iOS App Store will update apps automatically, offer location and age categories

iOS 7 App Store

The App Store is getting a hefty update in iOS 7. Today at (WWDC 2013)(""), Apple announced that all updates will be updated automatically, so you won't get spammed with notification icons anymore. This isn't unilaterally a great thing, though - sometimes features are removed from apps when you update them, and savvy users may still want the option to manually update. It's probably safe to say this is going to be convenient for most folks, though. There are also some new app categories on the way, so it's easier to discover content based on age and even location.

There's a lot of new features in iOS 7, and we're plowing through all of 'em in the wake of our WWDC 2013 keynote liveblog.

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iOS App Store will update apps automatically, offer location and age categories


I almost always update immediately, so this is largely a good thing. I have had a couple of apps where I purposely kept an older version. Hopefully, Apple would allow that to be user-configurable, though giving the user that level of control seems out of character for them.

Same here, I usually update mines as soon as a see an icon on my app store, but then again like you mention, the end user to have that option on or off. This should b a great update, my wife's has at least 32 apps to update :(

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I should have clarified -- I suspect Apple will allow it to be configured totally on/off, but what I would like to see is the ability to set auto-updates on a per-app basis, so that I could get the auto-update goodness on most apps except for a couple that I need to freeze at a specific version. That level of granularity is probably more than Apple wants to offer users.

I am sure you can have a choice. You may not want to update, because your device may not support the latest update. Some apps advised to do a backup before updating to new versions. I usually update my apps, but after checking the reviews of the update, to see if there are bugs. Some updates have made the app unusable.

I'll be ticked off if they don't let me opt-out of auto-updates, at system wide, if not per app. I generally update immediately, but would like the option for some apps that have a history of crappy updates. Maybe a switch in each app's settings. update aka cannot use cracked versions. That or those who update and App, say Pandora, and they put a new dumb pay feature in it and you're stuck with it...

Good and bad I guess

I can't opt-out of this fast enough. The last thing I want happening all day while I'm out is apps constantly updating.

If I'm not mistaken Podcasts was a kind of test bed for this functionality. Now it wasn't pretty when it first came out but over time the bugs have been worked out. I know in Podcasts they do have granular control over whether your subscribed or not, and whether auto updates will take place over cellular or Wi-Fi only. Hopefully that is how the app store will be.

In theory this is very convenient, but in practice many apps break, have features removed or annoying new "features" added so I'd prefer to continue to update manually. I have a whole bunch of apps that I haven't updated for a while precisely because of that, e.g. Evernote. I also don't want automatic app updates to eat into my limited data allowance. I seriously hope this can be switched off or at least limited to wifi only.