iOS 7.1 beta 5 now available; developers, go grab it!

iOS 7.1 beta 5 now available; developers, go grab it!

Apple has released iOS 7.1 beta 5 to developers. If you're a registered iOS developer, you can download it from the Developer Center or over the air on an iOS device with a previous beta installed. To install over the air, go to Settings > General > Software Update, and hit Install.

Source: Apple Developer Center

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iOS 7.1 beta 5 now available; developers, go grab it!


Because the betas don't often go beyond release 5 before they are made available to the masses. So, it won't be long now.

That's exactly what I'm hoping for. Like the swiping at the lock screen some time glitches and frequently control center won't swipe from the bottom which is the only gesture to activate it.

If the .1 update only fixed those two bugs I would be more than delighted.

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I hope they fix the bug where my phone has a 38% charge, dies like it ran out of juice. Shows the charge "icon," won't turn on unless you plug it in or wait 15 minutes. Anyone else have this problem?

Take it to an apple store. They can run a diagnostic on the phone battery. Wife's was doing the same thing. A 100% is reality an 80%. Replaced battery with new one. Problem gone.

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My wife had the same problem. Died at 30%. Almost as if the phone thought it was 0% when it was at around 30%. Apple replaced the phone in our case because it was less than a year old.

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I feel it's more software related. I'm at 18% and running fine. I did a hard reboot once I got it up and running again and it only seems to rear it's ugly head from time to time. I don't even know.

I just hope that it fixes the random iPhone 5S crashes, lags and App Store "update" icon although it won't let you update. Then I'd be satisfied. Just an overall iOS 7 improvement. Still seems that it wasn't ready for the wild just yet. Here's to a better iOS 8 (raises glass).

I'll rather jailbreak than update. I heard 7.1 kills the evasion jailbreak. Trust me, your device will feel like brand new :D

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I can't wait for the release to the consumers. I'm getting excited! Hopefully this will fix the reboot issues.

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There is a non-disclosure clause. Suffice it to say that I don't see anything earthshaking in 7.1 on my phone for the last few weeks, but there are some nicely modified Apple apps that make them nicer to use, especially Calendar. Some bugs definitely need squashing in beta4; hopefully fixed in 5!

Am I the only who's hates the blurred screen during calls on ios7..? I miss how previous ios's used to actually show the wonderful contact photo I chose as the call background like every other OS on the planet... Or is there a way to change this. Believe it or not this and the circle style buttons are my only gripes.

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