iOS 6 rumored to bring Siri to iPad

iOS 6 rumored to bring Siri to iPad

If you've been waiting for Siri on the iPad as much as we have, you'll be happy to hear that Apple's voice-activated virtual assistant should make its way to the iPad at the expected iOS 6 announcement at WWDC 2012 this week. Rumor has it that everything except the phone functions will be available, including music handling, calendar assistance, reminder integration, web search, and all of the other wonderful stuff you'd expect from Siri. The layout will apparently be a little bit different, given the screen size. The Siri icon will apparently slide up from the bottom followed by a pop-up window overlaying your current screen.

On the downside, it's likely that only the new iPad will be eligible for the new feature. The source of this rumor brushed off any notion that Siri depended on a particular microphone in order to work properly, which is good news for those with new iPads, but that also serves as a painful reminder of Apple's leaning towards force obsolescence. Yeah, they have to keep selling iStuff, but it sure would be nice if they offered better support for early adopters when it comes to cool features like Siri.

Siri made its first baby steps into the tablet world with the new iPad's dictation engine, though it was a far cry from the full-blown virtual assistant introduced on the iPhone 4S. One would hope that Siri would be able to graduate from beta status before finding its way onto the iPad, especially if the celebrity ads are vastly misrepresenting its capabilities.

We've heard that Siri would be coming to the iPad before, so it's good to have the rumor doubly confirmed, especially right before WWDC 2012. Have any of you really been itching to get Siri on your iPad? Is it something you use regularly, or just a fun gimmick? How stung would you be if Siri wasn't made available for the iPad 2? Is the voice recognition quality good enough to be a serious concern at all right now?

Source: 9to5Mac

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Reader comments

iOS 6 rumored to bring Siri to iPad


I never got the "Siri Craze".... I talk and listen to people all day, I rather not talk or get a response from my phone. Quiet time is golden...LOL :)

Yeah, I was figuring that. I have an iPhone 4... a close friend has the 4S. Today I asked him how much he used Siri, he replied "never".

I jail broke my iPad and installed Spite (A Spire port for 5.1.1) then used my Siri keys from my 4S and Siri on the iPad 3 works perfect, so I don't see why they shouldn't add it.

You don't see why they shouldn't add it how about the false advertising the commercials are purefiction for me it hardly ever works in general cant usually connect

The thing is its there, nothing's making you use Siri, adding it to the iPad 3 would just be a bonus seeing as they never aimed to sell the iPad 3 just because of Siri.

You think your funny "bro" I was simply putting forward my thoughts, go troll somewhere else.

I must admit, I won't be too fussed about not having Siri on my iPad 2. I only use it when I'm driving, on my 4s. But it is a warning that the beginning of the end is oh so slowly looming.....

Adding new features for new iPads isn't forced obsolescence. Its just business. The iPad you bought three years ago will continue to run as well as it always has and do all the things it did when you got it.
Forced obsolescence would be if the old iPad suddenly stopped working. This is not the case.

I really hope that there are features to iOS 6 that haven't leaked yet and are a little more interesting. Because as of right now, iOS 6 is kinda boring. Siri on an iPad 2 or 3 doesn't impress me. It barely works on my 4S so just adding more devices to the server will hardly help the "beta" and its features. I never realized so many people wanted Facebook integration. I didn't know going into the app was that much of a challenge. I rarely use the Twitter integration. I want the ability to compose a tweet or status update with no pic or website attachment w/o going into the app. That's what I want with "deep integration." And as far as 3D mapping..again, kinda boring. If it's gonna be a data hog it's gonna mean squat for those on 2-3GB data plans.
Again, I really hope there's more to this update.

If this is indeed true, I'm happy about it. I still have the iPhone 4, but I know I am one to adopt new things. Having this on my new iPad will be awesome.