Just get a new iPad 2? Here's what you need next!

Just get a new iPad 2? Here's what you need next!

Did you just get a sweet new iPad 2? Whether you added it to your collection of iOS devices or you're brand new to the platform, once you're powered up and ready to go... you might just be wondering what you need to know and do next? Don't worry, TiPb has your back!

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Danny2582 says:

Any one have any ideas , im looking to buy an iphone and ipad 2 . Which company should i go with? Answers are appreciated, Danny

Conner says:

What Mike said, what did you think? Microsoft? :)

arin.failing says:

Called as many Seattle area retailers as I could this morning, and they ALL said they sold out yesterday

bcalm says:

me fail english that's unpossible

Dan says:

Arin youre in luck because im selling a new ipad 2, just search ebay for item #: 110660717915

ArtVandelay says:

" Just got an iPad 2 " :lol: :twisted:
( just a joke between Georgia & I. Carry on )

StevenBullen says:

It's not a joke, the headline sounds stupid the way it is! or am I missing something.

fastlane says:

Yes, you're missing something.
Art keeps insisting that "[Did you] just get an iPad 2?" is incorrect... even after being corrected dozens of time that [Did you] just got an iPad 2?" makes no damn sense at all. :roll:

ArtVandelay says:

Since there is no DID YOU , then GOT is proper verb.
If it started with Did you , of course Get would be proper.
You'll understand this once you pass third grade grammar ;)

Baba Booey says:

If AT&T has good coverage where you are, go with them.

bhags says:

For the iPhone, go with the carrier that has the best coverage where you live (Verizon for most places, AT&T for New York). For the iPad2? Don't pay for a second data service at all. Use WiFi and your iPhone as a mobile hotspot whenever fixed-line to WiFi is unavailable.

Claudine_tan888 says:

umm that does not make sense