iOS4 Jailbreak and unlock now live (with caveats)

iOS 4 Jailbreak and unlock has been released by the iPhone Dev-Team -- but read this before upgrading!

Alright kiddies, you've been asking for it, so here it is.  The Dev Team has officially announced their jailbreak and unlock for iOS4.

There's a few caveats though, you must:

  • Own a Mac (if you're a 3GS user, there is a windows solution for 3G users)
  • NOT have jailbroken previously with Spirit
  • Have a previously jailbroken device

If you have never jailbroken before and have upgraded to iOS4, you're out of luck (for now).  If you're currently still jailbroken on 3.1.2 (haven't used Spirit on 3.1.3), you're good to go. Most of the reason is that the exploit Spirit used on 3.1.3 has been patched. This will also leave out 3GS users with newer basebands that came stock on 3.1.3.  If you're an unlocker, once you are jailbroken on iOS4, you can proceed to using ultrasn0w in order to unlock your baseband.  It will work on ALL versions of basebands, not just old.

Questions about upgrading or whether your device is okay? Check out the Dev Team's blog before doing anything! And if you're wary, we'd recommend staying away. I'd assume a PC version will follow.  When that will happen is anyone's guess.  Have questions or concerns? Leave them below.

[via Dev Team]

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iOS4 Jailbreak and unlock now live (with caveats)


Appending to my previous post: Does this allow you to JB in the right situation if you're already on 4.0? or did I jump the gun and screw up? My 3GS was JB'd before.

I believe your information is wrong. The Dev-Team has released a IOS 4 jailbreak for Windows. Quotoing from the Dev-Team blog:
Update #1: redsn0w beta has been updated to hacktivate iOS 4.0 for iPhone3G (in addition to jailbreaking the iPhone3G and iPod Touch 2G). The download links for redsn0w 0.9.5b5-3 are:
•Mac OSX (x86)
For now, the redsn0w beta release supports only the iPhone3G and iPod Touch 2G at today’s 4.0. It’s still a beta, so you’ll need to let Cydia reorganize, reload, and update after using redsn0w.

@codecrusher I should've been more precise. I am referring to the JB for 3G users using the Windows OS. This article states:"There’s a few caveats though, you must: •Own a Mac"
And unless I'm not reading the Dev-Team correctly there is a IOS4 JB and hacktivate for 3G users using the Windows OS.

@Rey Yes you are reading it correct. If you have a 3G then you can upgrade with a PC using the new redsnow. If you are 3GS then you will need a Mac or a custom IPSW that someone has uploaded to the net.

"Own a Mac
NOT have jailbroken previously with Spirit"
Both wrong. I use Windows and have jailbroken using Spirit and my jailbreak + unlock of iOS 4 on my 3G using Redsn0w and ultrasn0w went without any hassle.

What baseband version number is the "good" one ón 3GS ? Mine came with 3.1.2, but is now jailbroken and on 3.1.3... Baseband 05.12.01??

@ascaris the “Own a Mac NOT have jailbroken previously with Spirit” only applies to 3GS.

@Ascaris: you're jumping to a wrong conclusion. What works for your 3G doesn't necessarily work on 3GS. The information on this TiPB post assumes your device is 3GS.

What if you have a 3gs with a mac and spirit but virginize your phone back to origanal factory settings with iTunes (not 9.2) will it then jailbreak

Well...doing it now, and I seem to be having, no success. Just hangs at the end and doesn't do anything. Stuck on "Restoring iPhone Software".

So if I am reading correctly my JB 3G on 3.1.2 is good to go? Besides backing up my cydia apps is there any other special things I must do?

As I have a 3Gs with the old bootloader, I can say that my JB went just fine this morning. As for the Spirit stuff, I think that the problem is if you have the new bootloader and couldn't JB any other way than with Spirit, that is what is preventing this new JB from working. I can't see in my mind any reason why the method you chose to JB 3.x.x would have anything to do with installing this new custom firmware. If all else fails, verify that you have the old bootrom, and if you do, then you should be good to go.

Didn't work for me
I'm on 3.1.2. Jail broke using pwnage
getting error 1600 when trying to restore!

I've already jailbroken my iPod Touch 2G iOS 4 with redsn0w etc beta, was a little dificult because my power button is a little broken, with redsn0w you have to manually DFU mode the iPod...well nvm, is working well and I have backgrounds, battery percent and multitasking on my iPod Touch 2G lol, almost all iOS 4 features, but it doesn't run soo smooth because of the backgrounds. Oh!, and if you want multitasking and background on iPhone 3G or iPod Touch 2G obviously you need to jailbreak it but don't install winterboard it will disable multitasking, anyway you wont need winterboard you have backgrounds.

UPDATE!: Correction, I was able to jailbreak my iPhone 3G w/ Pwnage Tool 4.0 and update to iOS4. Yes! It just took fooooorrevvvvver! like thirty mins to an hour forever! That was just to update via iTunes, not counting the time it took to make the custom ipsw.

Just jailbroke my 3GS 3.1.3 running a custom Pwnage IPSW
Works like a dream, loving the new tasking feature! Photo now has "Faces" in it, which is an awesome win too!
Phone feels more responsive and got a more solid connection!
Only have had about 2 hours of tinkering, will post more when i get put it to the tests!

That just sucks monkey B****s! I used Spirit on my 3Gs. I hope a work-around comes out quicker than it did for the 3.1.3 on the 3Gs.

I would JB and unlock, however, my iPhone 3G home button is not working. This means I can't go on DFU mode. Anyone can share some tps?

Plz allow me to ask you the following..
When I got my 3G (used) it was running 3.0.1.
I JB with Pwanage and unlocked.
Deleted too many files in Cydia and lost access to Cydia.
Used Redsn0w and created a custom ipsw. It would NOT recognize the 3.0.1 ipsw. Had to use 3.0.
Restored in iTunes.
JB and unlocked. Now running 3.0.
Can I upgrade to iOS4 and then jailbreak?
Do I:
Restore in iTunes with iOS4 or do I use Redsn0w to "Cook the 4.0 ipsw then restore, then JB?

@Macbookpro....I think (correct me if I am wrong) that the issue with the Spirit JB is not that it has remnants, but that the way in which it worked on the 3.1.3 has been patched my the new OS and the phone must have JB before. Spirit was the only way of JB 3.1.3 with the newer baseband, therefore you cant JB a 3Gs with 3.1.3 and the newer baseband in the first place to able to go ahead with the new JB for iOS4.
Did that make any sense? LOL

I am jailbroken at 3.1.2 blackra1n with 5.11.07 baseband and my blobs are on file. So how do I go about going to ios4 with jailbreak and unlock. I understand it's pwnage 4.1, but just don't want to f this up. Please spell it out for me on a windows 7 sync!

Oops my bad. Only possible on a stupid mac right now. Where's Geohot when we need him? Oh that's right....freaking Paris!

Jailbroke 4.0 on my 3G, and restoring it right back. 4.0 jailbreak makes it run like how it is on a 3GS, but you also see why 4.0 is limited on a 3G. It's slower than AT&T's website on the day of pre-orders.

I'm really hoping they come out with something for people who used Spirit soon. It's killing me knowing that 4.0 is out and I can't jailbreak it cuz of stupid Spirit!!!!!!!!

@JCuz: No, you can't jailbreak it "cuz" of stupid Apple. How ignorant to accuse the solution that gave you jailbreak last time around just because you don't understand neither the technical solutions nor the strategic rationale behind Apple to lock you down.

ok i have a 3gs i think it is a new bootrom. i have already upgraded to ios 4. i have never jail broken my phone. i have someone that says they can come over tomorrow and downgrade my ohone and then jailbreak it, but they said that they use spirit. i am pretty unsure what to do at this point. if i had old bootrom obviously it would be best to wait. but from my hours of trying to figure this jailbreaking stuff out it seems dev team is not trying to find a way to jailbreak the new bootrom. any advice would be really appreciated. thx

I just jailbroken my iPhone 4 using spirit I can't believe it worked!!!! I wonder will the unlock work cuz the baseband is a weird number starting with 1. Something

hi all i have a iphone 3g 3.1.3 baseband 05.12.01 jailbroken with spirit then unlocked with ultrasnow through cydia im on windows 7 am i able to use redsnow to upgrade to ios4 /jailbrake then ultrasnow to unlock there seems to be a prob if you used spirit? could someone please explain thank you

@foo: relax. I understand apple is the reason I can't jailbreak, but I originally had my phone jailbroken with blackra1n and my brother updated my phone to 3.1.3 without telling me. So i had no choice but to use spirit. So in my eyes it's because I used spirit that I can't jailbreak ios4.

"If you have never jailbroken before and have upgraded to iOS4, you’re out of luck (for now)"
Damn. I guess I need to wait for another solution...

Im was on 3gs 3.1.3 and JB using spirit. i upgraded to ios4 using itunes and wish to either JB or downgrade to 3.1.3. I MISS MY JB. Please advise what my options are.

I have a 3GS with ios 3.0.1 (not JB) would love to go to JB ios 4. Is there a two-step process?

I sold my 3GS on eBay and the guy wants it unlocked. I have 3.1.3 software on it and have never unlocked/jb before. Based on this article, am I better off having him upgrade to OS 4.0 and wait for unlock or have him unlock 3.1.3? Thanks for the help!

THis should Boost the market price for all 3Gs iphones!
I know there will be alot of used ones floating through eBay etc.
Jailbroken 3Gs with iOS4!
Anyone have a jailbroken iPhone4?

@Jtz5 i think you should use spirit to jailbreak and unlock through cydia. On 3.1.3. Just my opinom though. See what else people have to say.

would it possible to downgrade (from iOS4 to 3.1.3) a 3gs that has never been unlocked/jailbroken? the phone is being gifted to someone on tmobile and i want to downgrade it so that i can unlock it... please let me know if this is feasible

I have jail broken using sprit on 3.1.3. I was wondering if it is possible to update to ios4 and not lose everything.