iOS 5 to be released as a free update on October 12th

iOS 5 is slated to be released as a free update on October 12th for current iOS users. This is a bit different than in the past where iPod Touch users typically had to pay a fee of $9.95 for major iOS updates.

This probably means the rumored October 14th release date for the next hardware version of iPhone is right on track. Software typically is released officially just a few days beforehand so the new hardware can come with new software straight out of the box.

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Allyson Kazmucha

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itslikecrackyo says:

Oh i hope an untethered jailbreak is available by then. I'm nowhere near ready to give up bitesms.

Chrisr says:

nope iphone 4S
no such iphone 5 animal in existence

Tmaleman says:

will it be available over the air? I don't have a pc (or mac) anymore :(

dloveprod says:

Nothing about a gm to developers?

Michael Beaver says:

Has it been that long since I just had an iPod touch, but I thought that iOS 4 came out as a free update to iPod touch users. In fact, I'm pretty sure the only update you had to pay for was iOS 3.