iOS 6 Maps to support Yelp check-ins

iOS 6 Maps to support Yelp check-ins

Yelp was featured prominently in iOS 6 by way of the new Siri features announced at WWDC, but rumor has it that the review network's integration won't end there.  Documents recently issued to developers show that there will be a Yelp check-in option through Apple's new iOS 6 Maps app.

TomTom is providing the lion's share of mapping data in iOS 6, and though they have their own points of interest database, Yelp seems to have taken the reins for ratings, reviews, and photos of businesses. While Yelp is a great pick for those things, checking-in and social sharing isn't really what Yelp is best known for. If Apple had extended their newfangled Facebook partnership to have some kind of check-in through maps, it might be a bigger deal. Likewise if they integrated Foursquare or even rolled their own check-in solution for hundreds of millions of iOS users.

Of course, iOS 6 is still in beta, so we may see something like that before the iPhone 5 launch in the fall.

Neither Apple nor Yelp have otherwise confirmed the functionality.

How many of you use Yelp? Would a check-in option be remotely useful to you as part of the local business review functionality, or would your rather a more general, more popular location-based social network have their hooks in maps, like Facebook or Foursquare?

Source: Bloomberg

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iOS 6 Maps to support Yelp check-ins


How can you know how it tastes if youve never tried it ? ;) :lol:
Yelp is anything BUT FaceBook. Ive used Yelp many times to find some restaurants I wouldve never ever found. Its a very straighforward app with lots of honest reviews. Give it a try, then if you dont like it, it would make sense :)

Nice kurt. Way to be closed minded and ignorant. I dislike Facebook but yelp is that new yellow pages with reviews.

You are right Jose, I apologize.
From what I read of Yelp it felt like that people could see where you are, you could interact with those in your promoximity...etc, so that is why I was turned off as it felt like Facebook to me.... which I have used but no longer.

I would t use yelp to check in though. Social media check ins are for people who actually think anyone cares where they've gone or craves an audience that is really not there.

Apple Employee years ago..
"John, we need a fresh new idea to integrate into iOS"
"Uh, hold on, have to close facebook. What now? New integration? Easy, Twitter.. Bitches love twitter!
More Recently
"John, we need you again, go!"
"Look guys, I'm mayor of Apple HQ, suck it Bob. Oh new integration? Uh, yelp.. Bitches love yelp!

Re: "How many of you use Yelp?"
Tried it many years ago, but disliked it. It was like reading a really bad amateur blog. Also disliked their underhanded tactics, allowing restaurants that advertised with Yelp to place their favorite review first. And all the allegations of extorting businesses to advertise with Yelp. I hear that's changed. Good.

What is a widespread alternative tO get dinning tips. From real opinions and not professional critiques?

I love Yelp for restuarant reviews. I use it often when in an unfamiliar city or when I'm just looking to discover someplace new. The check-in feature is a very small part of Yelp's allure. I find the ratings and reviews to be very helpful.

Yelp is scum. My friend's pizza business experienced the Yelp Mafia. Don't know what it is? Google it. They may be trying to mend their prior sins, but they are who they are. Apple has made a huge mistake here. Entering into business with dirty people will not do you well.