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Dots is a light, casual, and addictive puzzle game where players need to line up same-colored dots as quickly as possible. You’ve got a limited number of time or moves to gather up these dots by matching them, get bonuses for tracing closed loops, and once you run out, the dots you’ve matched can be spent on consumable power-ups. There’s also a local multiplayer mode if you want to see how your friends stack up.

There are three kinds of power-ups. Time Stop pauses the clock for five seconds, which are particularly handy when you pop them just before your timer is about to run out. The Shrinker remove a single dot from the game board, which can be handy when you're just barely out of reach for a big combo. The Expander removes all of the same colored dots from the game board, similar to what happens when you close a full loop in gameplay.

In-app purchases can speed your progress towards acquiring power-ups. In addition to game modes with limited time and moves, you can also challenge friends or strangers online to see who can get the higher score on a given set, or calmly play through a simple endless mode. Three different color sets and four UI themes are available for those that want to mix things up. There's an achievement structure in place separate from Game Center, plus Dots is fully formatted for both iPhone and iPad.

Dots is fun, sharply designed, and highly accessible - give it a shot!

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