iOS 5 to have BBM style message integration, better notifications, widgets, and more?

It's that time of year again and WWDC 2011 is upon us. We have our iOS want list up and if This Is My Next actually does have a credible source, we may be able to check off quite a few things.

Here's a list of changes from their source:

  • Messaging - The word is that Apple is readying its own MMS / SMS protocol which will be a native part of the phone. We’re not entirely clear on how this would work, but apparently it will be able to automatically identify iOS users and route the message accordingly.

  • Notifications - Notifications will now be handled in drop down located at the top of the screen (similar to MobileNotifier, seen in the image above). Messages will appear and then slide back up in a unobtrusive manner, similar to webOS. There have been some leaked screenshots floating around the web for the last 24 hours, but those are not the real deal.

  • Widgets - The notifications will be constantly accessible through a pulldown window which you reach by swiping at the top of the screen downward… just like Android. Not only will this screen house your recent notifications, but it will tout proper widgets like weather, stocks, and more.

  • Lock Screen - Surprisingly, Apple is making significant changes to the lock screen as well. There will now be notifications shown on this screen with a small icon to the left of each notification — you can drag that icon as you would the unlock slider and you’ll be taken directly to the app itself (similar to TouchWiz for Android). You won’t get weather or stock widgets here, only notifications — and it’s not clear if upcoming calendar events or the like will be represented.

If these changes are going to come in iOS 5, Apple's competition is going to have to play some major catch up. What do you guys think? Credible source or last minute link bait?

For the full list of changes, hit the link below.

This is My Next

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iOS 5 to have BBM style message integration, better notifications, widgets, and more?


I don't think there will be anyone running to catch up to these updates as each of them already exists on another platform, which you pointed out.

Ha, clearly we were all thinking the same thing. When i read that i thought i was taking crazy pills. I've owned all the iphones and convinced everyone within 5 miles to get one. I'm obviously a fan but just because i think the overall package is the best doesn't mean all its parts are the best. Notifications are embarrassingly bad. Widgets (especially for the ipad) would be great addition. keeping fingers crossed.

Apple is the one doing the major catch up here as iOS feels outdated when compared to Android mostly. It's good to see them coming up to speed on this.

Why would the competition need to play major catch up? They already have all these features which aren't being hobbled together in order to catch up. It's crApple that playing catch up.

I agree. " WebOS," "just like Android," "similar to Touchwiz..." while these are welcome changes (as long as you buy their new hardware), Apple is genuinely behind in many of these areas.

If true I have one thing to say - THANK YOU, STEVE JOBS! Finally, getting some of the things that were missing that are FOR iOS users rather than a revenue stream for Apple.

"If these changes are going to come in iOS 5, Apple’s competition is going to have to play some major catch up."
I'm very happy to see that I'm not the only one who took exception to that ridiculously misleading statement above. In terms of UI, Apple is actually the one doing all of the "catching up" at this point. I, for one, don't feel that iOS5 goes nearly far enough to give users what they really want/need. One year from now, we'll all be back here watching Apple play catch up, AGAIN, with iOS6.
I think they're dropping the ball bigtime with these supposed "updates" to iOS...

I completely agree with you. I think Apple needs to work a lot harder to compete with Androids UI. These trolls get so excited when they release some basic function on the iPhone, while Android has had it for a while now. I wonder what "magical" feature iOS 6 will include? Maybe a feature that actually benefits the end user and not only the developer and Apple. Apple execs go up on stage and flaunt their sales revenues, and these idiots cheer for them. WHAT THE F*CK is wrong with these people? They are taking billions of dollars from you idiots and returning a closed platform device that acts more like a vending machine then a smartphone. What the hell is so smart about the iPhone? It won't even let you download from anywhere but the App store. Wow, this Apple cult has you guys brainwashed!