iOS 6 Q&A podcast -- Live tonight at 6pm PDT / 9pm EDT / 5am BST

The best iOS podcast in the world returns tonight to wrap up WWDC 2012 and take YOUR questions on iOS 6. Just leave them below and we'll tackle them on the show! With special guest David Barnard of App Cubby.

We'll also have a fresh ZEN and TECH for you tonight immediately after, so stay tuned!

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iOS 6 Q&A podcast -- Live tonight at 6pm PDT / 9pm EDT / 5am BST


Why was there no update in iOS 6 for the home screen or notification centre on iPhone or iPad ? So we are stuck with the "NEVER"Changing Home Screen/Notification Centre.

Do you think Apple is keeping the Home Screen & Notification Centre the same way it was back in 2007 so the people that found it easy to use keep with Apple or do you think that they don't want to change it for a reason that they don't want us to know about?

It's been in the back of my mind whether Apple will still implement the rumored Silver UI throughout iOS in either later betas or when they release the final version. What other kinds of surprises do you guys think will not show up in iOS 6 betas before Apple launches it for the fall launch with the iPhone?

Yeah. I use street view quite a bit - to check if I have the latest address in my contact list. E.g. Writing Christmas cards "is that their latest address?".
"not sure, let me check"
Click on the contact address. Boom google maps. Boom. Street view.
"yes it is darling, look that's their house right?"
Anyway. Want walking directions and street view otherwise a big step back, and id be classed as a fanboy.
P.s. sorry about the booms.

How did Apple tackle the notification overload problem when you're surrounded by 3+ iMessage-enabled devices?
Also what do you think of the idea of flipping one "Do not Disturb" switch and all devices (iOS and OS X) in your WiFi network authorized with your Apple ID going into "Do not Disturb" mode automatically?

Can you go into a bit more detail about the linking of phone numbers to apple ids and how that works with FaceTime ? Will my iPad and mac ring if someone facetimes my mobile (cell) number ? That would "groovy" (as all the kids would say these days)

What happens to the sat nav when you lose data connection ? Does it stop routing or stop displaying the map ?

I pretty much expected Apple to tackle some of the sharing dilemmas currently found in ios 5 but I always thought they would just use the sharing UI they had already developed for the mobile iWork suite. I was kind of disappointed to see the UI they came up with at least to this point. Do you see them ever going back and changing UI design for official launches?
Also, the status bar has been something that apparently has been bothering a lot of us. It just doesn't see "Apple-like". However, specifically in the calendar app, the status bar starts out blue, and when rotating to landscape changes to black. This really doesn't seem "Apple-like". Any chance it's design that fully gets shown off with a larger iPhone and just can't be fully appreciated yet?

Right now in notification center we have a Stock, weather, and Facebook/Twitter widget, Do you think apple will open API's for app developers to put their own widgets there? Also i know apple added alarm clocks to the iPad but do you think we will ever see weather, stocks, or even the calculator app on the iPad? I'm tired of downloading 3rd party apps when apple can very easily add these to the iPad.

Will apple put a maps application on the Mac seeing now they develop their own maps or will they create a website that Mac and PC users can go to to get directions? Will This will cause more competition for google maps? And why did Apple keep the YouTube app if their trying to rid google from ios?