iOS 7.1.2 expected to fix issues with email, lock screen, and iBeacons

iOS 7 update

The next update to iOS won't be the substantial iOS 8 — instead it'll be bug fixes in the form of iOS 7.1.2. Apple has been testing the incremental iOS update for at least a month, though until recently we couldn't tell you what might be inside it. Now we have a better idea: bug fixes, as one would expect from a 7.1.X update.

According to MacRumors, the public release is near:

Apple has apparently asked carriers to sign off on the update by Friday, June 27, indicating that a public release could occur the following week. According to sources, the build of iOS 7.1.2 does indeed address the email attachment encryption issue, as well as a bug in downloading emails. Also included in the update is a fix for a lock screen vulnerability that could allow access to "limited apps". While we can't say for certain, Apple may be referring to the "missed call" lock screen bug publicized earlier this month.

Additionally, iOS 7.1.2 is reported to improve iBeacons connectivity and third-party accessory data transfers.

No OS is perfect, not even iOS; which bugs, glitches, or annoyances are you hoping Apple will fix with iOS?

Source: MacRumors

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iOS 7.1.2 expected to fix issues with email, lock screen, and iBeacons


I always continue hope that Apple will figure out how to prevent spinmeisters from taking a bug in iOS or OS X and turning it into an End-Of-The-World, Hair-On-Fire, How-Could-They debacle.

But I suppose that’s too much to hope for.

lets hope that it patches whatever vulnerability i0n1c reckons he found in 7.1.1 so he can stop teasing us and release his jailbreak

I occasionally experience a duplicate email bug, a little annoying at times, but killing the app and waiting for a while usually fixes it.

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I send more than 3 pictures to email clients for my job. Wish they would fix that.. Have to insert photo, instead of just checking the pictures you need to send.

So many bugs, where to start?OK some of these are missing features but they're so obvious I see their omission as bugs :

1) ability to delete songs which have auto downloaded from iTunes match without having to force download them first.
2) ability to delete whole albums / artists etc at a time
3) ability to delete songs from within a playlist (so I can use the smart playlist which lists big songs when I need to make room)
4) ability to use Bluetooth keyboard while filling in forms to connect to free wifi services which redirect to a web page to sign up before connecting
5) allow me to slide up the overlay (swipe up from the bottom) when the keyboard is on screen in certain apps - including text messaging.
6) fix the issues which too often see the phone "reboot" to the Apple logo.
7) fix the unloading of apps I'm in the middle of typing something into when I briefly have to switch apps so I don't loose my typing - I know you have to do memory management, but there are times when you unload apps too aggressively.

Just a quick selection of the many things I'd love to see fixed which annoy me frequently - there are many more.

I long since stopped telling Apple about faults in their products Since every time I've tried reporting reproducible bugs to Apple, they've sent me round the houses and refused to acknowledge it is a bug (even when I can tell them step by step how to reproduce the fault on any device). They maintained a pretence that a bug didn't exist in OSX and FCPX with the iMac 27" with a particular graphics card for 3 months and about 50 emails and phone calls (even after I did get that one refered to the FCPX specialist and they could also reproduce the issue) until eventually they updated OSX and FCPX and the problem miraculously stopped - and even then, they refused to say it had been a bug.

I know quite a few on my list are "fixed" in iOS8 but I very much doubt I'll see them before then.

If I use the camera app from the lockscreen I get a crash when I try to tap on the most recent photo thumbnail and have to restart my phone every time. It's very frustrating!

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