iOS in the Car reportedly launching next week — anyone up for a new Ferrari, Merc, or Volvo?

iOS in the Car reportedly launching next week — anyone up for a new Ferrari, Merc, or Volvo?

Apple's iOS in the Car is reportedly set to launch next week. The bi-directional feature that will let you bean select elements of your iPhone's interface — like Maps, iMessage, and music — to your in-vehicule display will initially roll out in partnership with Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, and Volvo. That's according to Henry Foy and Daniel Thomas of the Financial Times:

The official announcement of Apple’s deal will be made at next week’s Geneva Motor Show, sources told the Financial Times. A number of other manufacturers are expected to incorporate it into models in 2014. Apple, and the carmakers declined to comment

Even though I won't be buying a new Ferrari any time soon I'm incredibly excited by iOS in the Car because I believe it will one day lead to iOS everywhere, and person-centric computing beyond that.

Since Apple won't be making their own cars any time soon — sorry Tesla rumor-mongers — nor anything outside their narrow focus, nor will they be licensing their operating system to other manufacturers to load into their cameras, fridges, or other electronics, this feels like a way to get the best of both. To own the experience without having to become a sprawling conglomerate or barely-debugged stack of drivers.

But that's then, this is now. If the reports are accurate, anyone considering a new car and soon?

Source: Financial Times

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iOS in the Car reportedly launching next week — anyone up for a new Ferrari, Merc, or Volvo?


How about releasing IOS7.1 to hopefully, finally fix the rest of the issues with IOS7??

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WORD!!! 7 is by far the buggiest iteration of iOS to date. I have multiple crashes daily. And the white screen of death at least (AT LEAST!!!) 3-5 times a week. It's ridiculous that it has taken this long to address these issues. And of course comical to talk to "genius" bar ppl about it. Boy do they obfuscate!!!

Can't say I'll buy a car based solely on this but it'd be a factor. Hopefully Toyota or Honda gets it going in the next year or two.

Toyota makes more cars in one quarter than these three make in a year. Theirs is gonna be back a year to six months.

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Have there been any announcements about car manufacturers selling iOS in the car to customers who already have their vehicles? Buying a car for just that feature is not something I'm going to do no matter how much I like Apple.

I have found little backwards compatibility for "premium" car electronics in the models I have owned for the last 10 years or so. I would pay for it if it required a hardware update because I think it would be useful for me. I paid for an upgraded built-in bluetooth module in my current car.

On the other hand, I have asked for software upgrades on a couple of my vehicles, and the car manufacturers treat it like you are getting a new set of tires instead of a software update. Protip for car companies: Don't try to charge customers $500 for a GPS maps updates when WAY BETTER brand new GPS devices cost $250.

I nearly firebombed my customer survey from JD Power about my Chevy Suburban's entertainment system. The DVD and radio are great, but the GPS is total garbage. There are multiple options that are better than their version, and I responded that I used TomTom, Google Maps, and now Apple Maps, but that I would only use the built-in GPS if nothing else worked.

BMW is hands down the best at nav that I've seen or used. The display, the map itself, the route options. All of it. To borrow the words of the coolest high school truant ever: "It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. "

Well I have some questions now...
I own one Mercedes with factory navigation, will Mercedes make it possible to "upgrade" our navigations or do we need to buy new car to get it?
And will iOS in car use APPLE MAPS or some others, because if its with APPLE maps I would rather stay on my current navigation system!? :-D

Why LOL... My mom in her Nissan JUKE after one year of using it with factory navigation did received a letter from Nissan Switzerland for upgraded navigation system. After 3 days in service and 190 CHF she now have a bigger display and a lot more functionality like Nissan eConect and so on!!!

No thanks if it's Apple maps. It used to be a joke, the whole getting lost thing, and it still is a joke. It's gotten me lost three times since the new year.

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Am I still the only one who doesn't think *any* one company should have an exclusive chunk of my car? I mean, they're basically telling Android, BB, and WP (among others) to go buy another car. Or does iOS in the car work with non-Apple phones?

it only works on newer iPhones. People without iPhones will have to use the car's native navigation system ect.

Wonder how it will look in different cars? Ferrari and Mercedes are very particular and probably want theirs to stand out over Volvo's.

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I would love to add a car stereo with this capability- anyone heard about when alpine or pioneer might offer a product that *really* delivers this capability? Current offerings are a joke...

Apple has to start somewhere… And until it's more widely available I currently have the "poor man's iOS in the car" - my iPhone on the dashboard!

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