How is your iOS 5.1.1 battery life? [Poll]

Apple released iOS 5.1.1 a couple of days ago, and it included numerous bug fixes and performance improvements, so I have to ask -- how's your battery life? How's your performance? If you were having issues before, did iOS 5.1.1 fix any of them? Did it introduce any new ones? Battery life can be tricky. There are background tasks, push services, location services and features that make our lives better or more interesting and yet put a constant strain on our battery. There are apps that do fantastic things but for some reason can't be kept active or they drain power while we're watching.

iOS 5, the iPhone 4S and the new iPad have gotten even more heat -- no pun intended -- about battery life than previous versions of iOS and previous iOS devices. Does iOS 5.1.1 set everything right?

If you're using an older device, like the original iPad or the iPhone 3GS, was there any noticeable improvement in overall performance? Did it p

Vote in the poll up top and give the details in the comments below, and please include which device you're using, whether you did an OTA or iTunes install, and if you've had problems previously. If you're still experiencing battery life or performance issues, here's some help:

How is your iOS 5.1.1 battery life? [Poll]

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How is your iOS 5.1.1 battery life? [Poll]


I managed to get 10 and a half hours on my iPhone 4 with this update. I'm not sure if this amazing battery life will continue tho. Will redo a charge cycle and report back asap.

updated to 5.1.1 last night and unplugged at around 10pm, it was fully charged. Now is 1:49pm the next day, 81% battery life left.

I am having AMAZINGLY better battery performance than ever before on my iPhone 4S. I get 6-8 hours more now because of this update, I'm soooo happy.

I have yet to do the update however my wife said she noticed a colour improvement. She insisted her display appeared more vibrant. I'm guessing perhaps some settings were reset or modified.... She did it this morning so no word on battery life effects.

Same here. No improvements to speak of. Still have to use juice pack and car charger on a daily basis on moderate use. Really wish they would get it right. I have i4S and wife has the 4 and her battery life far out lasts mine. Realllly ready for apple to get it right. If not I am seriously considering bb on my next upgrade.

I seemed to get a little longer than normal battery life yesterday and I just assumed I didn't use my phone as much. I didn't attribute the slightly longer life to the update. I'll have to keep an eye on my usage and the battery life over the next couple of days. Has anyone noticed an improvement yet?

I have to agree that not enough time has past. Saying Apple released it "a couple days ago" is really stretching it. This post is 44 hours after the first post. Is that really enough time to evaluate the battery life? Also considering that many people (depending on timezone) may have already been partially into their battery use when they updated thereby making their use on 5.1.1 less than 24 hours.
Come on TipB (iMore)... We can disagree but I think a week would be a much more reasonable amount of time to pass before we start putting up polls on something so subjective. Disappointed in you.

I had a 4S with bad battery life for a while. Apple swapped it out for new hardware, and it was better. for about a month, then it went back to the 10% per hour even on standby. Nothing fized it until i did a restore from backup with 5.1 firmware. Priot firmwares didn't fix it, restore or not. I'm not sure what changed to make it worse or fix it, but it seems to me that 5.1 had something in it that repaired the problem on restore. The best hint as to what was happening wrong is this: look at Settings-General-Usage- Time since last full charge. When I had the problem, Usage was consistently 90% or more of Standby, even just letting it sit there after a fresh reboot. Whenthings are hunky-dory, Standby reflects powered on time, while Usage reflects time it's actually awake, or some background task is active (audio playback, gps, whatever). Letting it sit in standby should normally not cause Usage to increase. If you see these symptoms, try a restore with 5.1 or 5.1.1. It might help. Good luck and cheers! Keep up the great work, Georgia!

My iPad has read 100% since I updated yesterday. Of course this is a false reading since I have been using Spotify and web browsing. I restarted it and it still reads 100%. I updated my 4s and it has always had battery issues. as soon as I unplug it every morning it immediately goes to 98% no matter what. Sometimes it won't even reach 100%.

Wow, seeing posts that say people are getting 10 hours worth of battery life makes me stoked that my average is around 30 hours. Even then I am still on iOS 5.0.1 so I can keep my jailbreak.

I only got my 4S at the weekend, after smashing my 4. I was frustrated that the battery drained a LOT faster than my 4 ever did, but after updating to 5.1.1 last night, today the battery has lasted MUCH longer (down to 77% at 5.30pm, yesterday it was at 40% at the same time, with similar amount of usage) so I'm hopeful...

My 4s is still at 90% and i chrage/updated when the update came out. :) way better than before. It would be at 50-60% before update. I hope it stays this great!

I held off on my 4s to keep my jailbreak. I have learned to give the phone at least 3 days after any update, especially if you had any problems and had to do a back up restore. I don't remember exactly where, but somewhere in Settings>General you may notice a notification that the phone is restoring some settings and information. This really eats battery. I'm still on 5.0.1 and getting a full day (off the charger at 630am, at work making and taking phone calls all day, some net/app usage, home by 6-7pm with 30-40% left, on charge at 11pm with 20% or more left.)

My battery life has been the same, nothing has changed. Although I am usually on 2G with my iPhone 4S because I don't get good 3G signal where I live. So my battery actually is pretty good! Lasts me through my day, and that's all I need. If you use the iPhone 4S as a phone, and not a gaming device; your battery should be fine.

Same. Some time after the 5.1 release, battery life did improve slightly in my old '4', and it was already excellent. But that may have been because AT&T increased their 3G signal strength in my area. Stronger signal usually means less drain because the iPhone's transceiver doesn't need to use as much power to contact the network.

I noticed mine is better when I'm not using the phone. For example, after a full charge if I just leave the phone alone, the battery drop rate is much slower than before. If I didn't touch my phone after a full charge it would be at 90% after a few hours. Now it's 1% per hour. On normal usage I can't tell the difference though.

My camera roll photos got completely jumbled. Went to genius bar, and they were all stumped. Photo stream photos in correct order though. Ugh.

Really bad I must say.
I think the battery holds 3 or 4 times less then before the update from 4.x something. Even if all location services are switched off.

Its has been much worse on my new iPad. I can visable watch the battery percentage drop while I surf the internet. I used to not have to charge the iPad for a few days but I've had to charge it twice since I updated on Wednesday morning.

i updated and now my battery percentage indicator stays stuck at 100% after much use . 5.1.1 therefore sucks

ok it seems to be working now , weird, maybe battery is just simply thar much better

I'm not sure yet on batter life. It seems to go down to 1% fine now at least. Where with 5.1 it would power down at 25% battery. Verdict is still out.

Has slightly improved the battey life of my iPhone 4, on 89% after 17 hours, I have been connected to Wifi for the past 6 hours, hopefully should get back to 3 days usage like on iOS 5.0

On my 4S with 5.1 i could last the whole morning with 99-95 %, Now its only 9:42 am and it is at 86%, i used to plug it to charge at 12:00 am with 40% remaining and now it has gone down 3 points while writing this, is there any way to downgrade? I have restored it as a new iphone already and nothing has changed

After download 5.1.1 my battery degree more fast.
Apple please resolve this problem with baterry low.
Sent by Iphone4S

My battery is draining really fast now. It used to last about two days. Now it drains in about four hours. My phone is now unusable.

i have just downgraded my 4S to 5.1, i hope it goes back to normal, i really miss the battery autonomy it had, just download the 5.1 ipsw and in itunes do a shift+restore and select the 5.1 ipsw

I REALLY think the poll needs to include what carrier people are using since we are hearing dramatically different results. CDMA sucks the power down in really poor coverage areas as compared to if we added where you are, who your carrier is and what youar average signal strength is we'd know the facts.

I updated on sunday and charged my Iphone 4 same day (morning)..since then to today (Wednesday) It went from 100% to 30%!!..using it as usual. So I think there is something battery related with this update. It used to last no more than 2 days.

My 4s battery life was okay with 5.1. After the 5.1.1 update, it loses 10 percent per half hour with moderate use, and a fair amount just on standby. I did a restore to new phone, but no fix. Also tweaked some location settings. Still draining rapidly.

i dont know if i will upgrade or not. my iphone 4s is still running ios 5.0 and battery life is still very good, im still thinking if this update is worth to download or not, some of the post are positive feedbacks while most of it are negative..zzzz

Double the battery life on 5.1.1. Heavy use on 5.0.1 was 12 hrs, now 28 avg. I un-jailbroke to try this iOS upgrade and am actually happy I did. Phone is significantly faster, stays cool, and I don't have to turn off so many features to get excellent battery life.

This is on Verizon in a fringe area, with a verizon network extender.
Wifi is on all the time. With 5.0.1 I turned off network data at home, but now I just leave it on.
Hope that helps.

On 5.1, i could use my iPhone 4S for about 40 minutes before itll go from a fully charged 100% to 99%. About 1.5-2 hours of usage from 100-90%. Then I did a stupid thing and updated to 5.1.1 ... Now from 100-99%, I get 3 minutes.... Not even an hour from 100-90%.... This is all from similar usage each time. I have let my battery died completely then fully charged it again to see if itd help ... NOPE ... Hard reset ... NOPE... DFU mode restore ... NOPE ....
Wish I had my shsh blob saved for 5.1 so I could downgrade but I don't so I'm stuck with 5.1.1 until apple decides to fix the battery w/ the next update
Very sad :(

Finally the battery life is fixed after six months of battery drains. 100% at 6:30 am yeaterday and still 27 % after fair amount of usage of one and a half days. My location service is off, normal Internet usage average of 80 mins of call.

i got 4... 8gb.... 5.0.1 and jailbrokeee ... 3 dayd + 8 hours call + some play and music...
is it good ?

5.1.1 has made my 3GS shuts down at 43% BATTERY left. The phone just dies.
And I can't restore. The error message is the software in my 3GS is not compatible with the Apple Update I downloaded via iTunes.

Iphone 4s, lots FB, imessage, heavy browseing, occasional YouTube and AppStore and Gmaps and other misc loc based apps like yelp and weather, hourly email accounts x 2, playing games from time to time, a little bit of music and leaving apps on the background. My typical daily use after update lasts almost an entire day before needing recharge!
On standby overnight it drained only 2% with nothing turned off (loc service, apps) which is a drastic improvement from before the update (about 15% overnight)
I had to setup my 4s as New instead of from 3GS. That fresh install may have made a difference. But I definitely like this new update.

Before the 5.1 update i sometime don't charge my phone for days at a time and i would still have 20+% left on it. After the update if i use my phone for 1 hour and standby for about ~13 hour the battery life is completely dead. I wish i didn't update to 5.1.1.

I’m using i4 with iOS custom 5.1.1 on 2.10.04 with Gevey Sim, Jailbroken untethered with redsn0w. I was having serious battery issue after restoring to custom 5.1.1. I did some searching for solution and at first doing this helped, Settings>General>Date & Time>Turn ‘Set Automatically’ to OFF. Immediately I had a better battery life.
Further, I managed to get an original carrier sim and cut it to micro size for my i4. Used redsn0w to deactivate the phone followed by activating with the micro sim via iTunes and charging for an hour past 100%. That’s all, and now I have even better battery life !!
A full day mileage with moderate+ use. and 36-48 hrs mileage with normal/regular use. I have 24 hr data, 3G, location service and exchange email with iCloud push always ‘ON’, I have managed my notifications but basics are enabled though like weather, sbsettings, phone, messages, reminder, calender and mail ….. :D ….
I’m happy now. Hope this helps. Ciao.