How to jailbreak iOS 4.3.2 via redsn0w 0.9.6rc14 (untethered)

Complete guide to Jailbreaking iPhone, iPod touch, and original iPad running iOS 4.3.2 with redsn0w

iOS 4.3.2 untethered jailbreak for iPhone, iPod touch, and original iPad is now live... and it's pretty much the same as the iOS 4.3.1 Jailbreak so we're updating this post to get you going faster! The Dev-Team has used their hax0r magic to bring us yet another gift in the form of an untethered jailbreak! This jailbreak will require you to use redsn0w, which is available for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Important: iPad 2 is still not supported and unlockers need to steer clear until ultrasn0w is updated. If you've got a Verizon iPhone you'll want to check out our greenpois0n jailbreak guide for iOS 4.2.6 instead.

Hit the jump for a complete how-to!

What you need

  • iTunes 10.2.2 or higher
  • redsn0w for Windows or Mac
  • iOS 4.3.2
  1. First, you will need to download redsn0w via the link above
  2. Next, you will need to go grab the appropriate iOS firmware for your device. (If you updated via iTunes, it'll be in your iTunes directory)
  3. Once you have downloaded the correct firmware and redsn0w, you are now ready to jailbreak.
  4. After you launch redsn0w, you will be asked to browse and choose the custom firmware you downloaded in the previous step.
  5. Next you'll choose to install Cydia and redsn0w will walk you through how to place your device in DFU mode. Just make sure you start this process with your device OFF.
  6. Let your device do its thing and you're done!

In our experience, we've noticed this jailbreak seemed a bit buggy on the original iPad.

For a complete walk-through, check out the video tutorial above. If you aren't sure whether or not you want to take a jump to the dark side, check out our complete jailbreak basics guide first!

Questions? Concerns? Did you encounter any problems during your jailbreak? Let us know in the comments or check out the TiPb jailbreak forum!

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Reader comments

How to jailbreak iOS 4.3.2 via redsn0w 0.9.6rc14 (untethered)


Hey guys, i have followed this process and the jailbreak works (all my jailbreak apps open up fine) however the cydia app is white and will not load, just crashes. Arghghgh what do i do? i am using an iphone 3GS.

According to MuscleNerd, this can happen if you use this Jailbreak on an iPhone with iOS 4.3 instead of 4.3.1. If that's what you did, update to iOS 4.3.1 and jailbreak again.

I am confused which IPSW file to download. I have an activated Iphone 4, but am using the official carrier SIM card. I don't see an option for that IPSW, both Iphone 4 IPSW are for phones not using the official SIM card. Any pointers would be appreciated.
Thanks. Rob

Probably a stupid question, but how do you go from 4.2.1 that's already jailbroken (w/Greenpois0n) to a jailbroken 4.3.1 (iPhone 4)?

Upgrade your OS then jailbreak. Then restore as new. That's been the best way to keep anything from the old jailbreak from coming back.

I had the same question. My first JB was 4.2.1 via greenpois0n so idk how this all works. If I upgrade iOS to 4.3.1 then jailbreak via redsn0w will I have to redownload all my JB apps & tweaks? Also, would restoring as new mean the phone would be wiped clean and take hours to restore? Is there a place that has a step by step? Sorry for the stupid question.

Just wondering if anyone knows if the "Mobile Substrate" update today from Cydia will now allow us to update and JB on 4.3? Also is there much of a difference using redsn0w from greenpoison?

Just did it, worked perfect! Thanks!! Yeesssssss! Hold on BiteSMS & TetherMe, I'm coming loves. Yes!
Thanks guys. (iPhone 4 GSM)

i jus tried the 4.3.1 untethered jailbreak on my ipod touch 4g and it says its done it installs the jailbreak but it says im still on 4.2.1

Hey havok, if I update, jailbreak, and then restore as new won't I lose my jailbreak and have to do it again aftr it's restored as new? I'm very interested in jailbreaking again only I need to clean out old jailbreak data that's causing problems... Would prefer to avoid doing a complete wipe. Any advise?

I"m on a iPhone 4 and jailbroken on 4.2.1, I was told to jailbreak like this. Go into iTunes, hold down opt click restore and and select 4.3.1, however when i click on it iTunes pops up and say "This phone is compatible with firmware" can anyone help me?
I"m on mac, iPhone 4 running iOS 4.2.1, iTunes 10.2, and i have the iPhone 4 4.3.1 IPSW what am i doing wrong or missing here!

I normally restore my phone to factory. Then update to the new OS. Then I sync it and put everything from iTunes back on it. And then I jailbreak. You need to sync the phone and get iTunes familiar with it once before the jailbreak but after the update. Always works for me.

I ran into this when i wanted to upgrade to 4.3.1 from jailbroken 4.2.1 I ran tinyumbrella before jailbreaking. It turns out in the host file, the IP address that normally points to apple's server gets changed to point to cydia's site instead. this is why u get that message. just run microsoft fix it. it will fix the host file. got this from apple support online. the fix it runs in seconds, and afterwards, all was well and can restore

It gives you complete control over your device. You can install third party software that Apple won't allow in the App Store. This will allow you to tweak/change everything on your phone. Anything from themes, to free tethering, better messages app, just anything. Try it, you won't regret it. Just google "Cydia" & "iOS Jailbreaking." :-)

Upgraded to 4.31 today and ran redsn0w. Ran Cydia and now I have Cydia showing on the screen but also have the Apple logo and a progress bar. Rebooted and as soon as I went back into Cydia I get the same thing. Any thoughts?

I am already on 4.3.1, and ready to run redsnow,
I do not want to restore my phone to factory before I jailbreak.
Will I have to re-install all my apps/music/movies, or will they stay in place. Thanks!!

I'm just about ready to go, already JB 4.2.1, the only thing i don't understand is why every guide is telling me i need the custom firmware... and if i do need it, do i need to upgrade to apples 4.3.1 first or directly from 4.2.1 to custom 4.3.1?

Does anyone have experience with backing up the SMS database by copying it via ssh and then doing the upgrade and then pasting the file back? Anyone know if that will work? I want to restore as new phone but don't want to lose my SMS and mms. Thank for any input!

Grr my iPad is stuck updating to 4.3.1 from 4.2.1. Love when this happens. Any suggestions aside from doing a complete restore before jailbreaking?

To follow up on a question asked above, I'm confused about which IPSW file to download.
I'm using a stock ATT SIM so I followed the posted link to to get the standard file. I'm not sure I understand the names of the files. I think I see the one that would reference my phone (a 3GS) but shouldn't I see two versions, one for the old bootrom and another for the new?
How do I determine the correct standard firmware file?
Also, if I were to use the modified firmware files on a phone with the standard SIM, would I have problems? If not, would the modified file offer additional benefits, for instance, does it provide an unlock so I could use other carrier SIM's?

I only saw 2 files for the 4.3.1 one is for iphone 4 and one is for iphone 3gs.. i figured out that it's needed for step 4 of this walkthrough... i'm also an att guy so i updated to 4.3.1 via itunes and then to CFW 4.3.1 via Redsnow. so far no problems getting calls texts and a good restore via aptbackup
(oh, the cydia app is white... and a few glitches the first time in, but one reboot and fixed everything except the icon)
as far as i have read it does not provide the unlock, (but custom firmware's sometimes preserve an already unlocked device)
**may not be completly accurate but hopefully helpful

Very helpful. The main thing I wanted to hear was I wasn't about to brick my phone. :)

hey everyone, can i jailbreak in a computer my iphone is not syncd with? main reason i want to jailbreak. also, what about seab question? will i lose everything in order to jaibreak a "pure" iphone 4 on 4.3.1?

You can jailbreak on any computer. You do not need to be synced with the computer to jailbreak on it. When you update your phone to 4.3.1 you do it like you would any other firmware update. As long as you do a back up of 4.2.1 before you update to 4.3.1 you wont lose anything you have. Jailbreaking does not wipe your phone.

Is there a way to do a "selective restore" using AptBackup? I'd like to do a save with AptBackup, then select which packages I want to re-install after 4.3.1 jb. Thoughts? Google-fu fails me...

redsnow is just crashing on windows 7 It makes it to the hard drive image on the iphone and then windows says redsnow has crashed and must close.

worked just fine when I tried it on a windows xp machine. I went from 4.1 jb to 4.3.1 jb had a small issue with itunes doing the upgrade had to clear my windows hosts file as itunes botched the upgrade.

Try running the redsnow pacakage as Administrator and in XP compatibility Mode (right hand mouse click on the icon, properties, compatibility)

Have 4.3.1 firmware on desktop
iphone 4 upgraded to 4.3.1
redsn0w 0.9.6rc9 on desktop
It says unable to recognize specified ipsw
What can i do? help please

On Windows XP :
Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates
On Windows Vista/Windows 7:
Users\\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates
On Mac:
~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates

Did not work with custom restore file cited in this article. Did work great with instructions on iClarify and the download they provided. Their file had restore in it.

I'm also having trouble finding the IPSW 4.3.1 firmware. When I clicked on the hyperlink in the article, it took me a website hosted by Limera1n and all the files were listed as "tethered".

just an update.... aptbackup failed, i lost all my tweaks but kept any most progams such as ifile and bitesms.. lost winterboard, but hey all is good just a few hours of downloads and re-springs..
(btw- the ipsw i downloaded was on the main iclarify walkthru for iphone 4)

I am not sure which IPSW file to download. I have an iPhone 3GS activated with the official sim card carrier.
So which one of these do i download:
iPhone 3GS (New Bootrom):
iPhone 3GS New Bootrom activated ( for users who are not on official carrier SIM card) (tethered)
iPhone 3GS New Bootrom un-activated (for users who are not on official carrier SIM card) (tethered)
iPhone 3GS New Bootrom baseband 6.15.00 activated ( for users who are not on official carrier SIM card) (tethered)
iPhone 3GS (Old Bootrom):
iPhone 3GS Old Bootrom activated ( for users who are not on official carrier SIM card) (tethered)
iPhone 3GS Old Bootrom un-activated (for users who are not on official carrier SIM card) (tethered)
iPhone 3GS Old Bootrom baseband 6.15.00 activated ( for users who are not on official carrier SIM card) (tethered)

After the Jailbreak..will all my sms and mms messages be deleted?
What about all my other data?

I got through the reboot and downloading jailbreaking data screen on my iPhone 3GS. However, after my phone restarted and it looks like nothing happened. The redsn0w installer seems to be hung on the update window. Can someone help?

I'm getting frustrated here, how come I can't find the ispw file in the zip folder? am i suppose to change the extentions or something?? I'm totally confused about this =s thanks

I'm jb now. when I restore and jb again will all the apps i paid for on cydia come back? Do i have to pay for them again? Thanks!

I'm having the IPSW problem. I'm sure i have the correct ipsw but RedSnow doesn't recognize it when I browse. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

I have seen this question asked but do not feel the answer has been fully explained. If you have an i-Phone 4 that was jailbroken under Greenpoison what happens when you upgrade and jailbreak under 4.3.1 to all of your jailbreak settings, apps, and themes? Do you need to back them up some how and how do you get them back? Is there some set up procedures to prep a previously jailbroken phone or do you just continue with a jailbreak the same way you would a pure phone?

if you complete the way i did, then when you update to apples 4.3.1 with itunes, then the jailbreak is erased, including all cydia apps. i don't believe you can upgrade without unjailbreaking
if you don't tweak much then just go through and re-install, if you have alot of cydia tweaks i suggest some other cydia backup method... other than aptbackup.. that you should be able to find with quick google search

i couldn't really get a straight answer either.... I did.. update with apple ios 4.3.1, then start the jailbreak and step 4 choose the CFW ispw. and after a few glitches in the first couple of boot ups all is good.
(again aptbackup did not fully work,for me anyway, so another cydia backup style may be needed)

I have an original iPad currently on 3.2 and jailbroken. (It is not allowing app store downloads - strange error: "your app will be available after you log in to iTunes store from your computer." Strange.) So what is the best way for me to update to 4.3.1 and jailbreak?

don't completely quote me on this one, but my first attempt would be a complete restore. i've never had that problem but that's where i would head... but if i'm right a restore will lose all your apps except the primary apps that came outta the box

just followed the guide i have modem firmware 06.15.00 after completion everything works but i have no phone coverage at all just one bar and nothing else. Any thoughts how to get my phone back.

do i need 2 update my ipod touch 4g to the 4.3.1 firmware before i do the jailbreak ????????????????????

Currently running OS X Lion developer preview. redsn0w crashed 3/3 times midway thru the Jb. Will downgrade to snow leopard and try again and post update. Luckily no bricked iPhone despite redsn0w crash.

I think i'm third who asks this Q. Which IPSW we should use if we have offically unlocked (activated?) iPhone 3GS. I have new bootrom...

ok everything is working perfectly finally.. except my signal bars no longer move.. it sits on one bar no matter where i go.. very strange.. any ideas?

So I've tried this jail break 7 times now. The one time it did work I could not connect/register with mobile me. The other 6 times everything seemed right except I had no network connection with ATT, any ideas/ help?

I've tried this around 5 times...always get stuck at the "Updating ram" part...left my phone plugged up and it just restarts with no I doing something wrong?

@James and @Jon did you guys update to 4.3.1 with apples update first before using that CFW file? Not sure if you need to but I am wondering what happens when you don't.
Guys I'm gonna stop checking this page here in a bit. I'm no expert. But I'm decently tech savvy and I've already jailbroke mine. If anyone has questions I might be able to answer hit me up @lostin07 on twitter.

just jailbroke mine this morning and all is running well. Before i jailbroke i was running 4.2.1 jailbroken, and i updated firmware through itunes then downloaded the firmware through the link on this page for redsn0w to find. I Let it do its thing and once it had finished i restored all my jb settings with aptsettings. All i had to do was move all my apps back into the folders i had set out for them. Cheers for the walkthrough Cody, most usefull! :)

Ive upgraded to 4.3.1 an done the jailbreak but my ipod 4g wont charge proper it charges up to bout 40% but then it dies within the hour has any1 had the same problem or does any 1 know whats wrong with it???????????


Will jailbreak have any chance of breaking the phone?? I really wanna do it but tooooo afraid with not a lot of money to just buy a new one lol

NOTHINGS ever guaranteed in any aspect of OS manipulation, so ALWAYS proceed with caution.... however, ive never had any real issues of my own.

I followed the steps in the guide above, and everything seems to work like a charm. No error messages or anything. But after my iPhone 4 rebootes it is still on 4.1?
I downloaded the latest firmware via iTunes (iPhone3,14.3.28H7_Restore.ipsw) and used Redsn0w for Windows (0.9.6rc14)

My iPhone 4 is on 4.1 (jailbreak). Do I need to do a regular upgrade to 4.2.3 using iTunes before jailbreaking? How does that affect my JB apps like Lockinfo and SBSettings?

my guess is 1) yes and 2) it will break/delete all of them, but i would be happy to hear i'm wrong. i'm still on 4.1 myself and kinda on the fence on updating to 4.3.2 and re-jailbreaking. not sure if it's worth all the trouble yet, but as more and more apps seem to require at least 4.2, i think i can't put it off for much longer...

I updated to 4.3.2 and downloaded redsn0w but when I select my ipsw it says it's unrecognizable. I have no clue what is going on.

Hello all,
Was wondering whether to JB or not for a while. JB virgin ;) and did this redsnow JB. Worked like a charm first time round. Only thing i find confusing is cydia, very hard to find your way around, no reviews, no ratings and thing like that. Not bad, since i am only getting in to things....

Africa, you've hit on an important consideration for anyone who is considering a jailbreak. You lose some degree of user-friendliness and support. You have to be able to troubleshoot your own problems for the most part and will also have to live with occasional bugs and lagginess.

when i start the jb. everything starts ok and the phone(3gs) shows the "downloading jailbreak data.." but the redsn0w program wont load the ramdisk. It starts to load according to the status bar but only loads maybe 10%. I left the phone hooked up and it will turn on and the program never loaded completly. I am new to jb and have never done it before any help would be wonderful. Thanks

where do i find my ios to jailbreak when downloaded on itunes?(4.3.2). This is for windows vista if that makes a differance

If my Ipad is already jailbroken with firmware 3.2.1, do I have to do something different or follow the same instructions? I read somewhere for already jailbroken devices, it has to be restored to default first? Thanks for clarifying.

I own MyWi, and used it when I was jailbroken, and you're right that it is fast and quite convenient enough when money isn't growing from your tree out front. But in fairness, if one has the disposable income to have a separate plan, then by all means, like Webvex says, it's just that much more convenient to not have to worry about tethering each time you want to connect. Especially if you forget your iPhone, or have it somewhere too distant (or don't have a charger).