iOS 5 beta 4 gallery

While the big news for iOS 5 beta 4 is no doubt the over-the-air (OTA) update switch finally being pulled, there are a few other little tweaks that seem to have slipped in, and like always you folks are doing a bang up job of letting us know.

  • OTA updates are now live. You'll get a popup telling you an update is available and Settings will get an alert badge to prompt you to open it.
  • Documents in the Cloud are now live

We'll keep collecting the new and notable stuff right here, so if you find anything else, let us know.

Screenshots after the break.

[Thanks @jdipane for the top pic]

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Reader comments

iOS 5 beta 4 gallery


Can anyone confirm if deleting songs from within the Music app is a new feature for iOS5? I found that I could go within an album and swipe to delete single songs. Useful when you want more space and are not near your computer. Can't delete full albums or artists unfortunately.

Safari on iPad ios beta 3 crashed constantly. Beta 4 is barely better. I wonder if a fresh install would have fixed that?

I think he is talking about using a 3G network to update/activate iOS 5 in comparison to using Wi-Fi, not the iPhone 3G which stopped getting updates past 4.2.1

One more cool feature... on the Notification screen... current day calendar entries are shown in "normal" font... entries for "tomorrow" are now displayed in italics. It provides a great, subtle way of distinguishing the today/tomorrow entries at a glance. Well played, Mr Jobs.

I love this. Actually got very excited when I saw this in the notification center. It also shows a bell (alarm) icon to the left of something that has an alert that went off that you didn't open yet. Once opened the whole calendar event disappears off notification center. Love it

Much better Safari stability in this beta than in previous ones. I was starting to think my iPad was broken

983 Social notifications? Not bad... I've had 1294 before i restored.
Hoping iOS 5 will make it easier to dismiss them

Is this beta buggy?
Is it fast?
Is it worth it?
Because I had iOS 5 beta 2 and I felt it was a little slow. Also my iTunes was ridiculously slow. So I wanna know if the iTunes is faster also?