Rumored details on iPhone 5 processor chip, GPU, other under-the-hood hardware

iOS 6 beta reveals iPhone 5 processor chip model, other under-the-hood hardware

Some details about the inner processor workings of the upcoming iPhone 5 have reached the rumor stage, including the next generation processor specs. We've already seen plenty of supposed leaks for the exterior hardware, but on the inside, 9to5Mac's Seth Weintraub says we can expect a Samsung 5L8950X ARM processor that is internally branded as the A5-***. 

The processor is a step up from what's in the new iPad, so likely dual-core and built with 32 nm process. The graphic processing chip is apparently a SGX543RC*, which doesn't exist in any official capacity right now, so not much to run on there. The leak also confirms 1 GB of RAM, which is a nice step up from the iPhone 4S. The cellular baseband is the same Qualcomm chip used in the new iPad, but it's expected that the final product will have something from Gobi that would be compatible with China Mobile's TD-LTE network.

Weintraub says iOS 6 is so far along that an iPhone 5 launch before the expected October window is entirely possible. Besides Apple's in-house maps app, there's apparently an all-new iOS app we'll see soon enough.

So that's a lot of juicy information, and combined with the shots of the external casing, we're starting to get a fairly complete picture of what the iPhone 5 will look like - provided it's all accurate, of course. Personally, I'm finding everything here is specific enough to be credible, but even so, there's a lot that's prone to last-minute changes before going into final production.  The main thing people seem concerned about is the 4-inch display, not necessarily going quad-core, or including LTE or NFC connectivity. What would you guys like to see under the hood of the iPhone 5? Is the iPhone 4S meeting your processing needs, or can Apple ill afford to release something with the same horsepower again?

Source: 9to5 Mac

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Rumored details on iPhone 5 processor chip, GPU, other under-the-hood hardware


Re: "We've already seen plenty of what the exterior hardware will look like,..."
It's always interesting to see how we progress from a post, report, or rumor that says what the new iPhone will "supposedly" look like to one that says what it "will" look like.

Nice photoshop image there, notice the headphone plug on the bottom is on the right side on both the front and rear view.. WOOPS

Where exactly do you see a front side? There are 2 back sides there... a black and a white...

Hopefully a July release again to go back to the schedule they used to for iPhones. Would live to see this compete with the sgs3 from day one.

I totally want to see LTE support, integration to Facebook, improvements to the GUI. Also, I feel like they need to enhance the current Out-Of-Box apps such as Mail, which, it is great but its integration with Calendar is poor and it is really hard to attach files, like Photos...

Ideally, I'd like upgradable memory. But I think it's safe to safe tO say we've reached the point where processor speed is no longer a big deal. I need a 4.5 inch or greater screen. Apple just doesn't seem to get it that that what really separates android vs iOS. Historically apple has manta ones the same screen for 5 years. It stands to reason the next 5 years won't any different. Perhaps apple wants you to use an iPad OT another tablet or PC for web browsing instead of the iPhone?

4.5" is a little big IMO, but to each their own. I'm fine with the 4" screen, but I hate that it's just taller. It needs extra width to make things like reading any better. All a longer screen does is let you see more text, not necessarily bigger text. It will be interesting to see how iOS 6 takes advantage of the taller screen. Other than screen size, I'm just looking forward to LTE. It just got turned on in my area and my MiFi is FAST now.

um, I don't know about you but I already surf on my iPhone in landscape mode....So wider is bigger. It actually limits how much you see down the page for me. As for those who want a 4.5 or 5.1 or what ever size. If that is your deal breaker, go Android. Apple is going to design to the masses. If the screen is much wider it make the keyboard more difficult to use and makes one handed operation harder..... for the masses!
The benefit is that it is easier for the developers if Apple keeps the number of different designs to a minimum and it allows Apple to profit from huge quantities of scale. Historically, Apple has figured out the compromises that match the desires of users (over all) and they let the others go their own way. It is a good business choice and works well for most consumers.

I don't think it's that Apple doesn't get it that some people want bigger screens, but rather that Apple doesn't want multiple screen sizes so they go with the one that's ergonomically correct for the majority of people.

So says you. I have a hard time believing that given the choice between a long and skinny 4' phone and a long and wider 4" phone, that most people wouldn't choose the long and skinny.

A choice between a four inch iPhone and a four FOOT iPhone?!
Why, that's no choice, at all. "I'll take the iTV, I mean four-footer."

The only hardware change I'd really like to see (other than those Apple clearly will not consider) is LTE support, and perhaps larger capacity. Regular spec bumps will make it a useful upgrade over my trusty-but-getting-long-in-the-tooth iPhone 4.

I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for a larger screen, a better mail app (multiple photos), a better calendar app (more than just a 'dot' on dates where you've put an event) and LTE. Maybe improved battery life too.

Joe hit all my points I want.
Ip5 with a slightly larger screen, bumps in processor speed, LTE, better battery life.
As far as IO6, we NEED a better mail app. It sucks. Why can't we have different signatures for different accounts? How about sending multiple pictures in an email? Or files? We need a file storage manager? So one could take files from an email, save to a folder or something, and then create an email and attach files from the folder, or photo, or whatever. I find myself wanted to just use my ipad when I travel for work, but because of those limitations, I need to bring my laptop and fire it up?
Also, we need a better calendar app? The one we have now is very outdated and not good?
Also, on a different note, am I the only one that has issues with how the calendar and the address book function together? When I click on an meeting organized by a person, and then click on the 'from' so I can pull up contacts, it usually takes me to the 'email' address part, and not the full contact? What is going on?

Oh, also add multiple logins for iPads? Our iPad was shared and it would have been great to different app screens and such for different people? I was forced to get my own, which is probably Apple's main intention?

You can attach multiple pictures and files to an email, and I do it all the time. Instead of clicking on the file, opening it and sending it as an email, you long press the picture or file and copy and paste it into your email. It requires you use the app switcher to go back and forth between email and pictures between each paste, but it is doable.

You can slso select multiple photos in one go from the photos app, then share them to email or whatever.

I don't understand. I send multiple photos by email all the time. Over 3G and everything it's really great.

Would like to see the mini dock connector go MagSafe. Sick of the metal-on-metal sliding with the current dock connector.
Agree that the A5-xxx chip will need to be at least as powerful as the new iPad's A5. Because of the (widely expected) massively improved Maps app with 3d etc. in iOS 6. This, of course, will be the perfect excuse for Apple to disable the 3d Maps feature on any iPhone before the 2012 model (and the 2012 iPad model.)
One thing about the supposed black iPhone prototype. If Apple wants to black out the metal band around the circumference, they'll either need to paint it or anodize it. Neither of which will survive for very long under even normal usage. The edges, in particular, will wear though and the underlying metal will show. And that kind of easily-worn-out design just isn't how Apple rolls.

All i REALLY want for the iPhone 5 is LTE. I would be very disappointed if it did not include it. I would consider not upgrading my iphone4 if the 5 didn't have LTE.

I think the reason nobody seems interested in LTE is because the feeling is 100% mutual from everyone. That means theres nobody debating or arguing about it like the screen size. I guarantee if the next iPhone doesn't have LTE about 99% of us verizon customers will be a little pissed.

so, when will the iPhone 5 released? will it be in july 2012? october? december?... will we have to wait till 2013??
anybody knows? what do you all think??

I'm going with October. Don't see them doing it before then. I think WWDC will be all about iOS, and Mac's.

all i want from my new iphone 5 is longer battery life that can last more than 2 days of heavy useage....that's all that is matter to me now! aside from that, the next one should have the following specs:
1) 1.5gz quad-core cpu
2) 1gb ram
3) 256mb dedicated vram
4) 16gb, 32gb, 64gb & 128gb variants
5) 12mpx back camera
6) 3mpx front camera
7) anti-oil, anti-dust, anti-smudge, anti-scratch screen
8) 1920x1080 full hd screen resolution
9) 3000mah battery capacity
10)4-inch led screen
11)at least 120-125 grams weight
12) same size with iphone 4s