iOS 7.1 code suggests Siri coming to the Apple TV

Apple TV

Digging around the iOS 7.1 software developer kit has revealed that we may be seeing Siri integration with Apple TV. The code refers to Assistant, which is Apple's internal name for Siri, in relation to device family 3, which is Apple TV.

It's unclear exactly how the feature might be implemented, but even if it's something as displaying results on the big screen when an AirPlay connection is active, that would be good enough for most folks. If you wanted to get creative, this could indicate a new Apple TV with a mic built into the remote, but that's entirely in the realm of speculation.

How would you guys like to see Siri used on TV? Would Apple be able to do it with existing iOS devices, or would it need new Apple TV hardware?

Source: @bp_unicorn Via: 9to5Mac

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kch50428 says:

If only they'd allow one to shuffle a playlist of video content... I'd like to put my collection of Warner Bros. cartoons on shuffle on occasion...

arin.failing says:

Do you know of a way to even just have the next video start automatically, once the previous one finishes?

kch50428 says:

Just make a playlist... that works fine... you just can't shuffle a video playlist like you can music.

arin.failing says:

Great tip! I didn't know you could do that. Thanks!

dalaen says:

Can't you make a video-playlist?
It's a serious question, I don't know myself and never tried, but it seems you can do it on iTunes. :)

kch50428 says:

Indeed... on the AppleTV, you have to go into settings under the Audio & Video menu and set "Show Playlists" to 'All' so that video playlists will show... once you do that - it's as easy as hitting play on the first thing in the list, and it runs until the list ends, or you stop it manually.

dalaen says:

Oh my bad! You actually said "playlist" in your first comment, I read wrong.
I just assumed too fast that as soon as you had a playlist, you could shuffle it as well.

Let's hope this feature (and a lot of other ones) will be added soon. :)

Craig Schober says:

This is of obvious for existing Apple TV and iPhone/iPad owners. Run the remote app and say the name of the program you want to watch. Then the iOS device and/or your TV will display all matching names and you choose.

The only question is will this be the only interface for what AppleTV will eventually have to become? I hope there's more.

wdfly says:

great, now i can talk to my appleTV and have it not understand a damn thing i've said. siri is a nice idea but i fails to understand what i say 90% of the time.

iFunbags says:

90% of the time...seriously?
If that's actually true then I'm guessing humans have the same problem understanding you that Siri does.

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uwatto says:


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asuperstarr says:

Thanks for sharing, we will have to see what happens. This would be a nice feature to this device. They just have to get Siri to work and recognize speech.

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Hollyw0od says:

If it works to play things from Hulu, HBO Go, or Netflix along with your purchases that would be ideal. If it's strictly iTunes media, I doubt I'd ever use it.

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