iOS 6 beta links leaked, original iPad not supported

iOS 6 beta links leaked, original iPad may not be supported

Links for iOS 6 beta have been found online ahead of the expected official announcement tomorrow at WWDC. While the links aren't yet active, it gives us an idea of what iOS devices will be supported and it looks like Apple may be dropping the original iPad.

While there's been some speculation about what will be announced at WWDC 2012, the one thing that's certain to be announced and shown off is iOS 6. We also expect that Apple will release the first beta to developers soon after the keynote, which is scheduled for Monday, June 11th, at 1 p.m. EDT.

A chinese forum site online, has posted what may be links to the developer beta of iOS 6. When attempting to click the links, you'll get a page saying that your session is expired, even if you're logged in as a developer.

What's even more interesting about this list is the original iPad isn't on it. The iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS are all present on the list along with the 4th generation iPod touch and both generations of Apple TV.

If Apple plans on supporting the iPhone 3GS under iOS 6, the original iPad being dropped couldn't be placed on hardware constraints considering it's got better specifications than the iPhone 3GS. If these links are legitimate, a lot of users will probably want a reason as to why the original iPad won't be getting iOS 6.

Perhaps Apple hasn't posted a link for the original iPad yet. Either way we'll find out tomorrow. Hit the source link below to check out the leaked links and then check out our predictions for iOS 6.

Source: WeiPhone via MacRumors

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Reader comments

iOS 6 beta links leaked, original iPad not supported


IOS 5 made my 3GS soooooo sssllloooooowww. It makes me crazy. I have completely reloaded it a few times but it didn't make a difference. I am doing my best to hold out for the "new" iPhone. We'll see, not sure if I am willing to wait that long.

I think he is talking about iOS 4.0, which was initially a bit pokey on the iPhone 3G when upgraded from iOS 3.x.

Wwdc is tomorrow we should have a prediction page where we talk about things we hope to see or something. Not just a pole.

I'm not surprised that iOS 6 might not be supported on the original iPad. That sucker is slow enough with 5.x on it. Too slow, really, so I'd resolved not to upgrade it anymore, no matter now cool the latest software might be.
Now, if the 3GS is supported, that gives me pause on general principle, but that's all. Also, if a commenter is right and they were able to make the 6 work even more efficiently than 5, I'd have to reconsider.
But without a jailbreak, which now seems to take many months to materialize, I wouldn't be upgrading right away, anyway.

FWIW - I tried the "leaked" links, and edited it to say "iPad" vs "iPad 2" and get the same message. Same thing with "iPad 7" so not sure how much stock I would put into it yet, though it seems to make sense. 18 or so hours to know for sure.

Well, I won't be thrilled, but not surprised. I won't be able to update my kids (my old) iPad, but it works great for them, and not sure what they will add that they will "need" to have, anyway. I am sure the 3GS is being supported as it is still being sold as new, where the iPad (original) is not. There really isn't anything they need to explain. They are supporting all current hardware, plus the Apple TV2.

That is the big question with a full size Apple TV, will you have to buy one every three years, because it is no longer supported?
As far as speed, seems like the iPad 2 was quicker than the new iPad in some test.

I just got my Iphone 4 and that xxxx Is dope can't wait for ios6. My first smartphone was a android the Motorola triumph the pros were as follows , big screen qhd 16gb storage and front camera. And now that I have my iPhone 4 I kinda wish the screen was bigger that's about it everything else I really like a big plus is no more lag and taking out the battery holy xxxx

Who cares about IOS 6 on the iPad 1 unless it fixes the constant crashing with IOS 5.1.1 Totally hopeless memory management has made my iPad 1 completely frustrating and useless since the upgrade!! A quick Google search will show that there are thousands who are having the same problem and I really don't understand why no one isn't kicking up a huge noise about it. It is TOTALLY unacceptable APPLE!!! I have been a happy Apple owner for a long time, but the disdain that Apple have treated iPad 1 users with is breathtaking!!!

Cant wait for the announcements. Hopefully this time we will get a truly revolutionary os with better enhancements all around. I'm little tingling in my members to hear what Apple has in store for my ip4 and hopefully New iphone >:)

So many of these comments are really darn stupid. There's a damn good reason Apple wants to support the 3GS where it doesn't feel it needs to with the original iPad despite hardware specs. You can still buy the 3GS brand new pretty much anywhere. Imagine you went out and bought a shiny new (possibly first) Apple device after all the hype, only to find out that as soon as you get it home Apple has already forgotten about it. The iPad hasn't been sold new for a couple of years now. Also the specs may be higher but it's driving a much bugger resolution. It's not fragmented at all. Oh and iOS5 was a darn sight better than iOS4… and faster in my opinion as long as you weren't running silly number of apps at one time.

"If Apple plans on supporting the iPhone 3GS under iOS 6, the original iPad being dropped couldn't be placed on hardware constraints considering it's got better specifications than the iPhone 3GS."
This is a naïve assessment. In many respects the iPhone 3GS outperforms the iPad because of hardware specs. In particular the smaller screen is easier on the GPU.

As Grant and I said, has nothing to do with the specs. 3GS is still currently sold. Original iPad is not. End of discussion, and I would be surprised if it is even mentioned/explained. I also feel that the 3GS will get iOS 6.0, but may not get 6.1, etc.

No reason why it wouldn't receive an incremental bug tweak if it gets a full 6.0 bump

I still use my original iPad just as much as my new iPad, thanks to not being able to expand the storage on either device. I'm not ready for it to stop being supported. :(

3gs, 4 and 4s
iPad 2 and new iPad
Something tells me they dont give a crap about loyalty, they want to sell a new not off the iDevices train.

Finally... APPLE is showing it's true colours.. hopefully consumers will realize you are buying a product with a 2 year life span... keep APPLE RICH
I have 5 APPLE products.. selling them all,, even the new iPad 3.. it's almost 6 months old.. how much longer will this sleazy company support it..