iOS 8 beta 2

iOS 8 beta 2 for iPhone and iPad now available for developers!

Beta 2 for iOS 8 has been released through Apple's Dev Center or through on-device updating. There are a bunch of new features included in iOS 8, and developers rely on these betas to make sure their apps are good to go for when iOS 8 goes live for the general populace this fall. The first beta launched alongside the original announcement a few weeks ago.

Family Sharing, custom keyboards, and Wi-Fi calling, are just some of the new goodies to look forward to.

Devs, are you seeing the new beta? Noticing anything new? Any non-devs willing to risk having wonky performance on their daily iPhone to enjoy the bleeding edge of iOS?

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iOS 8 beta 2 for iPhone and iPad now available for developers!


Lots of apps are affected. Do not install a beta on a primary device. If you do, you have no room to complain if apps don't work. Forewarning, a lot of them will have problems.

Can confirm. Lots of apps were crashing for me, apps I used daily like Runkeeper and a few others (Runkeeper wouldn't even launch). I had to go back to iOS 7 just so I could use my phone.

Another warning for those wanting to try: Once you install iOS 8, it will convert your iCloud backup to iOS 8 and if you go back to iOS 7, you will not be able to restore that backup. It will only work on iOS 8. I lost all of my data this way and had to start fresh.

Ah the perils of trying the latest and greatest. Honestly, there doesn't seem to be a lot there worth upgrading for anyway, at least until Yosemite. The only thing I really used was the reply to SMS from notifications.

When you say "converts your backup to iOS 8", couldn't you avoid this by turning off iCloud Backup before installing iOS 8, and not turning it back on whilst iOS 8 is installed?

Yeah, I suppose. But I used it to restore my iOS 7 backup to my iOS 8 beta build and I honestly had no idea it would do that at the time, thus why I'm warning people.

If I'm not mistaken, you can restore with an iOS 7 backup, but if you have icloud backup enabled once iOS 8 is installed your backup will then be an iOS 8 backup and you won't be able to revert that backup to an iOS 7 backup if that makes sense.

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I'm pretty sure this is what I said in my original post. Having already been through the process, I'm quite familiar with how it works.

That is not true. You still have your old ios 7 back up from the last saved back up if you save via Computer. I have gone back and forth on beta 1 and 2. No issues.

Know what you're doing before you do it helps. And MORE importantly, don't make a statement if you don't know what you're talking about because you'll mess someone up.

You can not recover an iOS 7 backup on iOS 8. And yes it will be overwritten. Sure you can keep an iOS 7 backup in iTunes and downgrade but anything saved while using iOS 8 is a wash.

PS: Read before telling someone they don't know what they're talking about. Nothing myself or simon said was inaccurate.

I was going to ask what wasn't working because my Whatsapp seemed to be working. However, today it seems to have died...

I believe it is different.
Wi-Fi calling will go through your carrier's servers (not talking about their network, talking about their servers that process the calls).
Facetime Audio goes through Apple's servers.
Quality should be the same in both cases.

I'm a non-dev but I always test out the betas. Beta 1 was pretty smooth for me. Only had issues with Tweetbot and Two Dots (the game) as far as apps go. Settings crashed at times and the new keyboard has some random issues. Looking forward to Beta 2.

I had issues with Tweetbot 3 on iOS 8 as well, but it seems the team knew about the bugs and pushed out an update. Now it works just as flawlessly as before :-)

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Apparently Apple's also installing the Podcasts app by default as well. Not cool, especially given how most people (including the iMore staff) seem to feel about it.

That's the thing though. It's not just installed (so I guess I should have picked better words), it's built in, like music or video. If you want to be rid of it, too bad.

I see the update to beta 2 on OTA so I'll update when I get home and get on wifi. I can second the Tweetbot bug but the Tweetbot devs have fixed that. Looking forward to some performance updates, hopefully. I'm not a dev, I'm just an anxious and risk-taking iPhone user lol.

Mine took awhile for it to show up. I just kept going back into settings and checking and eventually it showed up :(

Anyone know if any mainstream social media apps work or mess up on ios 8 beta? Tempted to update but need to know if my mainstream apps will work

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You can expect some to work in one beta and not the next. Happened to me a few times last year where an app i used a lot was fine in one release and busted the next. If you depend on anything it's best not to do the beta.

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Tweetbot, Twiiter, Feedly, and Facebook work. I would venture to guess that most of the apps that worked in the first iOS 8 would also work on this one. Also almost none of the apps that failed to work in the first iOS 8 would magically reappear in the this one. It would be up the app dev to make it work. For instance, Chrome, ATT, and Home Depot haven't worked on either version. Tweetbot only came to life as the result of dev work.

I am non-dev and use iOS 8 on my iPad retina. Whenever I see bugs, I check the dev forums and add to the bug reports. As it is now, all the apps that worked in iOS 8 beta 1 work in iOS Beta 2. Tweetbot, Facebook and the Facebook messenger app work on my iPad retina. I don't have the beta on my iphone 5.

So far its pretty solid. My app runs in it, thats what Beta's are for, right? As for new features I haven't heard anyone mention the location awareness to store apps. For example with the Home Depot App or Starbucks app installed, I get a new little icon to quick launch that stores app in the lower left hand corner of my lock screen. check it out.

It's still the same. I believe if you receive 2+ texts right after one another, the app will freeze and you will have to delete the chat. I also notice, that when you go from a chat window, to the main window, that when the keyboard disappears from the screen its in landscape mode, no matter which way your phone is turned. This is kind of annoying me, because I am constantly on Whatsapp. However, this isn't an Apple issue. The dev's need to update Whatsapp.

I know, Whatsapp rarely updates, so who knows when they'll update for iOS 8.

Downloaded beta 2 via OTA, but it won't install. Every time I hit install, it goes through the process and reboots, but then tells me that I have a software update available and it turns out that the beta did not install. Anyone know how to fix this?

Technically I'm a non-dev, but I am learning Swift. Beta 1 had a few minor glitches, like the settings app sometimes closing as soon as I opened it and a few personal hotspot issues. Beta 2 seems to have improved these though. I will let everyone know what else I see wrong.

Oceanhorn crashes on splash screen and I can't get the bug reporter to start, I sign in and it crashes... That's what you call irony

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