iOS 8 might offer adjustments to Notifications Center and Messages, better communication between apps

iOS 8 might offer adjustments to Notifications Center, Messages, better communication between apps

It appears that improvements to Notification Center, Messages, and more might be coming in iOS 8. Among these improvements is the removal of the Missed section of Notification Center, with missed notifications being combined with what is currently called the All tab. For Messages, users may be given the option to set message threads to auto-delete after a certain time period, freeing up storage space. It also appears that Apple is working on better inter-app communication, allowing them to share data without the need for a workaround, according to Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac:

Apple is said to be working on and testing functionality that would allow apps from the App Store to better communicate. An API is being developed for apps to be able to share data. For example, a future photo editing application could have the ability to push the edited content for upload via the Instagram or Facebook apps. The debut of the API has been in development for the past couple of years, and it had been removed from the launch version of iOS 7 last year for unspecified reasons. With that in mind, it is plausible that Apple could, again, choose to hold back the functionality.

Other changes appear to be the removal of Game Center as a standalone app, as well as improvements to Voice Memos and CarPlay. What more would you like to see Apple do in these areas? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: 9to5Mac

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Reader comments

iOS 8 might offer adjustments to Notifications Center and Messages, better communication between apps


I'd like to see a "mark as unread" option for text messages and voicemails to help my feeble mind remember to get back to them as we can do with emails.

Need improvements with weather information via notification center and still can't understand why they added "Missed". They should get rid off it as soon as possible

I hope they are planning many more improvements to notification center besides just getting rid of the missed tab. Collapsible and actionable notifications would be very nice. Real weather info that is consistent in the info it gives you and glanceable.

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I want Apple to open up other aspects of the OS to developers.

So for instance with the user's permission an app could utilize the lock screen. Or have interactive widgets in the notification center. Or interactive notifications that wouldn't require you to stop doing what you're currently focused on. I am also still stuck on the idea of being able to expand an app's icon to turn it into a live tile like experience.

Multitasking also needs a ton of improvement. I want to be able to zoom out and see ALL the open apps. Often It is faster to just find the app on the home screen than it is to search through a days worth of open apps.

Oh, and the dynamic wallpapers should be open to developers as well.

That won't happen. Apple won't allow that much of the experience to be able to be changed because they will say it would "harm" the experience.

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I would love to see you a quick reply kind of like on Mac OS. I would also like to see some gesturing to more efficiently navigate the OS similar to the ones we see on iOS for the iPad.

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Finally!! Welcome to 2014 iOS! (Can't wait for these updates)

From a dev perspective, I'd like better tooling for the iOS 8 UI changes, whatever they may be, and improvements on current UI tooling.

As a user, nix Springboard or at least revamp it completely to give me much more control.

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I think it's about time Apple incorporated quick reply/quick compose for Messages within Notification Center. iOS 8 has to be the software version to add these features. It's getting harder and less stable to jailbreak, and QC/QR is THE reason to jailbreak for me now. I feel like it's the last (almost) unanimously-used functionality tweak left from JB community (btw, thanks Intelliborn for all the hard work you've put into ISX7!).

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+1 Amen on the quick reply/quick compose. I just want quick compose/reply and for Siri to have offline dictation etc, then I'll be satisfied!

I would like to see 'Select All' in the mail app so you can delete mail far easier. The current edit and then tap down the inbox is tedious IMO. Even in OS X deleting mail is too much effort. 'Select All' is way more easy.

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Guess I wasn't quite done with mail app. It would be great for them to fix mail once and for all. Not sure but it seems it's had a lot of issues since iOS 7. In iCloud mail doesn't clear across devices like I think it is suppose to. So better syncing between my iMac, iPad and iPhone would be great. It has been a lot of hit and miss. Also others have had problems with Gmail I've been having problems with the Comcast mail client not deleting across devices and on the iPhone not going to trash. Maybe it's my fault but something isn't working as it should. So def mail app needs some work.

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I'd love a "clear all" option in Notification Center and the ability to swipe away notifications. Hitting the "x" then "clear" is too cumbersome and counter-intuitive given all the gesture based commands introduced in iOS 7.

Attachments for mail! This is killing me and I know other people let is send attachments in emails not links but the actual attachments like blackberry does.

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With regards to messages, it would be nice if there was an option to show the timestamp for each message, instead of swiping the message to the left to see the timestamp.

What about dark theme option for iMessages or other bright native apps?!? I don't think the "less white" option in 7.1 makes such difference when texting iMessage in dark areas! It's a pleasure using Tweetbor IN dark areas also thanks to their lovely and comfortable night theme, and also with a practical shortcut (two finger swipe up/down). I'd REALLY request this for iMessage. And mail! And why not night theme in Apple maps also? And then I mean NOT only when in directions (like now). And what happened to the dark keyboard? Too buggy? Well, just fix it! Anyway, more apps are getting a dark theme option and Apply should apply them too...^^

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Oh and what about slighty animated app icons? When I mean "slighty" it schools my be constant since it will drain battery. At least for the weather app icon would be nice, real time we agree display!^^

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I would love for them to make the buttons bigger while typing text!! Make them a little wider at least.

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I'd like to see Apple incorporate some of the ideas that IntelliscreenX has introduced into Notification Center. Their jailbreak has really added features that make the most of Notification Center.

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I added weather to the calendar. I like to look at the month, and see the weather for the next several days. Notification center looks at it like an all day event. I also agree, missed needs to go. I do not believe I have ever found any information in missed.

I'd like to see a redesign of the Music app with a Cloud/ Device division just like Amazon Cloud Player (and the Kindle IOS app).

I would like to see an icon in the status bar to indicate I have notifications. Not necessarily the apps icon, I would be happy even with just a symbol that means notification in notification centre. I find the app badges ugly.

Another change I would like is an option to change 'today' to 'this week' so I can see calendar events for the week and weather for the week.

Hands free Siri. I know Google Now does that, but Apple can make it way better. And also a read back feature would be cool.

Notification centre in iOS7 is too text heavy. Weather can easily be shown in a glance friendly format with icons for example, instead of the two or three lines of text we have now.

I'd also like to see widget support. If apple are unwilling to provide Google Now type functionality, then open it up and let Google do their thing.

They should have added chat to Game Center app. And I still want a files app so I can edit a file on my ipad and upload it to a web site for school.

I would like for song titles to be displayed via the flip down notification so I can see what is currently playing without having to touch my phone.

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Can't understand the point of the 'missed' section. I'd prefer the use of badges to work more on apps. Don't know why you can't get badges for calendar events. I'd prefer that more than notification centre in some cases.

Quick reply with more and easier integration from Siri. Siri should also be faster. She takes forever to "think".

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Need to use icons to show weather rather than the multiple lines of text. In past iOS I could tell at a glance the weeks weather. Now it's read several lines and even then it's just for that one day. Also a Clear All for notifications. If they don't get rid of the Missed Tab in Notifications, then let notifications you've not cleared remain there until you do clear them. Otherwise it's a useless function.

Has this affected my gmail? People are now not receiving mail I send!! What could be causing this? It was fine before the update.

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