iOS 7.1 battery life the same or worse than before say iMore readers

Battery life

A week ago we ran a reader poll asking about your iOS 7.1 battery life, and we've had some interesting results. A full week after the update came out, we'd all had a decent amount of time to discharge and recharge our iPhone and iPad batteries and get a better feel for whether or not anything had changed. Battery life differs from person to person, and in our sampling it looks as if the bad press on the issue may have had some standing.

About 22.5% of those surveyed said their battery life was in some way better than before the update. Not so bad, but then compare it to 34% who saw no change and a combined 43% who said that they're seeing a negative outcome. Of that a quarter of readers surveyed said it was "bad, slightly worse" than before. More than all the folks who said they're seeing any kind of improvement.

The battery life issue got some very public reaction, and honestly while I can say nothing has changed for the worse, it's clear that you guys definitely feel there is an issue. Take a look at the full breakdown in the chart below. But now that the dust has settled a bit more, would you change your vote another week on?

Poll results

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iOS 7.1 battery life the same or worse than before say iMore readers


I have a 5s and my wife has a 5 and we have both noticed a significant drop in battery life, I would take my phone off charge and within 10 minutes it would be down to 95%. I need to play with some settings to increase my battery life, I think there is a guide on this site somewhere.

If you can and I know this is sort of like the "nuclear" approach back up on iCloud, reset the device and set up as new.

I let my 5s run down to 0 and then waited about a half hour and charged it all the way to full. Still drains quite a bit faster, even after turning off some location services. Tends to drain allot faster when I'm in areas with low or no signal but I think that's normal? Other than that loving 7.1.

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I did that and saw a slight improvement. I recently however did a reset, without restoring from icloud (I know that sucks). But the problem seem to be fixed. Today constant use for podcasts while I worked, then I went jogging so Runkeeper was on, made calls, sent emails, and now 16 hours later I am at 15%. Not bad.

Within minutes of unplugging, I drop 2%-5%. I've let the battery run right to 0 twice now with no difference. I may need to try doing a clean install, as suggested.

Is there a way for me to reload just phone numbers?

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Within minutes of unplugging, I drop 2%-5%. I've let the battery run right to 0 twice now with no difference. I may need to try doing a clean install, as suggested.

Is there a way for me to reload just phone numbers?

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The battery performance after upgrading is awful. I used to be able to, on airplane mode, fly from the us and London, listening to music all the way. It might burn 5%. Last week, after upgrading, I took a 2 1/2 hour flight, closed all apps, listened to music and burned 35%. Sorry I upgraded. Better quit typing before I use all of my battery life.

Same here. After updating to 7.1, I just made sure that all the settings I have were back to before I updated it.

Worse iPhone 5S! I already contacted Apple, I don't know it what I was told is real but this guy from Apple care told me that apple already know about this and that we will get an update next month to fix this

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Mine was MUCH worse on my iPhone 5. I did a full erase and reset and it is better than it was before 7.1 now.

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Mine was worse as I posted before, once I decided to download the ipsw and restore via iTunes everything got way better, even better than before ios 7.1 was relesased. It is a pain because you have to re-install all your apps and put all your music and files back in the device, but it is worth it.

If you ask me the OTA update is just a little patch compared to the whole ipsw which is over 1gb. Sometimes I get to lazy and don't want do a clean install even knowing that the outcome will be better.

One more thing, if you decided to use your backup after deleting everything use a backup from iCloud instead....that's what one of Apple Store techs told me.

I am very,very happy with my iPhone's battery life.

Have two 16 gb iPhone 5s
Did my wife's over the wifi

Battery life was extremely poor

Did mine via hard connection to my iMac and iTunes

Battery life much better than before

Reinstalled iOS 7.1 on my wife's using the same hard connection routine

Battery life now great

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It may be a placebo effect (or I'm just using my device more thanks to the speed improvements) but it does seem to drain slightly faster than before. Have a 5S and running the latest OS. Other than that, REALLY enjoying the update.

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Seems to have impacted battery life negatively IMHO. I'm having to charge my 5c by lunchtime now

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Maybe I'm just lucky, but my battery life increased. I'm on 7.1 on a 32gb 5s and I'm a heavy user of my phone. Always on it texting, emails, and of course my hayday game, and I can't complain at all. I was charging once throughout the day at work and I don't have to now.

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I can say it has improved coz pre 7.1 I had the animations off coz of the parallax effect. Now I have the animations on and the parallax effect off and still I get the same battery life as pre 7.1. Sometimes even better.

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It was worse for the first week or so.
Then I completely wiped the phone and did a clean install and setup from scratch.
Now it seems to be good again.

I have 2 Ip5 , 1 Ip5s and 1 5C. All updated OTA. the 5's and 5s battery has worsened. All the more over a roaming network. 5C couldn't get accurate details,since mom's use is not much anyways.
I refuse to change my settings using any " battery saving tips" , nor do I want to install using itunes,since OTA is an option provided by Apple and I feel it is the same as updating via iTunes and then restoring backup files. I will wait for updates from Apple.

My battery has been worse after the update. I updated via .ipsw over iTunes, setup as new, and restored via iCloud. I have also drained my iPhone to 0% and fully recharged it. I know that it has been worse because my normal routine every morning has seen an increased drop in battery. I live in the UK, but from the US. I watch NBC Nightly News every morning while I get ready for work. This is already downloaded when I wake up while on the charger overnight, so my phone is at 100% before playing any video. Before the update I would be between 95%-90% when walking out the door. Now I am consistently 10% lower (85%-80%).

I don't think this is placebo. Only because it is a normal routine for the first hour of every morning, and for the most part, a controlled environment within my house with wifi.

It's not your imagination - I lose twice as much battery on standby overnight than before 7.1, so it can't be just a change in usage pattern. Interestingly, I am also in the UK - I wonder what the spread of shorter battery life is geographically? I've seen plenty of US owners saying their battery is fine or better.

I'm beginning to suspect an issue with location services and/or carriers, since I reset settings, then wiped and restored, then finally wiped my 5S and set it up as new and *still* see much shorter battery life.

I have an iPhone 5s 32G and the battery life is worse !
I thought it was related to my 4G now that I'm using it. I went back to 3G and the battery life is still pretty bad.
Seems like the only way to save some battery is to restore the iPhone as new iPhone, but what a pain to do that !

I have an iPhone 5s and since the update via OTA my battery life has been reduced. Before after a heavy day of emails texting and Face Book I would have by 8pm maybe 30-35% but now it's ready for charging.

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So far the only iOS 7 release that had poor battery life for me was v7.0.6. Everything is fine under v7.1 and maybe even better.

When I first upgraded to 7.1 I noticed a significant drain on the battery. However, in the past few weeks, my battery life is now as good as it was before the upgrade. Not sure what happened but it is significantly better now.

My iPhone 5 started dying on me at 25% after the update. I have used the tips on this site to increase my battery life (disable app background syncing, iCloud backup and erase, drain-recharge-reboot, etc.) The battery life is still horrible, but at least now it'll drain down to 1% and then croak but only after disabling LTE and using only 3G. Just pitiful because I'm having flashbacks to when I had my HTC EVO, always having to turn off my 4G. Gasp! My iPhone is acting like an Android when it comes to battery life.

What I've noticed with each iOS 7 update is that Bluetooth is enabled by default after each update. I can't remember if that was true with previous versions of iOS, but I didn't notice it at first and I'm sure that was the reason why my battery life seemed way worse.

Literally the moment I turn the radio back on from Airplane mode, it's dropping. It did not do that before this update. I have restored as new (not from backup) since the OTA update and it's just as bad. It's like my phone is constantly connected to something even though no apps are on, and I have nearly any battery sapper turned off.

I've seen a drop in battery life in my 5s. Feel like I can almost watch it drop. But my iPhone 5 ( that I use as an iPod now) will play music out the speakers all day why my 5s is in the work truck and they have equal battery % hopefully there's an update soon.

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Either way, I have to plug my phone in around 4 every day at work...
That's with 0% every night, no location or bluetooth or wifi on.
It's absurd.

But, it's been this way since the iPhone 4S and 6.0...(been this way, but I now have a 5C)

Until they make a phone with a battery that can last a full 12 hours, I will be keeping my current iPhone.

While I used the 7.1 betas my battery life was solid. Now on official 7.1 I still have great battery life. Anyone experiencing crappy battery life try removing your media from the device and putting it back on. Sometimes the corruption of data somewhere in there will have a negative effect. I usually hook up to iTunes and then un-sync music, movies, tv shows, books and pictures. Then reboot the device and sync the music, movies, tv shows, books and pictures back onto the device. Reboot again and usually that is enough in most instances when my wife has had issues with battery life.

Not just the battery but there is something wrong with the safari browser. Keeps constantly crashing. 1st time I'm having this issue since iOS 7 was introduces including all the betas.

When I updated to 7.1, I turned reduce motion off, just to see how much better the animations are. When I did that, the battery life got worse. Then I turned it back on, the way I had it with 7.0.6, and the battery life is back to being the same. Have other people noticed a bump in battery life with Reduce Motion turned on?
Settings, General, Accessibility, Reduce motion.

I tested my iPhone 5S again yesterday. Off charge and without being used it only moved down a couple of % over several hours (97%). Then I checked my email and did a quick shopping list and the battery plummeted to 52% in way less than an hour. I have noticed significant loss of charge previously (since updating), but took particular notice yesterday.

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The battery on my iPhone 5 is horrible it doesn't even last an hour on heavy use it sucks, I can't wait till I can get iPhone 6 to get a better battery (Hopefully) as long as it is a bigger screen (5 inches) to get me to stay with Apple, better battery and a big screen, if not see you Apple.

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My iphone 5 worked great for a year, then I upgraded to ios 7

Now if I don’t use my e-mail, listen to songs, use google maps or any apps, download anything or use the phone for anything but calling some one a full charge will last 4 hours. It short the upgrade DESTROYED my phone.

It is a good thing Steve is dead, because THIS would kill him.

Is anyone running Apple anymore? Who did this????