iOS in the Car discovered buried in iOS 7.0.3, shown off on video

Developer Steven Troughton-Smith did some digging into the currently shipping version of iOS, iOS 7.0.3 — not a beta! — and found iOS in the Car, something Apple announced back at WWDC 2013 in June but isn't shipping until laster this year. He notes in the YouTube description:

  • Supports Multiple Resolutions
  • Supports touchscreens (presumably single-touch?), hardware buttons, wheels and touchpads
  • Does not support multitasking - car display will always show same current on-screen app as iPhone (which can be locked/asleep)
  • Whitelisted to specific Apple apps - no public API for developers [yet?]
  • Has no keyboard UI - voice recognition as input
  • UI clearly subject to change
  • Missing functionality in video is due to iOS Simulator not containing all the stock iOS apps

A type of bi-directional AirPlay, iOS in the Car will let Apple project their interface, and receive data back, from built-in displays from a slew of upcoming automobile manufacturers. Beyond that, I'm still hoping for iOS on the Camera, iOS in the Home, and much, much more from this technology in the future.

Check out the video and let me know — what do you think of iOS in the Car?

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iOS in the Car discovered buried in iOS 7.0.3, shown off on video


Would love to see this happen. At the moment, it beats any interface most, if not all have brought to market.

The newish Lexus interface is awesome. It has a mouse on the divider that is so natural

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Am I the only one who thinks a car company siding with one company, be it Google or Apple, is a bad thing? Basically they're telling anyone who doesn't use an iPhone (or at least not as their primary device) not to buy this car. I'd understand that I can't get the same experience as Apple won't make an Android app, but am I correct in understanding that I can't even get music or whatever to play? Even basic who's calling functions?

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills...

I'm also put off by this. And then when the car is a few years old and no longer supported, is the entire nav/audio system useless?

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My guess is if you don't have iOS, you can still use the GPS as you can in any car right now. So you aren't any worse off then before and if you have an iOS device, you have more options than previously. I would also venture that in the long run, their mapping will be compatible to more than just iOS--have to start somewhere.

For those of us that don't have anything more than standard odometer/speedometer/gas meters, IOS in the car is absolutely useless. A "Car Mode" on the iPhone itself would be much more useful.

I bought my Hyundai Veloster Turbo 2013 back in October and I know Hyundai is one of the partners for iOs in the car so i'm hoping it's available as a software upgrade for my car because I would love to have this :/

In my car they have what they call CUE. It's looks good and works great! The feature that's missing is texting and emailing on the go.

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