iOS 7 dots, OS X 10.9 wave, and more WWDC 2013 banners -- plus wallpaper!

iOS dots, OS X wave, and more WWDC 2013!

Moscone West is officially open for badge pickup for Apple's WWDC 2013 and it's been decorated up both inside and out. Here's a quick look at the design language Apple is using for this year's developer conference... and what it may -- or may not -- mean for tomorrow's keynote!

The banner up top is the one inside Moscone at the badge pickup point. Similar to past WWDC 2013 art, it's got the super-thin typeface mirrored by the year in Roman numerals. Gradients are present, layers abound.

For the first time this year, Apple has also decorated across the street from Moscone West with 5 large panels showing the Apple logo, stacked, colored, semi-translucent icon shapes (or roundrect shapes at least), and the slogan "where a whole new world is developing". The iPhone 5 event had old-style iOS icons stretched out. Does this have new iOS 7 icons stacked one on top of the other?

iOS 7 seems to be shown off only by the number 7, also super-thin, and set on a background of gradient dots. Not green felt, certainly, but not blasted clean either.

And OS X seems to be represented by just an X, still in the super-thin typeface, but set against a tidal wave.

No iCloud banner this year. Make of that what you will.

The WWDC 2013 keynote kicks off tomorrow at 10am PT/1pm ET. Be here.

Meanwhile, here's a quick-and-dirty version of the icon banner as wallpaper, Retina iPad sized. Just save the linked file to your Camera Roll then scale and crop to fit your device.

And one for OS X...

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iOS 7 dots, OS X 10.9 wave, and more WWDC 2013 banners -- plus wallpaper!


Change is in the air, expect a new beginning because the game has changed (7=1). Quick correction: no familiar cats, no X.9 number this time so 10.9 on server logs was an obvious ruse. I suspected that Apple was 'done' with iOS last year and that's why they didn't do anything new with it, 10.8 update was also a simple update that was probably conceived in 2011 so they had time to gather resources and prepare everything for this year. Finally a different approach.

Rene: If iOS 7 doesn't really wow us I will be jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge! We need some new UI "freshness" and functionality BADLY!

IMO, we don't need 'WOW' or 'freshness' at all. What we need are workflow advances and fixes to core functionality. Beyoned that, what would actually WOW me, would be some workflow leaps that throw iOS even further ahead, and improve my life/work.

All I can say is that the second the betas become available, I'm hoping on that! It's time for the refresh apple owes us. (;

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Finally it's right around the corner! Been waiting for this for too long lol

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Would love to see a "slate" color option on MacBook Air and/or Pro, and also the big iPad. The "slate" anodized aluminum on iPhone / iPad mini have paved the way, and it appears to be durable enough for use on bigger devices.

iOS icons stacked on top of one another…I think that could be really interesting. I'm very much looking forward to this weeks developments. I sure hope Apple delivers big this year.

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Maybe folders are (finally) a relic of the past on iOS 7. The icons within folders are far to small to recognize easily anyway. And maybe there will be a more attractive way of revealing the icons of apps than the current "split screen with dark linen background" method.

I'd like to see some new stuff, but; IOS is still my favorite mobile OS (I have android as well). IOS simply works and works well (for me).

I sincerely hope Apple will really step it up this year and execute the "WOW" factor big time this year. I have using iOS on and off since 2007, and one thing I am REALLY hoping Apple has done is to really have refreshed the iOS UI and added additional functionality. IMO, skuemorphism is old as hell now and I personally welcome and hope that a more flat, sleek look has been implemented. The iphone hardware is, and always has been top shelf (ok maybe not the 3G/3GS) and the hardware deserves and more sleek, professional, and clean looking OS to go with it. Just my 2 cents

I'm super excited as you can tell my profile pic says wwdc 2013, I have been searching for rumors since They announced the selling of the tickets. I just hope tomorrow is successful and is amazing and that ios 7 is just brand new not literally but yah. I think the other exciting part is what apples "one more thing" will be this year, Tim cool at d11 even said "we have a lot to show you" and "what Johnny has done and what we have done is utterly amazing" and you know we can expect hardware of anything really it's hard to tell. But it's most exciting to see iOS 7. I will be up and ready for it

I will be catching up on this after work, I'm quite interested in it. So my social media will be halted tomorrow so I don't see any spoilers. I hope it's awesome, and I'll agree with others here, iOS doesn't need a "wow" factor or "freshness." People just need to learn to like what works. People don't constantly complain about Windows, they just use it because it works. I honestly haven't seen much change to Mac OS over the years either, I'm not seeing complaints. So why the complaints for the mobile aspect?

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Two possibilities - the revamped iOS is so groundbreaking that Apple is skipping a minor update of OSX (10.9) this year and going straight to the finish (i.e. next step in Mac and computing as we know it). This would explain last year's weak software and the recent secrecy so they can release all of their stuff together (I'm also looking at you iWork/iLife). Rarely you have a chance to freely recreate everything and reintroduce it to the world.
The other possibility is that it's all false and we'll get a lot less from their system(s?) this year, in that case the wait would continue until 2014 and this update will be a fail. Why "a fail" ? Because Apple won't be able to completely reinvent their stuff this year and again remake everything the next.
So I believe the OSX era will officially end tomorrow and not in the next couple of months, no more 'familiar/standard/normal' iOS updates means no more OSX 'cat' updates for the Mac. It's a huge chance to scrap a lot of clutter and go all in and they won't blew it, Microsoft already has shown their cards and if Apple pushes the date further to muddle a bit longer with their proven (but boring) road then it won't be enough. Does anyone believe that OSX will get a separate special treatment next year and tomorrow will be a simple update while iOS will shine ? Maybe the Mac 'after OSX' won't get much attention at all or iOS will be sacrificed and Apple will risk the wrath of fans ? Which system will get the spotlight in 2013 and does Apple want to revolutionize both platforms separately ? Can any company completely remake two systems (one after another) without letting down their users ? Sure, we can always expect that iOS 7 'after makeover' will get a second 'deep makeover' in 2014 when OSX was supposed to get a makeover but with this approach Apple won't be able to deliver all the time (and that has happened lately - Apple didn't deliver and one feels inferior to the other). Aghhh, I'm losing my mind with this tension, time to pray to the tech gods for a positive outcome.

The purple icon with the white apple is the WWDC app. So that suggests that all the apple system app icons will follow a solid background color with a simple image in the icon for that particular app.

The "7" banner is showing the white and gray colors that are going to be used in all the apple apps. Simple, Clean minimalist design.

The "X" banner with the wave is for "Hanging ten" or because a wave is power, "X" stands for power.

As we all know, we probably won't see any mobile hardware. We may even see only minor upgrades to Mac hardware. The focus will be software. What I truly want from iOS is the ability to delete Apple apps and choose which apps to be my primary email, web, calendar, list. Maybe even have the inner maze that is Settings brought to the surface and improve access to things that are frequently used.

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Heavy sigh. I had a staff meeting today at work and we are receiving a strict new policy on using your cell phone during work, which means no under the counter surfing for me. Ill have to wait until 10pm EST to check the news.

Or go to the bathroom once an hour.

Not when it's still in pre-release/beta... keep your jailbreak until iOS7 is public, and jailbreakable...

Looks like we may disappointed with the non release of the iPhone 6 and the release of the different coloured iPhone 5s hence all the different colours on the banners supported by the apple logo!! Disappointed...

Also, that the WWDC sign and the "7" have the almost same colors in it? Is this a hint that the 5S will be available in colors like the iPod? I see that two ways: Apple does like to have a "common" across their products, but also likes to be able to tell them apart. Just bought my 6 year old a blue iPod 5, and laying face up, it is hard to tell it from my iPhone 5. But, with the passing of Jobs, we are moving into uncharted waters each time they have an "event", so who knows.