iOS 6 reportedly code named Sundance, more rumors about Siri API, Siri for iPad, iTunes 11

iOS 6 reportedly code named Sundance, more rumors about Siri API, Siri for iPad, iTunes 11

iOS 6 is rumored to be code named Sundance, continuing Apple's tradition of naming iOS releases after ski resorts. This according to MG Siegler at TechCrunch. Siegler also triple confirms the newly updated Maps app is coming in iOS 6, though he thinks the hype surrounding how good it is might be hyperbole.

Specifically, while the 3D functionality is cool, it’s also not something people are going to use regularly. Think of it like Google Street View — cool, but how often do you actually use it when compared to the regular Google Maps product? (Having said that, I still expect Apple’s 3D maps to be cooler than Google Street View.)

He's also heard whispers that Siri might be getting API access, meaning App Store apps could interface with it at some level. As to Siri on the iPad, just like iMore conjectured back in March, he's led to believe Apple is still working out the user interface.

After all, Apple is using the technology for the Dictation functionality found on the new iPad. They’ve just been working on what Siri for iPad will look like, I’ve been led to believe.

Lastly, he speculates iTunes 11, which he says Apple has been trying unsuccessfully to rewrite for a while now, may be getting close to a revamp and may bring some type of Spotify-like functionality. (Yes please.)

Siegler generally has good sources at Apple and has reported correct information in the past. None of the above sounds really farfetched either, and some of it matches what iMore and other sites have also been hearing.

And to think, WWDC 2012 is just exactly a month away...

Source: TechCrunch

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Reader comments

iOS 6 reportedly code named Sundance, more rumors about Siri API, Siri for iPad, iTunes 11


I use Street View often, especially if I'm somewhere and I don't see the business/place I am hunting.
I'd love to see great maps on iOS but Google should be ashamed of themselves if Apple beats them in their round 1 maps app. :-) Competition is good though so I hope they do.
iTunes 11 intrigues me. I hope they completely rethink it.

Re: "He's also heard whispers that Siri might be getting API access, meaning App Store apps could interface with it at some level."
This would be awesome. Can hardly wait for WWDC and the iOS 6 SDK.

If thats the notification center on an iPad, that is ugly. Far from beautiful like I've always heard.

Yes, that is the notification center. And yes, it iis ugly.
For whatever reason, Apple assumed this would look good placing it dead center. I personally think it looks disgusting. Some items appear good when displayed in the middle of the screen, but this isn't one.
The notification center should have been implemented slightly different fromm the iPhone to put a little difference between the two.

It's just a mockup. A mix of the real notification center and SIRI. The real notification center looks better.

Siri on the iPad is great. Too bad only the new iPad will get it if this does happen.
Apples in home mapping solution is going to be a great addition as well, if it includes voice guided turn by turn direction. If not, I couldn't care less. Beautiful maps with no direction is a serious waste.
And forget a iTunes update! I want something more than a new coat of paint, but less than a full blown re-construction. Just a remodel of the OS itself would be a relief.
Siri getting access to other debs and apps would be awesome. It would bring the functionality up to par with Speaktoit on Android.
Don't get me wrong, I know I seem like I'm not being very positive, but I want Apple to give me the best they have, not what they assume I need.

Notifications should have been put on the left side of the iPad. On another note, I tend to mumble, so sometimes Siri does not understand me, but dictation always understands me. Must be two different systems. For Siri to interact with apps would be fantastic.
Reference iTunes, I rarely connect to the computer with my devices. I use the iTunes on the devices to buy music, and the app store to buy apps. I hardly turn on the computer. I do keep iTunes updated, but only use it before an iOS update to make a backup just in case iCloud failed.

I see notification centre being reworked, especially on the iPad - you only need to look at the plans for Notification Centre on the Mac, it will be moved to the right like is planned for OSX Mountain Lion - it does look horrible how it is now (and one thing that annoys me - when in an app that hides the menu bar on the iPhone you can drag down to see the battery level, but this doesn't work on the iPad!)
Also I think with 'iTunes 11' we will see the end of the iTunes software. I expect it to be broken out into Music, Video and iTunes Store as it is now on iOS devices. It fits in with what they have announced with renaming Apps in Mountain Lion (iChat to Messages, adding the reminders app separate to iCal (sorry Calendar)).
Currently if you buy an iOS device, and then buy a Mac you use iTunes on the computer for Music Playback, Purchasing, and Video watching, playback. On your iOS device the App Called iTunes is just the store, the uses are split out. To someone new to the Mac, with the increased similarities between iOS and Mac, they would expect to have a Music app.
If you want to buy an app for your iOS device you have to use iTunes on your computer, but not 'iTunes' on your device but the 'App Store' this is confusing again. And if you want to buy an App for your Mac, you can't use iTunes but have to use the App Store on your Mac, where you cannot download iOS Apps for your other devices. Currently it is just a mess.
With everything moving to iCloud there is no need for iTunes to perform the management role anymore, it is just another consumption device. Previously you had EVERYTHING in iTunes, and then decided what went onto each of your devices. But now you can download anything on demand on each device, and this doesn't matter.
So I predict for the Mac:
App Store - Sections for iPhone/iPod Touch Apps, iPad Apps and Mac Apps - With developers allowed to give universal apps that work on Mac and iOS with one purchase if they choose.
iTunes Store - For music and Video purchase only
Music - Playback of music that works with iTunes Match and iCloud so you don't have to have all your music in your library all the time.
Video - As above but with video content
iBooks - Why isn't this app already available on the Mac? Providing your library and the store in the App
Maybe they will provide an iOS Device management app for those who want it as an optional download, but I see them really pushing the iCloud management of all your devices.
This gets a bit more messy on Windows, but it fits in with the direction they are moving in with Windows 8 and Metro, and splitting out apps to listen to music from the management of those devices. On the Mac it'll just be branded Music, but what would they call it on Windows? Maybe they will keep iTunes in its current form on Windows - will help them push the fact that the mac is more integrated and a better experience anyway. And the reason for being isn't as strong as it used to be as all iOS devices can be managed without a computer now.
For people used to iTunes the and know the way it works might not see the issue, but to anyone new it doesn't make sense at all! Whether they take this approach with the next version of 'iTunes' I don't know, I think so! But if not its the way it will go eventually.

And the maps feature will be solely on the new iphone just like siri was excluded from the 4 and older models.

If the new Maps app is going to be a tent-pole feature showcased @ WWDC for iOS6, I doubt it will be only for the next-gen iPhone. At the very least it will work on the iPhone 4S. The A5 processor should have no trouble handling it.

Well Siri ran fine on older phones as the app before apple took it away so they most likely will do the same for this since only newest model iPhone gets all the features of the new os

But Siri was a headline feature to sell the phone, you might buy a 4s over 4 because of siri, you wouldn't because it had a different maps app. The new maps app is more about moving away from using Google services.
Also although Siri 'could' work on older devices, there were new things that made it better in the 4S like the hardware needed for the raise to talk, as well as better Audio processing I think.

Apple will hype up the maps as something revolutionary like always and will make it seem like you need the new iPhone for it just like they did with Siri in 4s

iOS and Android. Need to do 2 major things. 1:  lockscreen notifications and social network info and alerts, like Intelliscreen x, and chameleon kickstarter.  Intelliscreen x does this really well.  2:  the phone dialer app, contacts, text messaging, and social networking apps integrated in one app with a great ui, and swipe navigations.  Im tired of opening up different apps to common communication tasks.  It's cumbersome.  These are the two major things I would like for both Android and IOS to include in their next major update.

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