iOS 7.1 beta now available for registered developers

Apple has placed iOS 7.1 beta up on their developer center, which means registered developers can download it now and start testing it for use with their apps. A matching version of iOS beta for Apple TV is also there, as is Xcode 5.1 developer preview (DP).

Since the content of the iOS 7 beta is covered by Apple's non-disclosure agreement (NDA), we can't report on what, if any, new features it contains. However, if you're not a developer we can and will caution you to stay away from betas. They're not released to the public because they're not meant for the public. As to general availability, it will depend entirely on how many betas Apple decides to release. Typically Apple releases a few, which means anywhere from one to three months.

If you are a developer, go get it!

Source: iOS Dev Center

Rene Ritchie

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iCarabma says:

Is this weird? This seems weird. Is it bound by NDA?

It's got to be more than bug fixes or it would just be 7.0.4


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Bill_Johnson says:

7.0.4 came out last week.

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worknman says:

The dumbest part is that you can do a simple Google search and find out what's new, so I'm not sure how/why Apple thinks they can keep it a secret. This *IS* the Internet, after all.

jsntrenkler says:

Very cool, looking at it now in the developer portal. Unfortunately the NDA prevents feature discussions. I'm downloading now.

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pepsijosh says:

Although iMore respects Apple's NDA this website does not

TiNuts says:

Doesn't this usually mean a new device around the corner?

rlhyde says:

Nope. IOS 8 will indicate a new device. This is just standard updating and refining of the OS.

TiNuts says:

Haven't iPads always come out on the *.1? ios 8 would be a new phone.

kataran says:

Outstanding a major release a .1 I'm very excited

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Lynx says:

Why does these releases always come out when I am at work and cannot download them lol. All I want is quick reply for iMessage. I know its a pipe dream and I know it wont happen but I can still wish can't I?

leocapot says:

I wish the public can test betas as well.

fightcrazy says:

You can if you know what you're doing. I'm a long time Android hacker but am not comfortable enough with IOS to attempt. I'm learning very fast and Maybe if I could grab another 5S for experimentation I may try that Beta OS.

Addicted631 says:

The public can test betas.... Pay the fee and you're in.

Becjr says:

Is it possible that educated guesses about what has been covered about iOS 7 so far could provide a hint about what we may not know we need to be updated via 7.1?

soritong says:

Running the beta on my device. There are definitely speed improvements but I'll leave the rest for the NDA.

Dionte says:

I like the code of conduct of this site. They never tell.

Hunter Harris 94 says:

I'm hoping they eventually allow the weather icon to display live weather information in a similar manner to the live clock app icon. I don't think they would do it with a .1 update but I can dream.

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streamlined says:

I know! I switched from a Windows phone and I miss my "live tiles" (although that probably wreaks havoc on battery life)

iTzMaf says:

Can't wait for the final release!

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NickA says:

To the people clamoring about the NDA: You realize your comments are anonymous, right? The Apple police aren't going to come and get you.

To those who want the beta: Pay the 99 bucks and get a developers account (and a Mac).


Becjr says:

Should we even expect anything "Wow!" or more like, "meh."?

alex2364 says:

Hope they fix the crashes in my iPad mini retina!

BeyondtheTech says:

Just got mine. What's crashing on yours? The App Store hangs a few times, but other than that, it's been smooth.

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vajrakagyu says:

Based on was has leaked, this should be a 7.0.5 NOT a 7.1 / Will wait to see what bugs it fixes and what features a new.

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rogifan says:

Based on what was do you know all changes/bug fixes have been leaked?

sir17reeder says:

Oh I can't wait! Wish you weren't bound to the NDA.

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Anthony Lipani says:

Lol give it about an hour and there will be 100 reviews and hands on on YouTube . Patients people

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Addicted631 says:

You mean "Patience"

"Patients" are people in hospitals. :-/

Yodes says:

Don't know if they know or just don't care about any NDA but the changes were listed on BGR

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Becjr says:

It's fun to see all this buzz about a x.1 update.

counterculture says:

I'm hoping for MAJOR updates! Particularly the slow animations when unlocking, exiting an app, etc. Hopefully visual changes too such as almost FORCING third-party apps to change the look and support of their apps (lol) but I hope wallpapers are fixed so that you can actually change the part of the wallpaper you want the parallex to show, etc.

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mulasien says:

Mostly bug fixes for now, hopefully more features worthy of a x.1 update will be revealed soon.

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g_diddy says:

Please fix the respring coming out of the lock screen !!

lv1 says:

Yes please do. It is the move and scale feature which was broken by IOS 7 so that photos can't be resized for the lockscreen or the wallpaper/homescreen

Joshua Webb1 says:

I can't wait. I hope it brings iTunes Radio to ireland.

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Guy4Tech says:

Interesting. OsX 10.9.1 is seeded and then an iOS 7.1 is seeded. I'll have to look at the portal and see what the buzz is about.

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Vonner says:

Does anyone know if the ability to filter music by album has been restored in the music app? I do not mean by using the "Album" option, I mean for example, go to genres, then from there be able to view all albums (you could do this in iOS 6). Currently it's only broken down by artist at that level. That is the only thing about iOS 7 that annoys me.

Vanti says:

The finally the update I have been waiting to here about the .1 update. In times past of ios the .1 update always seems to fixed all of the issues I was experiencing. If the 7.1 update just got seeded to devs it should be around January that the general release goes out right?

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Premium1 says:

Usually once it is seeded to developers it will be out within a few weeks to general public depending on how many betas they are going to release first & (unless they come across some bug that would hold it up)

Premium1 says:

I'm interested in the ability to change to a dark keyboard. Is this a sign of apple finally opening up a little more and allowing more choices than just the one option for everything?

Kelvin De Jesus says:

When is iOS7.1 is coming out for the public?

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kch50428 says:

iOS6.1 came out in January of this year following it's introduction in Sept. 2012 - expect something similar for iOS7 with dot 1 coming out of beta after the new year until Apple announces something otherwise.

clipps99 says:

I'm pretty excited for this release. I'm hoping they fix some random reboot bugs and the whole software on the iPads are so slow

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ReVu30 says:

I hope Apple does some heavy testing on this update before releasing it to the public.

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RoboWarrior says:

Hopefully Apple makes the music app more like the remote app. In its state, it's pretty pitiful. I wouldn't like this to be another 6.1.

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BeyondtheTech says:

I hope the make AirDrop cross-compatible with Macs in this release. That, plus the ability to disable the swiping gestures in Safari. I'm constantly going to the previous page when I'm just trying to pan around the oversized page.

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Sarcone says:

I hope they fix the Safari crashes and allow us to resize wallpaper like we could previously. I can work around the wallpaper issue, but the crashing is driving me nuts.

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bradenbarker says:

I'm really curious to see any new features/fixes. It's always good to see Apple rolling these out as quickly as possible.

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zdn1042 says:

I went to the thread thinking It'd be interesting to check what changes will be made to 7.1. And bam, no info. I guess it makes sense that they can't announce it yet to the public. Oh well, a month or two isn't that long anyway.

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ljpuk says:

Great to see some integrity here, it's an NDA for a reason.

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Tyler Y says:

Yeah, go iMore (unlike some other sites)

Ken Vrijland says:

Previous beta's were installable without the need of a dev account/registered device.
Is that also the case with this beta? My account expired yesterday. :(

airjordanxx2 says:

You can update with dev account. Don't restore just upgrade, that's what I did with me iPhone 5S. With my iPad mini I did restore completely

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airjordanxx2 says:

If anyone of you are from Apple dev. Tell them not to remove the block user from contact in the phone book. That option is not available with iOS 7.1 "that is one of the best feature of iOS 7 :'(

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jaleelhamid says:

Block option is still available in contacts on ios 7.1

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airjordanxx2 says:

Yeah thank you I saw it after I posted this, the thing is that I was looking at those people I already blocked and it don't give you the option to unblock it within the contact like before, now you gotta go to settings and look for the block list to select who you want to unblock

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jaleelhamid says:

Really? That's weird I always had to go back go settings to unblock hmm

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Tyler Y says:

Why is it NDA when you can easily find out by searching for it? That's dumb, Apple should know by now tht they can't keep secrets, it's not really any use trying! Oh well, seems like it isn't much anyway from what I've read elsewhere.

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avokodo says:

Wish I has a dev account in times like these.

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Ipheuria says:

The iPhone 5 had two different models but the 5s has two different downloads with like six different models. WTF Apple lol geez way to confuse us here.

iJONTY85 says:

I already heard about its new features. I can't wait for the update. Hopefully it fixes the iOS 7's performance on iPhone 4, and it fixes the battery drain.

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davjaxn says:

Looks like Apple is slowly but surely giving more control over all the swooping, sometimes over the top, flashy movements and screen transitions in ios7. I like he eye candy bit not alway necessary so to have that control is nice. I wonder if putting the controls for it in Accessibility is a way to not have to admit some of the transitions are over the top but also give users control.

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Love the ability to control "light / dark" keyboards.

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Pat Trudeau says:

Even in it's first iteration the iOS 7.1 Beta is very much about polish. This should really be considered the iOS 7 GM.

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gcardona says:

Looking forward to this update, I personally prefer the black keyboard to increase the contrast with the new all white theming around the complete OS

jbaez3018 says:

This is great news for Jailbreakers :D The next solid software update = Official iOS 7 jailbreak release! Maybe? Hopefully!

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briti12 says:

This iOS has caused battery drainage. It may just be my phone, but my phone is really messed up now. Hopefully more bug fixes in the future.

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