iOS 5 beta 3 gallery

There's bound to be something new in iOS 5 beta 3, a new icon, a new screen, a new setting... something that shows what Apple has been up to. Already the internet and our inboxes are filling up. A lot of it is, frankly, stuff we think we've seen before in previous betas, but some of it looks new to us as well.

  • New location services opt-in/opt-out splash screen on setup
  • Settings control for system-level location services (similar to what was previously available for App Store apps)
  • Settings control to toggle status bar icon for location services on/off
  • New iTunes Wi-Fi sync splash screen
  • New icon for Reminders
  • Some new stuff with tones (not sure about it yet)Text tones can be set from iTunes ringtones

We're going to collect it here, in this gallery. If you find anything we haven't come across yet, let us know.

Screenshots after the break.

[gallery link="file" columns="2"]

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iOS 5 beta 3 gallery


Netflix and HBO GO are still important to me... Anyone know if it's working in Beta 3 or has too much changed in the iOS that the devs have to come up with an update?

lol. who reads nda's... or looks at the big fat red or yellow bars on the apple developer sites that says CONFIDENTIAL.. hahaha

I'm annoyed with these betas. Ever since beta 2 I haven't been able to sync with itunes. The wi-fi sync definitely has never worked, but the wired sync still doesn't work either. I hoped beta 3 would fix it, but no luck - my music and photos are never transferred and my iphone thinks it's still syncing even hours after itunes says it's done...

yes me too it has always come back with iTunes could not sync with the iPhone error and i was unable to sync my iPhone with beta2, but there has been overall improvement on stability and usability after beta 3 with iTunes 10.5 beta 3 installed

The limit of 12 only applies to friggin' icons. For regular icons, you can put 30,000 into each folder. ;-)

I've been having an issue with taking photos in iOS 5 beta 3. When I take a photo, it's not posted to the very end of the album. Sometimes it's posted to the very beginning, sometimes it's somewhere in between the beginning and end of the album. Very inconvenient when I want to look at recent photos. Is anyone else having this issue, or should I restore?

Just restored my iPhone again with beta 3. The photos I take are still randomly-placed in my album. Sometimes the beginning, sometimes the end, sometimes in random spots.