iPhone 4 owners: Has iOS 7.1 improved performance?

iPhone 4 owners: Has iOS 7.1 improved performance?

One of the features Apple lists for the just-released iOS 7.1 software update is "Improved performance for iPhone 4". That's great since previously performance on the was bad enough it had many people desperate to downgrade. That's nothing new, of course. The bottom end of the upgrade list is often excruciating on the x.0 and picks up on the x.1 or x.2. So it was with the iPhone 3G in its day, now it is with the iPhone 4. So, is it really any better?

I've tested iOS 7.1 on my circa January 2011 white GSM iPhone 4 and it does seem to be markedly improved. Where before it would stutter and stammer and otherwise force me to practice my deep breathing and dude-abiding skills, now it's noticeably better. It's not iPhone 5 fast, of course, but it's as acceptable as the iPhone 4s was at least.

If you've updated to iOS 7.1 on your GSM or Verizon iPhone 4 let me know — is it still bad, is it about the same, or has Apple finally delivered unto it some much needed relief?

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iPhone 4 owners: Has iOS 7.1 improved performance?


I installed it on my old iPhone 4 that I use as a Google Voice home phone and it is definitely much improved. Animations are smoother/faster and scrolling is quite responsive. I think they've got it about as snappy as they can with the hardware limitations of the device.

Performance is much better, before this update you really has to practice patience or meditate. Now its feels more snappier and responsive

Still some lag for me when swiping through screens (especially after unlocking the phone), but I do see some improvement. A few apps (native and downloaded) appear to open faster, while others (I'm looking at you Facebook) are still too slow for my liking (which is why I use Paper).

Haven't installed it on my iPad 2 yet since it's performance has been fine as is.

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That problem you have with Facebook it have nothing to do with iOS 7.1 it is the Facebook App.

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It's a bit snappier, but (since I haven't seen this elsewhere), it kills one of my favourite text editing features of iOS, so I am pissed off anyway.

Previously, (only power users know this), you could move the cursor around in Pages or Notes with special gestures that allowed you to jump one word at a time or one letter at a time. Since messing around with cursor placement is a nightmare on iOS, this improved things dramatically when you do a lot of writing. This has now been completely removed for ... unknown reasons.

This is something that pisses me off about Apple products in general. They are always changing things behind the scenes, removing functionality, etc. and they never say why and they never give you a setting to get the option back. Something I used hundreds of times a day is now gone for no apparent reason at all.

I don't know of this feature but AMEN to the unhappiness about apple removing functionality. They aren't very good at giving you options and they love to remove things in their softare and not tell you and worse not give you options.

Speed is greatly improved. Before iOS 7.1, Facebook would take forever to load. Now it does what it supposed to do! No more lag or stuttering. Everything is much more zippy. Finally I can use my phone.

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I have an iPhone 4S. I've noticed overall system performance is massively enhanced. Also, the folder animations (opening/closing folders) is sped up - this is good, I was considering disabling it like on my wife's phone.

In addition, the overall performance and reliability of app execution is much improved, as well as keyboard use.

The performance is improved with my iPhone 4S.
There is 3.6GB of free storage space. But I found my iPhone free storage space left 2.61GB after the upgrade. "Other data" before I was 2.5GB, after the upgrade "Other data" is 3.1GB.
So I have to clean up my iPhone with CleanMyPhone.
Why my iPhone free storage space will decrease after the upgrade every time?

The iOS 7.1 update has improved the performance of my iPhone 4 where animations/transitions and most processes are concerned, but it crashes the Notification Center almost every time I swipe down from the Lock Screen to view the day's events and notifications. A soft reset, nor a restart have corrected this. I am curious to know if anyone else can identify/replicate the same problem.