleting and re-adding the account several times in the last two days and nothing has worked so far. It's almost making wonder If I should just pony up the $99 for MobileMe so it works properly...

It's all an unforgivable mess. This is a closed system free of outside interference and all designed by Apple so why cant they get their own sh*t to work together??????? It always feels like they sit drinking coffee for months just to look exclusive and have us wait, then they throw it out there for us to test.

Is anyone having issues with software screen orientation lock its not coming in mine after upgrade and hardware button has changed to mute button now

Hi, I have looked over the internet and cant find appropriate solution for this problem.
i have a Gmail Exchange activesync set up. (Calendar, Mail works perfect, but contacts scrolling becomes laggy). Please read on.
Everything is OK until i turned off all internet data connection (Wi-Fi, cellular data, 3G). Then, when I start adding a new contact with data off, the contacts scrolling becomes laggy, AND THE SMS APP is unable to delete any sms. you are able to press edit and the - button, but then the "delete" button will appear and disappear itself before we can even tap on it.
Tried on an iPad 64 GB wifi, and iPhone 4 32GB. Contacts slow scrolling is exactly the same problem, except that iPad doesnt have an SMS (messages) app.
Please fix this. Thank you.

Apple seemingly introduced unification of mobileme account ID and password with the Apple account (Apple store and itunes) ID and password.
I have been able to log in by using one or the other, but it is very confusing as something has changed.

I am only using this for the FIND MY PHONE feature and do not have mobile me. It seems to be looking for my mobile me account? I think that is the issue? Apple needs to make sure that the FIND MY PHONE feature only is not looking for a real mobile me account.
That's my take on it!

I've got a 3GS which MobileMe worked just fine (I am a paid subscriber)...since loading 4.2, can't access it at all! MobileMe wants to use the iPhone 4. Have tried deleting and reloading the account then it won't verify the account. This is really starting to piss me off!

Noticed it did this before 4.2..if someone has already chimed in here to say that already...

I (and many others) had problems signing up for the free find my iPhone, with the "already verified" on the site, and the "unverified" on the phone.
It cleared up overnight, though, and works fine now - load issue?

Upgraded my iPhone and 2 iPod Touches to 4.2 to attempt to use "Find iPhone" using only Apple ID -- not MobileMe. Had no problems logging in to iTunes account before. Now it claims on all devices that my Apple ID/password is invalid. Also asked me for my 4-digit code to get my voicemails, which it accepted, but why is it asking now after having my iPhone and using voicemail for many months.

@Georgia: this was a problem before the 4.2 stuff. What I found out from Apple was that it had to do with resetting their settings on their end. All I had to do was sign in with my full ID (username) and that solved it. From then on Apple automatically filled in the "" part and haven't had any issues. I'm happy to be back on track now.

I can't access a log in page for Mobile Me from my iPad. Clicking on "log in" sends me back to the page to set up a new account.

FYI all: after OS update started getting prompts for Vmail password. First time Ever. Tried to MESS WITH IT to no avail. Contacted service provider and they were going to reset it remotely when suddenly the phone let me change it! Very strange indeed. So far mo other issues, but I'm not confident.

I've had the problem of the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad saying the MobileMe password is incorrect even though it is. It seems it might be with accounts that are synced rather than ones that were separately set up on the device. I turned off the account syncing, removed the accounts from the devices and added them back on the device. That seems to make it all better. Still a hassle.

I had this problem and tried and tried to get in. It was very frustrating. I also did not receive the "reset" email no matter how many times I tried. Just glad to see it wasn't me losing my mind! Eventually, I got it to work, but I have no idea how. In the end, what I knew was the correct password was accepted....something must have been fixed or tweaked on apple's end as far as I can tell.

my mobile me keeps on asking for a password, exactly like Dans problem. It's in a constant loop of password requests. Took my Mac down to an Apple Store, a Genius, says it might be a problem with 10.6.5, Safari and Apple IDs. Tried 10.6 and an old Safari, its works. When you do software update, ie to 10.6.5 and the latest safari, it does not work.Wasted a whole week with Mobile Me support, you have to chat them, it's like texting on a mobile phone, totally useless support. Going again to an Apple Store, hope they can fix it, getting annoyed, renewed my mobile me 2 weeks ago, not getting what I paid for. Very unhappy.

Solution - goto log in and Verify your e-mail address its on the lower right side of the page. Once I did this "find my iphone" worked perfect!

My iPhone MobileMe was saying my username or password was wrong so I deleted MobileMe from my iPhone and re-entered it. Now everything is working just fine.

Had the same problem of not been able to log into MobileMe website. This reset was the solution:
Solution – goto log in and Verify your e-mail address its on the lower right side of the page. Once I did this MobileMe website allowed me in again!

I can login into no problem, it finds my phone and my ipad BUT I can't log into mobile through system preferences on my macbook. Any ideas?

Shame that Im the first to comment, cuz this is exactly whats going on with me.. just tethering from my laptop, I tested it to play with it and see the cool little deal it does.. been nothing but a headache, I was determined to make it work and went mad in the process.. Just now am I getting over it, just glad to know It wasn't all me.. And now I hear that all of its gotta move to cloud?

My phone has been stolen! I locked the phone through mobile me when stolen about a month ago and now I'm getting messages from you that someone is trying to break into my phone. Do you have a phone number that I can call to get information on who is trying to use the phone? I have a police report of the stolen phone but need to know who has the phone and their address if possible.
Thank you

This is happening all the time on all my devices since transferring from mobile me to icloud. It's irritating and actually entirely unnecessary because my email etc seems to work perfectly witll WITHOUT inputting the password

I forgot acount ID password for Itunes and changed my overall acount(I was using itunes before our family got mobile me so password was seperate). So anyway I changed my overall mobilme password etc without needing too. I changed the password and get into basic Apple functions but mobile me email does not accept new password. I email tech but I can't check my email either and it won't let me put in alternative email. So I'm bassically out of the loop as I can't talk to anyone over the phone and I'll permanantly have a wasted email account I can't access
Apple is junk compared to what they used to be!

I like this new FaceTime feature. It sounds like a great addition to a great device. However there is already a mobile to mobile video' application called knocking Live Video and it's great. It works over 3G and WiFi.

I'm on iPhoto trying to access my MobileMe account and it saying that my password is not on file. It seems like there is still an issue. It is only happening with iPhoto so far because online at it works. Does anyone have a fix?

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