iOS 8 could see iTunes Radio as a standalone app

iTunes Radio

Apple is reportedly already looking at improving iTunes Radio for iOS 8, including breaking it out into a standalone app. While currently iTunes Radio resides within the iOS 7 music app, sources have indicated to Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac why this might be set to change in the future:

In an effort to boost usage of its new streaming music service that launched alongside iOS 7 last fall, Apple is considering changes to iTunes Radio. The Cupertino company is now testing iTunes Radio as a standalone application with iOS 8.

iTunes Radio has been well received, but it still trails behind the likes of Pandora in the U.S. in terms of usage. In iOS 7, iTunes Radio is just another part of the music app, it isn't really promoted. By breaking it out into a standalone application it's claimed Apple hopes to drive better adoption through promotion, and ultimately increase revenues for the service from advertisers.

The working model of the app mirrors the current interface of the iOS 7 music app, and it's said it would also come as one of the stock, pre-installed iOS 8 applications.

All of this is still speculation until Apple takes the stage somewhere and talks about it. But based on past examples such as breaking Podcasts, iTunes U and even Videos out on their own, it's not at all surprising. It makes a good amount of sense, too. If iTunes Radio is a big part of the iTunes future, Apple would do well to push it as hard as it can, and what better way than having it front and center when you fire up your new iOS 8 powered device for the first time. Do you think it's a smart move?

Source: 9to5Mac

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iOS 8 could see iTunes Radio as a standalone app


Ugh, no. I'm still smarting from the separation of Podcasts. While an iTunes Radio app will not have the sync/playlist problems the separate Podcasts app does, I'd wager it will have the same sometimes-it-responds to headphone-button-presses-but -sometimes-the-music-app-hijacks-it fun.

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Oddly, I am against this. Though I appreciate podcasts being broken out, and use the Audible app for my ripped audiobooks. I am sure I will be over it by the time iOS 8 goes GM. Or maybe my "rage" will subside by the time I hit Submit to this comment.


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1st things 1st they have to put iTunes Radio worldwide than they can think about a stand alone app

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Yup, forget about licensing/regulations/music biz nonsense in other countries.....this guy wants itunesRadio , c'mon Apple it's easy SMDH

--common sense is a thing bruh, apply it before hitting that "submit comment" button & we will all have a more enjoyable imore experience

Oh, I hope so! I listen to my music through my iPhone to my clock radio when I go to bed, and have it turn on in the morning. There have been times when my music will play when I go to sleep, but it switches to iRadio on its own in the morning. I'm always worried that my wifi will be down and it will use my data...

Yeah, they did such a fantastic job with the Podcasts app, I have no reservations on them making a great experience with a separate iTunes radio app...

Damn it, no!!! I thought Apple was into keeping things Zen and minimal? I want LESS apps cluttering up my screens/folders, not more. Video, Podcasts, FaceTime and possibly iTunes Radio now? If they do this then how about they meet us minimalists halfway and allow us to hide stock apps like Game Center, Newsstand, FaceTime, Contacts, etc? You can get to the last two via the Phone app anyway. Keep it simple Apple.

Nooooooooooooo! One of the best features of iTunes Radio is its INTEGRATION into the music app! Don't ruin it!

My thoughts exactly. And for those saying it would be easier to find.. IT'S ALREADY RIGHT THERE! I really do not want a standalone. We're already over saturated with stock apps. I think a lot of them should be combined. I hate how Videos is a standalone as well.

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